Sheriffs of Buckinghamshire: 1139 to 1306



A. 1135, 1 Stephen

5Aubry de Vere. Seat, Castle Heningham in Essex, Bolebec Castle in Whitchurch, Co. Bucks. Arms, Quarterly Gules and Or, in the first a Mullet Argent. And,
Richard Basset, Justice of England. Seat, Drayton Basset in Co. Staff. and Weldon, Co. Northampton. Arms, Barry Nebuly of Six, Argent and Gules.

A. 1154, 1 Hen. II

1Aubry de Vere. Seat and Arms, as before. And,
Richard Basset, Justice of England. Seat, and Arms as before.
2Henry de Essex, Baron of Raleigh. Seat, Raleigh in Essex, and Saltwood Castle in Kent. Arms, Argent, an Orle Gules.
Eodem anno, as in Madox's Exch. p.685 John de Bidun.
6Geffry Fitz Ralph. Arms, Two Barrs.
7Richard Fitz Osbert for 3 Years.
10The same, and
Hugh de la Lege for 6 Years.
16David Archdeacon of Bucks.
20Will. Fitz Richard for 6 Years.
26Will. Rufus for 7 Years.
33The same for the first half of the Year, and
Oger Fitz Oger for the last.
34Oger Fitz Oger

Anno 1189, 1 Ric. I.

1Oger Fitz Oger
2Will. Rufus for 4 Years. Seat, and Arms, as before.
6Simon de Beauchamp. Seat, Bedford Castle. Arms, Quarterly Or and Gules, over all a Bendlet of the second.
10Will. de Albini, Baron of Belvoir. Seats, Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire, and Uffington Co. Lincoln. Arms, Or two Chevronells within a Bordure Gules

Anno 1199, 1 John.

1The same.
2Geffry Fitz Piers, Earl of Essex. Seats, Walden Castle in Essex and Ludgershall Castle Co. Wilts. Arms, Quarterly Or and Gules, a Bordure Vaire.
7Rob. de Braybroke.
13The same.
15Hugh Lo. Gournay, Baron of Whorlton, Co. Ebor. Arms, Paly of Six Or and Az.
16Hen. de Braybroke, Chiv. for 2 Years.

Anno 1216, 1 Henry III

2Fulk de Brent Baron of Eye in Suffolk, for 2 Years. Seat, Bedford Castle. Arms, Gules, a Wyverne his Tail nowed Argent.
4The same Baron for 4 Years.
8Walter de Patteshall for 5 Years. seats, Bletsoe Co. Bedford, and Pateshull in Com. Northampt. Arms, Argent, a Fess Sable between three Crescents Gules.
13Stephen de Segrave Chiv. Ch. Justice of the Common Pleas. Seats, Seagrave Castle in Co. Leicest. and Alconbury Co. Huntington. Arms, Gules, a Lion rampant Argent crown'd Or.
14The same for 3 Years.
17The same.
18The same.
19Ralph Fitz Reginald.
20William Lo. Beauchamp, Baron of Bedford. Seat, and Arms, as before.
21Reginald de Whitchurch. Seat, Whitchurch, in Com. Bucks. Arms, Argent frette Gu.
22Rob. de Hage. Arms, Q. if not Argent, 3 Escotcheons Gules.
23The same for the first Quarter; and
John de Grey, Chiv. for the 3 last. Seat, Waterhall in Bletchley Co. Bucks. Arms, Barry of 6, Arg. and Az. in Chief 3 Torteauxes. A Label of 5 Points of the Field.
24Paulin de Peyvre, Chivaler for 2 Years. Seats Todington in Co. Bedford, and Chilton in Com. Bucks.
26John Grimbaud
27Will. de Holwell, for 6 Years. Holwell, in Co. Bedford.
33Alex. de Hamden, for 4 Years. Seat, Great Hamden in Com. Bucks. Arms, Argent, a Saltire Gules between 4 display'd Eagles, Az.
38Simon de Crendon, for 2 Years. Seat, Long Crendon Co. Bucks.
40Rob. le Savage.
41Rob. le Tottenhall, for 2 Years. Seat, Tottenhall Co. Bedf. q.
43Alex. de Hamden, for 4 Years. Seat, and Arms as before.
47The same; and
Sim. de Pateshull. Seat, and Arms as before.
48Simon de Pateshull, for 4Years.
53Edward Earl of Chester, eldest Son of K. Henry III, for 2 Years. Arms, The Arms of England, with a Label of 3 Points.
54The same Prince, for 3 Years. He succeeded in the 3 Years his Father in the Kingdom

A. 1272, 1 Edw. I

1Tho. de Bray, for 2 Years. Seat Eaton Byng Co. Bedf. q.
3Hugh de Stapleford, for 4 Years. Seat Stapleford, Co. Notting. Arms, Argent, on 2 Barrs Az. 3 Cinqfoils Or.
7John de Cheney, for 3 Years. Seat, Cheynes, Co. Bucks. Arms, Cheque Or and Az. a Fess Gules frettee Ermin.
10The same.
11Ralph de Golding, for 2 Years. Seat Goldington, in Com. Bedford. Arms, Argent, 2 Lyoncells passant, Azure.
13Rob. Malet. Seat Langley in Wyardsbury, Co. Bucks.
14William de Boyvile, for 2 Years. Arms, Gules, a Fess Or, between 3 Saltires Humette Arg.
16William de Turvile, for 2 Years. Seat Weston Turvile Co. Bucks. Arms, Gules, a Chevron vayre between 3 Mullets pierced Argent.
18John de Pabenham. Seat Pabenham and Fletemarston, in Com. Bedford. Arms, Barry of six, Argent and Azure; over all, on a Bend Gules, 3 Mullets Or pierced of the second.
19William de Turvile, for 2 Years. Seat, and Arms, as before.
21Nicolas de Trimenell, for 4 Years. Arms, Or, a Cross engrail'd Gules, disbruised with a Bendlet Azure.
25Simon de Bradenham, Seat, Bradenham, in Com. Bucks.
26Walter de Molesworth, Seat, in Co. Bedford. Arms, Gules an Inescutcheon vayree within 8 Cross Croslets in Orle Or.
34Walter de Molesworth, Chivaler, for 2 Years. Seat, and Arms, as before.