Discussion Groups

This page lists genealogy-related discussion groups for those with research interests in areas of the British Isles.

Important Notice: Since 1996, the main host for genealogy mailing lists has been RootsWeb, carrying at its height nearly 700 lists for the British Isles alone. However, on 2nd March 2020 all RootsWeb mailing lists were closed to new submissions and became inactive. Some of these lists have found news homes, mostly at groups.io, and this page is being updated accordingly. Quite a number of RootsWeb lists, however, had become moribund and will probably not be recreated.

RootsWeb still has a complete archive of past messages, linked from the main list index page, and links to these archives are also provided on this page.

If you know of a new list created to replace any the lists for which we do not have a successor, please use the link at the bottom of the page to let us know about it. New lists on Groups.io are regularly announced via the New Lists email group.

There are several types of discussion group:

Please report any errors found on this page, no matter how small.

Email Groups

This list is arranged hierarchically, in keeping with the overall GENUKI structure. Most of these email groups are hosted on  groups.io but a few are hosted on Google Groups. Most have an open subscription policy and anyone can read the message archive, but a number require approval of membrship by an administrator and the archive is visible only to groups members.

Many of these groups were created as replacement for earlier mailing lists hosted on RootsWeb, which are all due to close down on 2nd March 2020. However, the RootsWeb archives of closed-down lists remain accesible on RootsWeb, and the entry for each new list is therefore accompanied here by a link to the archived messages from before March 2020. A separate list of closed RootsWeb lists will be found at the foot of this page, with a link to the message archive in each case.

In a number of cases a new group with county-wide coverage is the successor to a number of RootsWeb lists devoted to individual towns and areas within a county, In these cases a link to the RootsWeb archives of all the lists has been provided.