Passengers on the Emigrant Ship "Saldanha"


Sailed from Liverpool in the summer of 1856 for Victoria, Australia. A large number of the passengers were County Durham miners.

See the Journal of the Northumberland and Durham FHS, Vol 21, No 2 (Summer 1996), pp.42-43 for further details.

Made available to GENUKI by George Bell.

-            Miss         -   -               English
Adams        James        25  Labourer        Irish
Aisbett      John         35  Miner           English
Alderson     James        30  Miner           English
Allen        Daniel       22  Miner           English
Anderson     Thomas       30  Miner           English
Arlorop      James        24  Labourer        English
Armstrong    Emma          9  Child           Irish
Atkinson     William S    36  Miner           English
Avery        Edward       37  Miner           English
Backhouse    John         29  Miner           English
Bagnell      Caroline     19  Spinster        English
Bagnell      Mark         17  Labourer        English
Baillie      Alexander    27  Miner           Scottish
Ballingall   George       24  Draper          English
Bands        John         32  Carpenter       English
Barclay      George       23  Labourer        English
Barclay      Laurence     27  Labourer        English
Barkwell     John         30  Gentleman       English
Barkwell     Henrietta    27  Wife            English
Barnard      Mrs          50  Matron          English
Barrowfield  David        27  Farmer          English
Barrows      Edward       32  Miner           English
Barry        Patrick      22  Labourer        Irish
Baxter       David        19  Miner           English
Beamson      Ralph        48  Miner           English
Bebbie       James        27  Miner           Scottish
Beeson       Robert       27  Wheelwright     English
Bell         John H       12  Labourer        English
Bell         Elizabeth     8  Child           English
Bell         Thomas        6  Child           English
Bell         William      34  Butcher         English
Bell         Mary         32  Wife            English
Bell         James        16  Labourer        English
Bell         William      14  Labourer        English
Bibby        James        21  Miner           Scottish
Bigham       John         20  Miner           English
Bishop       William      26  Farmer          English
Blarney      Joseph       36  Miner           English
Bolam        Robert       34  Miner           English
Booyer       Mary A       21  Matron & child  English
Bowman       David        28  Farmer          Scottish
Boyd         John         17  Labourer        Irish
Boyle        Grace        15  Spinster        English
Boyle        Daniel       22  Labourer        English
Boyle        F            20  Labourer        English
Bradley      Agnes        24  Spinster        English
Brady        Patrick F    30  Draper          English
Bray         Frederick    43  Labourer        English
Breen        Stephen      20  Labourer        Irish
Breen        Margaret     22  Spinster        Irish
Breman       John         26  Labourer        Irish
Bridges      John         18  Labourer        English
Brown        Edward       30  Labourer        English
Brown        unknown       9  Child           English
Brown        unknown       7  Child           English
Brown        Robert       33  Miner           English
Bruce        Joseph       26  Farmer          English
Bruce        Robert       56  Gentleman       English
Bruce        Mrs          49  Wife            English
Bruce        Margaret     27  Spinster        English
Bruce        Agnes         8  Child           English
Burn         John         35  Labourer        English
Burn         William      29  Miner           English
Burnett      Benjamin     18  Fruiterer       English
Burns        George       27  Miner           English
Burns        John         23  Miner           English
Burton       William      25  Clerk           English
Burton       Rebecca      17  Spinster        English
Burton       Mary A       15  Spinster        English
Burton       Hannah       13  Spinster        English
Butter       Michael      27  Labourer        English
Cameron      John         38  Gold digger     Scottish
Cameron?     D            -   -               English
Campbell     Stephen      23  Miner           English
Campion      Henry        51  Auctioneer      English
Campion      Ann          48  Wife            English
Campion      Phebe        23  Spinster        English
Campion      Ema          22  Spinster        English
Campion      Ann          20  Spinster        English
Campion      Sophia       17  Spinster        English
Carr         Henry        28  Miner           English
Carr         Robert       22  Miner           English
Caughey      John         20  Labourer        Irish
Chason       George       14  Artisan         English
Christie     Alexander    29  Farmer          Scottish
Cleary       Michael      35  Labourer        Irish
Clegg        Henry        18  Labourer        Irish
Clement      William      27  Farmer          English
Cleugh       Thomas       28  Miner           English
Cohen        Philip       27  Jeweller        Foreign
Collins      John         20  Miner           English
Collins      John         23  Jeweller        English
Connell      William      20  Labourer        English
Cook         Joseph       35  Miner           English
Cookey       James        21  Labourer        Irish
Cooper       William      25  Labourer        English
Coppard      John         21  Carver          English
Cowell       Joseph       24  Miner           English
Cowey        John         27  Miner           English
Coxon        John         36  Miner           English
Craggs       John         27  Miner           English
Craggs       William      28  Miner           English
Credlands    Edwin        13  Gentleman       English
Croft        Ann          50  Matron          English
Crosby       Miss         -   -               English
Crosby       Robert       29  Miner           English
Crosher      James        23  Farmer          English
Crothy       Denis        26  Labourer        Irish
Crow         John         28  Draper          English
Cullens      E            21  Farmer          English
Cummings     William      22  Miner           English
Cuthbertson  George       49  Carpenter       English
Cuthbertson  Ann          45  Wife            English
Cuthbertson  Eleanor      23  Spinster        English
Cuthbertson  John         19  Carpenter       English
Cuthbertson  George       17  Carpenter       English
Cuthbertson  Ann          14  Spinster        English
Cuthbertson  James        10  Child           English
Darcy        James        22  Labourer        English
Darcy        Lavalan      23  Labourer        English
Darcy        William C    20  Labourer        English
Davies       William      20  Printer         English
Dean         James        27  Labourer        English
Devoren      John         20  Labourer        Irish
Dial         Thomas       25  Carpenter       English
Dial         Isabella     22  Wife            English
Dial         William       3  Child           English
Dillon       Denis        25  Ar Labourer     Irish
Dixon        William      32  Miner           English
Dodds        Elizabeth    28  Spinster        English
Dollard      Walter       27  Cabinet Maker   English
Doud         Simon        25  Labourer        Irish
Dunstan      John         34  Agriculturist   English
Eckersby     John         24  Mechanic        English
Emerson      James        33  Miner           English
Errington    Catherine    43  Matron          English
Falconer     Janet        21  Spinster        English
Falconer     Master       10  Child           English
Fenwick      Henry        38  Miner           English
Fenwick      Thomas       24  Miner           English
Fetchey      Alexander    26  Labourer        Irish
Finlay       William      44  Labourer        English
Fitchey      Samuel       22  Labourer        Irish
Fitzgerald   Michael      28  Labourer        English
Flalloy      Mrs          30  Matron          Irish
Flynn        Patrick      23  Labourer        Irish
Ford         Jeremiah     24  Labourer        Irish
Franklin     Caroline     20  Spinster        English
Fraser       Archibald    61  Warehouseman    English
Fraser       Janet        61  Wife            English
Fraser       Robert       29  Warehouseman    English
Fraser       Janet        27  Spinster        English
Fraser       Robina       24  Spinster        English
Freeman      Fred         27  Miner           English
Fuller       John         20  Labourer        English
Gannett      Thomas       21  Labourer        Irish
Gannon       Michael      27  Labourer        Irish
Gantley      John         24  Labourer        English
Gardner      H  Gray      -   -               English
Geach        Benjamin     18  Wheelwright     English
Gibbon       John S       22  Sailmaker       English
Gilbert      George       30  Labourer        English
Gilbert      Mrs          25  Wife & child    English
Gilbert      Job           7  Child           English
Goodin       Robert       30  Miner           English
Gordon       James        30  Gentleman       English
Gordon       Susan        25  Wife            English
Gowron       W H          22  Labourer        English
Grace        Thomas       18  Gardner         English
Grant        W            -   -               English
Gray         John         37  Miner           English
Grayson      Thomas       30  Miner           English
Grayson      William      34  Miner           English
Grieves      William      29  Farmer          English
Griffin      Henry        28  Carver          English
Griffith     Hannah       25  Matron          English
Griffith     John          2  Child           English
Gundry       William      46  Miner           English
Gurden       Richard L    21  Labourer        English
Guy          John         25  Miner           English
Guythe       James        27  Labourer        English
Haddrell     Janet        27  Chandler        English
Hall         George       32  Woolcomber      English
Hall         Henry        27  Miner           English
Hall         Jonathan     28  Miner           English
Hall         Margaret     21  Matron          English
Hall         George       6m  Child           English
Hall         Thomas       24  Miner           English
Hall         Thomas       25  Miner           English
Halliday     Martin       10  Child           English
Halliday     Ralph        21  Miner           English
Halliday     Ann          23  Wife            English
Hanlon       Edward       24  Labourer        Irish
Hannan       Daniel       27  Labourer        English
Harbron      John         24  Miner           English
Harby        Dennis       22  Labourer        Irish
Harby        John         26  Labourer        Irish
Harding      Robert       31  Miner           English
Harles       Roger        31  Miner           English
Harne        Edwin        25  Brewer          English
Harne        Mrs          22  Wife            English
Harnett      Denis        18  Labourer        Irish
Hattern      Owen         28  Labourer        Irish
Hatton       Thomas       23  Labourer        English
Hawks        George       42  Artisan         English
Hay          Robert       39  Miner           English
Healy        John         22  Labourer        Irish
Heartnock    E            23  Gentleman       English
Hefferman    Patrick      18  Draper          Irish
Heffoman     Rody         20  Labourer        Irish
Heffoman     James        17  Labourer        Irish
Hepburn      Richard      22  Miner           English
Hepburn      Robert       37  Miner           English
Hewitson     Thomas       21  Miner           English
Hill         Robert       25  Miner           Scottish
Hind         William      25  Miner           English
Hindmarsh    John         25  Miner           English
Hindmarsh    William      21  Miner           English
Hodgson      Thomas       28  Grocer          English
Holliday     John         24  Miner           English
Holmes       Frederick    20  Miner           English
Holmes       George       36  Shepherd        English
Holmes       Jane         30  Wife            English
Holmes       John          8  Child           English
Holmes       Sarah C       6  Child           English
Holmes       W             4  Child           English
Hoolaghan    Thomas       21  Labourer        Irish
Horan        Daniel       27  Labourer        Irish
Howells      John         17  Labourer        English
Hughes       Margaret     27  Spinster        English
Hughes       William      23  Miner           English
Hunter       Harrison     21  Grocer          English
Hunter       Robert       27  Miner           English
Hutton       Thomas       29  Artisan         English
Hutton       Mrs          27  Wife            English
Hutton       Master        2  Child           English
Ingram       Richard      23  Merchant        English
Isaacs       Joseph       18  Farmer          English
Jack         John         26  Miner           Scottish
Jack         Robert       20  Miner           Scottish
Jamieson     Samuel       22  Labourer        Irish
Jenkin       William      32  Miner           English
Johnson      Henry        32  Miner           English
Johnson      Thomas       27  Miner           English
Johnson      W B          31  Miner           English
Jones        Charlotte    29  Matron          English
Jones        Edward       22  Labourer        English
Jones        George       31  Miner           Scottish
Jones        Jonathan H   25  Labourer        English
Kall?        Robert       25  Farmer          English
Keen         John W       21  Gentleman       English
Kelley       Arthur       27  Labourer        Irish
Kelley       Bartholomew  25  Labourer        Irish
Kelley       Mathew       24  Labourer        Irish
Kelly        James        19  Farmer          English
Keogh        Edmond       16  Labourer        Irish
Kerr         Robert       32  Shepherd        Scottish
Kerr         Mrs          29  Wife            Scottish
Kerss        John Charles 43  Labourer        Foreign
Kerss        Francis      17  Labourer        Foreign
Kirkham      Eliza        -   Servant         English
Ladd         Mrs M        25  Matron          English
Ladd         Charles       3  Child           English
Lawton       William      20  Labourer        Irish
Lemon        Joseph       30  Miner           English
Longshaw     John         20  Blacksmith      English
Lovell       Alexander    31  Mariner         English
Lowson       Jacob        40  Miner           English
Ludich       J L          29  Labourer        Foreign
Luggett      George       25  Miner           English
Luggett      Robert       20  Miner           English
Luke         George       48  Miner           English
Luke         James        36  Miner           English
Luke         Robert       40  Miner           English
Lumsden      John         35  Miner           English
Maaken       Deetrich?    24  Sugar Boiler    Foreign
Mackay       Robert       24  Labourer        English
Mackay       George       20  Labourer        English
Madden       Michael      17  Labourer        Irish
Magor        Miss         -   -               English
Mahony       William      20  Labourer        Irish
Mancell      Richard      30  Labourer        English
Mancell      James        35  Labourer        English
Marks        Jacob        27  Jeweller        Foreign
Mathewson    William      26  Miner           English
Maudling     Robert       35  Miner           English
McCarter     John         22  Miner           Scottish
McCaul       M            45  Matron          English
McCaul       Ann          19  Spinster        English
McClosky     John         20  Labourer        Irish
McCrockers   John         19  Gentleman       English
McCully      Hugh         18  Labourer        Irish
McCussick    Samuel       24  Labourer        Irish
McDonald     Alexander    28  Labourer        English
McDonough    James        29  Labourer        Irish
McFarley     Mary         40  Matron          English
McFarley     Robert       19  Labourer        English
McGill       Patrick      18  Labourer        Irish
Mcguir       Charles H    23  Gentleman       Irish
Mcguir       Mrs          23  Wife            Irish
McIntyre     Archibald    60  Gold digger     Scottish
McIntyre     Archibald    18  Gold digger     Scottish
McIntyre     John         28  Gold digger     Scottish
McJames      Margaret     11  Child           English
McKenna      James        27  Labourer        Irish
McPherson    Kate         11  Child           English
Miller       Ann           3  Child           English
Miller       George       22  Miner           English
Miller       Helen L      22  Spinster        English
Miller       Robert       29  Carpenter       English
Mink         Robert       34  Miner           English
Money        William      20  Labourer        Irish
Moody        James        40  Labourer        Irish
Moody        Ann          40  Wife & child    Irish
Moody        George       13  Labourer        Irish
Moody        Sarah        11  Child           Irish
Moody        Thomas        7  Child           Irish
Moody        Martha        5  Child           Irish
Moody        John          3  Child           Irish
Moore        James        25  Labourer        Irish
Moore        Jane         44  -               English
Moore        James J       7  Child           English
Moore        Doretha       4  Child           English
Moore        Robert       28  Labourer        Irish
Moore        Thomas       11  Child           Irish
Moore        William       9  Child           Irish
Moore        Mary          8  Child           Irish
Moore        William      34  Miner           English
Morgan       Stephen      58  Miner           English
Morgan       Ann          40  Wife & child    English
Morgan       John S       15  Miner           English
Morgan       Lucy W       11  Child           English
Morgan       Joseph T      9  Child           English
Morton       George       28  Miner           English
Neil         John         40  Labourer        Irish
Neil         Ellen        40  Wife            Irish
Neil         Mary         17  Spinster        Irish
Nevin        Ann          15  Spinster        Irish
Nevin        Christy      10  Child           Irish
Nicholls     Samuel       22  Painter         English
Nunn         Mary         32  Matron          English
O'Brien      Michael      24  Labourer        Irish
O'Brien      Thomas       45  Solicitor       Irish
O'Brien      Charlotte     1  Wife & child    Irish
O'Brien      Margaret     13  Spinster        Irish
O'Brien      Ann L        11  Child           Irish
O'Brien      Orlanda T     9  Child           Irish
O'Brien      William T     7  Child           Irish
O'Brien      Charlotte     5  Child           Irish
O'Brien      Locker M      3  Child           Irish
O'Connor     Daniel       24  Labourer        Irish
O'Neil       Daniel       23  Labourer        Irish
Oates        Mathew       26  Mechanic        English
Oughton      Joseph       28  Miner           English
Oughton      George       22  Miner           English
Ovington     John         40  Labourer        -
Owens        John         13  Merchant        English
Pardon       Thomas       40  Agriculturist   English
Pardon       Elizabeth    18  Servant         English
Pardon       Thomas       13  Labourer        English
Pardon       James        11  Child           English
Pardon       William       9  Child           English
Parker       Thomas       40  Smith           English
Parker       William      39  Miner           English
Patterson    Robert       19  Labourer        Irish
Paul         William      25  Engineer        English
Peard        John         17  Gentleman       English
Pease        Thomas       32  Miner           English
Peel         John         35  Miner           English
Peel         William      44  Miner           English
Phillips     Agnes        23  Spinster        English
Pollock      James        25  Labourer        Irish
Porter       John         29  Miner           English
Porter       Richard      34  Miner           English
Purves?      Elizabeth     5  Child           English
Purves?      Agnes        2y 6Child           English
Raine        Thomas       30  Miner           English
Ramshaw      Frank        29  Miner           English
Ramshaw      Joshua       31  Miner           English
Ramson       John         25  Miner           English
Rankin       David        21  Miner           Scottish
Ratchgu      Henry        20  Sugar Boiler    Foreign
Rawling      John         27  Currier         English
Raymon       Eliza        26  Matron          English
Raymon       John          2  Child           English
Read         William      24  Labourer        English
Reardon      Michael      20  Labourer        Irish
Reay         William      25  Miner           English
Redhead      Christopher  17  Wheelwright     English
Reorden      Jim          28  Farmer          Irish
Richards     Thomas       25  Miner           English
Richards     William      25  Tailor          English
Robertson    Peter        54  Joiner          English
Robertson    Mrs          47  Wife            English
Robertson    Isabella     11  Child           English
Rockliffe    William      33  Labourer        Irish
Rosewell     Ann          60  Matron          English
Rosewell     William      19  Gentleman       English
Ross         Frederick    14  Artisan         English
Ross         Thomas       14  Artisan         English
Rowell       Daniel       29  Sawyer          English
Roxby        Robert       19  Miner           English
Russell      Henry        45  Merchant        English
Ryan         Andy         19  Labourer        Irish
Ryan         Patrick      28  Labourer        Irish
Sale         William      70  Labourer        English
Samuel       Jacob        30  Jeweller        Foreign
Samuel       Mark         22  Jeweller        Foreign
Sandford     Miss         -   -               English
Schoffer     Charles      39  Labourer        Foreign
Scott        Andrew       29  Miner           English
Scott        Jane         50  Matron          Scottish
Scott        James        17  Labourer        Scottish
Scott        Agnes        15  Spinster        Scottish
Scott        Martha       11  Child           Scottish
Screen       Thomas       26  Labourer        English
Scully       John         26  Labourer        Irish
Shaddick     William      23  Confectioner    English
Sharp        David        30  Miner           Scottish
Shealan      Michael      22  Farmer          Irish
Shepperd     Jane         23  Spinster        English
Sherson      James        26  Labourer        Irish
Shields      John         30  Miner           English
Shields      Richard      30  Miner           English
Shipley      William      36  Miner           English
Shulby       Mrs          -   -               English
Simmons      Miss         35  Spinster        English
Simmons      Thomas       21  Miner           English
Simplahes?   Solomon      25  Jeweller        Foreign
Sinott       Mr           29  Labourer        Irish
Skevington   Catherine    17  Spinster        English
Slanther     Alexander    33  Miner           English
Smith        Andrew S     61  Baker           English
Smith        Helenor      17  Spinster        English
Smith        Elizabeth    23  Matron & child  English
Smith        Frederick    21  Butcher         English
Smith        John         29  Farmer          English
Smith        Elizabeth    22  Wife            English
Smith        John         30  Farm labourer   English
Smith        Mrs C        28  Matron          English
Solomons     Abram        32  Merchant        English
Solomons     Mrs          33  Wife            English
Solomons     Solomon       7  Child           English
Solomons     Hannah        5  Child           English
Soulsby      Joseph       38  Miner           English
Soulsby      Mary A       28  Spinster        English
Soutar       John         42  Labourer        English
Southy       Harriett     27  Spinster        English
Spoors       George       47  Miner           English
Squire       James        33  Miner           English
Staples      Mrs          30  Matron          Irish
Stephenson   Joseph       28  Miner           English
Stephenson   Michael      30  Miner           English
Stephenson   Anthony      21  Miner           English
Storey       William      24  Miner           English
Strachan     Robert       16  Labourer        English
Strick       William      25  Miner           English
Stringer     George       21  Tailor          English
Stubbs       Hannah       29  Matron          English
Stubbs       George        4  Child           English
Sullivan     Michael      26  Farmer          Irish
Surtees      Leonard      28  Miner           English
Sweetman     John         19  Labourer        English
Taylor       Richard      30  Miner           English
Taylor       Ann          23  Wife            English
Tetley       Isaac        35  Cooper          English
Tetley       Mary         31  Wife            English
Tetley       Henrietta     6  Child           English
Thirlaway    George       35  Miner           English
Thomas       James        32  Miner           English
Thomas       Thomas       26  Miner           English
Thompson     William      24  Farmer          Irish
Thompson     William      27  Labourer        English
Thorn        Elizabeth    21  Spinster        English
Thornborrow  Robert       32  Miner           English
Thornton     Mark         29  Miner           English
Tremayne     Henry        28  Farmer          English
Trownce      William      35  Miner           English
Turnbull     Henry        23  Miner           English
Turnbull     Henry        24  Grocer          English
Turnbull     Jane         20  Spinster        English
Turnbull     Robert       38  Joiner          English
Turnbull     Ann          38  Wife            English
Turnbull     Margaret      9  Child           English
Turnbull     William       7  Child           English
Turnbull     Isabella      5  Child           English
Turnbull     Robert        2  Child           English
Turnbull     Sarah        37  Matron          English
Turnbull     William       9  Child           English
Turnbull     Thomas        4  Child           English
Turnbull     William      30  Miner           English
Turnemy      Thomas       41  Miner           English
Turnneiy     Robert       38  Miner           English
Turnniey     John         39  Miner           English
Valack       James J      27  Labourer        English
Vernon       Cecilia      30  Matron          English
Vernon       Mary A        4  Child           English
Vernon       Cecilia       2  Child           English
Walker       James        37  Miner           English
Walker       William      25  Miner           English
Waller       George       26  Tobacconist     English
Walter       William      28  Sugar Boiler    Foreign
Wandless     John         20  Labourer        Foreign
Ward         John         29  Draper          English
Watt         Thomas       30  Labourer        English
Watt         William      30  Miner           English
Waugh        Hugh         18  Labourer        Irish
Waugh        Richard      20  Labourer        English
Whitfield    John         38  Miner           English
Williams     Elizabeth G  25  Spinster        English
Williams     Job          29  Miner           English
Williams     Sacharia     27  Miner           English
Williams     Jannet       27  Spinster        English
Williams     Daniel       21  Miner           English
Williamson   William      18  Miner           English
Willie       Thomas       30  Traveller       English
Winter       William      35  Miner           English
Wood         William      43  Engineer        English
Wren         William      42  Miner           English
Young        Christina    19  Farmer          English
Young        John         17  Labourer        Irish