Transcripts of Parish Registers - Appleford


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1563 - 1599
1600 - 1649
1650 - 1699
1700 - 1749
1750 - 1799
1800 - 1835
1567 - 1837 1564 - 1835

Notes in the Register:

In the Baptisms Register:

Note in register by the new Vicar Samuel NICHOLLS

"Where the account is, or wether any has been kept from 1781 to 1784, I know not, but I well remember that Mr Green wrote out a copy of the registers for the Visitation of the 4th Jun1784 & if I mistake not Mr Garden wrote a copy for the Visitation in 1785.

Now from what papers could they write their copies, and where are they? Did the late clerk carry the 3 pences to the Chapel Wardens, or keep them himself? How were they accounted for to the Collectors last year?

In the Baptisms Register:

Population Census of Appleford taken 10, Mar, 1801

110 males, 90 females, total 200 souls

Baptisms for 1782 - 1783 missing

In Baptisms

Circa entry for 8 Sep 1706: Thomas DALBY - Vicar

In burials

Circa entry for 8 Sep 1778 G. STEVENSON Vicar

In Burials Register c 1779

After diligent search & enquiry to find out what Burials etc. had been at APPLEFORD since the last entry in this book by the late Mr STEVENSON, I found on different papers supposed to be written by the late clerk Thomas COULDRY, (who drowned himself in the River on the 29th Jul 1785, and was buried in the Highway between Sutton & Appleford) the following burials, viz.

In Burials Register c 1881

I have not yet been able to procure any information respecting the burials from this time to 1784, but I shall still endeavour to obtain authentic, and will if I succeed, enter themin this book

Samuel NICHOLLS Vicar

In Marriage Register note that there is a:

Large gap to next Register D/P 128B/1/4 ie from 28 Apr 1801 - 21 Sep 1819

NB:A note to anyone using this or any othertranscription, but especially when consulting transcripts of the Bishop'sTranscripts, such as this:

A Bishop's Transcripts may not always be complete - the causes can be various, includingCivil War, fire and flood, age, bad memory, plague, negligent vicar etc,as with the Parish Registers, which may cause bits to go missing or perhapsthey never existed in the first place, something which is not always beapparent when interrogating the IGI or the VRI CDs etc - but with thisone it is noticeable, but the reason is not apparent - ie may be therewere no events for that year and hence no entries or what ?What is missing, may or may not appear in the Parish Register, which should always be consulted if possible.

B For various reasons the Bishop's Transcript may not always agree with the Parish Register and Family History Societies may often list the discrepancies. The discrepancies may be due to differing interpretations: different people may have transcribed each register very many years apart and the interpretation given to what was written may vary according to the experience of the transcriber and how familiar he or she may be with the locality etc. Other discrepancies such as items appearing in one set of books and not the other will also be listed.

I am lead to believe that the Oxfordshire Family History Society have a transcript of the Parish Registers for Appleford