Sheriffs of Buckinghamshire: 1648/9 to 1687/8



Usurpation, 1648
Anno 1648, Charles II.

2Richard Atkins, Esq. Seat, Newport Pagnell. Arms, Azure 3 Bars Argent in Chief 3 Bezants.
3Simon Bennet, Esq. Seats, Beachampton and Calverton. Arms, Gules three demi Lions rampant Argent, in Fess Point a Bezant.
4Robert Dormer, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
5John Laurence, Esq. Seat, Bradell Abby. Arms, Argent a Cross Ragule between three cinqfoyls Gules.
6Thomas Hampson, Esq. Seat, Taplow. Arms, Argent, 3 Hempbreaks Sable.
7Roger Price, Esq. Seat, Westbury. Arms, Arg. 3 Blackbirds proper.
8George Tash, Esq. Seat, Iver. Arms, Per Pale a Chevron voided inter three Cinqfoyls on a Chief two Escallops.
9William Penn, Esq. Seat, Penn. Arms, as before.
10Thomas Coppin, jun. Esq. Seat, Emberton. Arms, Or a Chief vayre.
11Henry Chester, Esq. Arms, as before.

Restauration, 1660

12Thomas Catesby, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
13William Abell, Esq; deceased. Seat, East Claydon. Arms, Argent a Saltire engrailed Azure.
Francis Cheney, Knt. Seat, and Arms, as before.
14John Corrance, Esq. Seat, Haversham.
15Sir Robert Gayer, Knt. of the Bath. Seat, Stoke Poges.
16Robert Lovet, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
17Francis Duncombe, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
18Simon Bennet, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
19Thomas Risley, Esq. Seat, Chetwode. Arms, Argent a Fess Azure between 3 Crescent Gules.
20Nicholas le Grice, Esq. Seat, Iver. Arms, Quarterly Azure and Gules over all on a Bend Argent, three Boars passant Sable, tushed Or.
21Anthony Chester, Bart. Seat, Chichley. Arms, as before.
22John Thompson, Esq. Seat, Haversham. Arms, Or on a Fess, dauncettee Azure three Estoils of six Points in a Canton of the second, a Sun of the first.
23Sir Joseph Alston, Bart. Seat, Bradwell Abbey, Arms, Azure 10 Stars, 4, 3, 2, and 1, Or.
24Richard Greenville, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
25Sir Roger Hill, Kt. Seat, Denham,. Arms, Gules, a Cheveron engrail'd Ermine between 3 Garbs Or.
26Thomas Lewis, Esq. Seat, Borstall. Arms, Sable a Lion rampant Argent.
& 28
Sir Henry Palmer, Bart. for 2 Years. Arms, Or 2 Bars, Gules, on each 3 Trefoyls slipt of the first, in Chief a Greyhound Current Sable.
& 30
Sir Compton Read, Bart. for 2 Years. Seats, Shipton, Co. Oxon. Arms, Gules, a Saltire between 4 Garbs Or.
31Thomas Edgerley, Esq. Seat, Water Stratford. Arms, A Chevron Gules, between three Cinqfoyls five Bezants.
32Francis Knollys, Esq. Seat, Lower Winchington. Arms, Gules on a Chevron Argent, 5 Roses of the first.
33Sir Dennis Hampson, Bart. Seat, and Arms, as before.
34Thomas Hacket, Esq. Seat, North Crawley. Arms, Three Fleur de Lys's on a Bend between two Cotises Gules.
35John Cullen, Esq. Seat, Wavendon. Arms, An Eagle displayed.
36Sir Dennis Hampson, Bart. Seat, and Arms, as before.

Anno, 1684, James, II.

1Robert Hart, Esq. Seat, Brill. Arms, Per Chevron, Gules and Azure, three Harts Trippant.
2Edward Leigh, Esq. Seat, Iver. Arms, Gules on a Cross, five Leopards Faces Vert.
3Nicholas Salter, Esq. Seat, Ankerwyke. Arms, Gules, 10 Billets, 4, 3, 2, 1. Or, a Bordering Argent.
4Sir Edward Longueville, Bart. Novæ Scotiæ. Seat, and Arms, as before.