Cambridgeshire - Coroner's Records


Cambridgeshire - Coroner's Records

The Atlas of Coroner's Districts, 1888-1902 [P.R.O. HO 84/3] shows for Cambridgeshire: Cambridge County; Ely, Northern and Southern Divisions; Cambridge Borough.

Medieval Records

C. Gross (1896) [for roll JUST 2/17( Pt)].
C. L'Estrange Ewen, The Families of Ewen of East Anglia and the Fenland (1928) [for rolls JUST 2/18(pt) and 2/22(pt)].
See also The East Anglian N.S. 13.

Public Record Office [class JUST 2/].
Rolls 7-12 Ed III [15-173,14-39 Ed III [18-19], 44-8 Ed III [256/14], 3743 Ed III [21], 42-5 Ed III [22], 44-7 Ed III [273], 49 Ed III - 7 Ric II [243 (1333-84).
Cambridge Borough (right to coroner in 1256 charter). Roll 43 Ed ill - 4 Ric 1123(1369-81).

Sixteenth to Nineteenth Centuries

'Did your ancestors serve on the Coroners' Election Committee?' , Camb & FHS Jnl, 4.8, Winter 1984. Re. Wisbech.

Public Record Office for coroners records in King's Bench, Assizes and Chancery. Cambridgeshire was part of the Norfolk Assize Circuit together with Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk and Suffolk class reference ASSI 16, 1653-1698. From the 1690's these countines are included in ASSI 35.

County Record Office , Cambridge .
Cambridge City.

Inquisition books 1826-33,1836-1866.
Inquisitions 1838-72,1885.
Papers re murder prosecution 1864.
Inquests about fires 1850-58.
Correspondenoe re deodand 1842.
Appointments of deputies 1837-48.
Accounts 1845-83.
Papers 1837-64.


I (asterisked dates usually subject to 75-year closure)
County Record Office , Cambridge .
County (excl. City of Cambridge).
Daily record. registers Of inquests 1894-1950*.
Inquisitions 1922*, 1925*-39*.
Isle of Ely (Northern Division only):
Notes of inquests 1914*-22*.
Depositions 1933*-44*
Deposition books 1928*-44*.
Police and medical reports 1943*-52*, 1957*-59*
Inquisitions 1939*-84*
Treasure trove 1934.
Quarterly reports 1906-53*.
Corrrespondence 1933*-52*.

It is believed that records of the Southern Division of the Isle of Ely, and later records of the County of Cambridge with which it was merged, were destroyed following water damage in the 1950s.

Cambridge Town.
Inquisition books 1959*-89*.
Inquisitions 1940*, 1945*-83*.
Certificates after inquest 1978*-83*.
Enquiries not requiring post-mortem 1978*-83*.
Registers of deaths reported 1958*-70*.
Post-mortem reports 1945*-6*, 1943*-83*
Photographs as exhibits 1945*-58*
Notiocs of removal of bodies out of England 1928*-46*.
Statistical returns 1915*-52*.
Accounts 1942*-58*.
Countertoils of the following:
Notifications to registrar (after inquest and without inquest) 1944*-55*, 1963*-64*; order for burial 1948*-58*, 1962*-65*; certificates for cremation 1944*-58*, 1962*-64*; and removal acknowledgments 1946*-53*, 1961*-64*

Further reading " Coroner's Records in England and Wales " by Jeremy Gibson and Colin Rogers available from the Federation of Family History Societies.

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