Kingdom of Fife Surnames List - updated 23 May2009
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This Name Interest List, or directory, comprises name submissions from genealogists with specific interests in the county of Fife, Scotland. Anyone may submit details of their interest: provide as much contact information as you wish - e.g. e-mail & postal address, as the purpose of this listing is to maximize not only the possibility but also the convenience of linking up family history researchers with common interests. There are many positive remarks in the comments list. Note the use restrictions on the the format page.

There is a query listing, indexed by searched surname. These surname pages are produced in collaboration with GENUKI, and were started on 20th August 1997. 

Please submit entries with full name, trade, parish name (see map) and either date or timespan, in the format shown, to the Kingdom of Fife Surname List maintainer Hugh Reekie please advise if you have submitted before; check out his Home Page ; he has access to Charles Goad's UK detailed city fire maps. Please also send in your summary personal information in the format used. There are now about 1300+ entries from 320+ submitters. Visit the Fife and Tay Valley Family History Society pages and the GENUKI Fife pages; Tom Mansons Fife Post pages are interesting. The surname lists county index provides links to similar name lists for other counties in Great Britain. For new readers, see the GENUKI home page or the GENUKI Scottish Page; the US group GenWeb also has some Fife Pages. An example of the resources available on a trip to Fife is available. See also philosophy and comments. Also, new queries are up.

To respond, or to obtain further information relating to any specific surname entry:
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+   the abbreviations before dates are: b birth, c christening, m married, d died, bd buried, abt about.

Produced in collaboration with GENUKI - Hugh Reekie - h.reekie@ (preferred) or max-com - at - -
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