Publications on CD-ROM


A number of publications are available on CD-ROM, which specifically cover aspects of Buckinghamshire family and local history, these range from facsimilies of reference books and trade directories to indexes to census data. The following is a list of people supplying such data (please note this is may not be comprehensive, it is a list of sources for which the author of these pages was aware at the time of creating this web page).

  • Buckinghamshire Family History Society
    • 1851 Buckinghamshire Census Transcription & Index on CD-ROM
  • Buckinghamshire Genealogical Society
    • 1861 Buckinghamshire Census Index on CD-ROM
    • 1891 Buckinghamshire Census Index on CD-ROM
    • facsimile of "History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham", by George Lipscomb,1847
    • facsimile of "History and Antiquities of the Town, Hundred and Deanry of Buckingham", by Browne Willis, 1755
    • facsimile of "History of the Parish of Wraysbury, Ankerwyke Priory, and Magna Charta Island; with the History of Horton and the town of Colnbrook, Bucks ", by Gordon Willoughby James Gyll, 1862
    • facsimile of "A History of Newport Pagnell", by Frederick William Bull, 1900
    • supply the CD-ROMs listed below for Drake Software Associates
  • Drake Software Associates - produce the 1881 Buckinghamshire Census Index and the Buckinghamshire 1798 Posse Comitatus on CD-ROM (also supplied via the Bucks Genealogical Society, see above)