Cambridgeshire: The Hearth Tax and other associated records


The Hearth Tax and other associated records

This page deals with the Hearth Tax Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely and other associated records.


Descriptive articles on the Hearth Tax, in the relevant volumes of the V C H, by CAPM, with details of the PRO documents in vol 4, p 272. There are analyses of totals but no names.

There was an article entitled 'Family History from Records of Property. Hearth Tax ' by Janet Hurst, in the Journal of the Cambridgeshire FHS, page 2, 5 (Feb 1980).

A book entitled ' Cambridgeshire Subsidy Rolls, 1250-1695 ' by W M Palmer (Norwich, 1912, reprinted from The East Anglian, 1898-1909) icludes lists for Shingay-cum-Wendy, 1660, 1661, pages 28-9, and for Melboum, 1672 , page 31.

Hearth Tax, 1674 , Melboum and Meldreth , [presumably P.R.O E.179/326/10] (216), in 'Some C17 Inhabitants of South West Cambs.', Janet Hurst, Journal of the Cambridgeshire FHS , page 3, 2 (May 1981), reprinted from articles in the Congregational Magazine, January 1895, reprinted in ' A Nonconformist Bicentenary Memorial ' (Cambridge Central Library).

Public Recond Office

[E 179]

Those available on microfilm from P.R.O. marked $, asterisked items are also on microfilm at the Cambridgeshine C.R.O., Cambridge.

Free and Voluntary Present, 1661-2

County [84/433]* (3,000) In 13 separate rolls (each separate manuscript inside), by hundreds, etc.

Hearth Tax (Assessments and returns)

1662M. County [85/436$]* (9,000). Enrolled assessment listing all bound to pay (some subsequently exempt). Fewer names than later rolls.
Whittlesey [244/24] (400). Paper book, repaired.

1664M/1665. County [84/437$]* (17,000). Enrolled, thorough revision of 1662M. Almost as comprehensive as 1674L. Many comments, removals, new entries, those exempt. very good, but imperfect. Transcript in progress.

1666L County [244/22$]* (17,200). Returns. paper books made after the tax had been collected. Headings of 'Paid' and 'Unpaid'.

1670M. County [375/27, formerly 244/25] (5,000). Introduction by CAFM. Includes Cambridge town, Ely, Witchford, Wisbech, Armingford, Chesterton hundreds. Much decay. repaired, and fading, but legible and good in parts. Cambridge mainly illegible. Ely much decayed. Other hundreds. variable.

1671M-1673L. County [244/26] (300). Fragment of roll, bad condition and legibility.

1674L County (244/23$]* (13,500) Lists made by subcollectors. Divided into taxpayers and those exempt by certificate. Fair copy; manuscript bound at top, easy to use. Indexed transcript at SofG and CR0.
(Exemption certifcates)

1671M. Armingford hundred. [326/2] (740). Printed certificates, repaired, bound. Modern contents list.

1672/1673L. Chesterton, Northstow, Papworth hundreds. [84/440$]* (3,500). Repaired and bound, modern contents list.

1674L. County [326/10](200). Printed certificates, much decayed but repaired. bound. Modern contents list.


(1663). County [244/21] (500). Fragment, bad condition parts legible but most illegible.

(1664). Chesterton, Northstow, Papworth hundreds. [84/435] (300).

Poll Tax

(1660). Armingford, Longstow, Thriplow, Wetherley hundreds. (83/4291(500). Poor condition and legibility.
Flendish, Staine, Staploe, Thriplow, Wetherley hundreds. [83/430] (70). Names of constables only.
Flendish hundred [83/431] (100).
Isle of Ely [83/432] (100). Names of collectors and constables only.
Staine, Whittlesford hundreds. [244/20] (250). One membrane damaged by damp.
1678. Chilford hundred [84/444,446]* (85). Part faded; incomplete.
Longstow hundred [84/445]* (250). Decayed and faded. poor condition and legibility.

Association Oath Rolls, 1695-6

[C 213]

[24] Cambridgeshire; [25] Cambridge; [26] Isle of Ely.

Cambridgeshire Record Office, Cambridge

Microfilm of asterisked P.R.O. holdings.

Hearth Tax

Original: 1662M. Guilden Morden.
Transcript: Cambridge borough, 1664,1674 .

Littleport, 1662-3(4), 1663(2), 1671.
Poll Tax
Comberton, 1692.
Assessments for Aids and Taxes
Bassingbourn, 1692, 1698,1711,1712.
Trophy Tax for the drums and colours
Bassingbourn, 1690,1694,1706,1715.
Land Tax
Bassingbourn, 1715; Comberton, 1707: Linton, 1694; Meldreth, 1609-1720.

Society of Genealogists

Hearth Tax:

1662M. Whittlesey.
1674L. County. Indexed transcript.

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