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Summary of Documentary and Library Holdings in the Cambridge County Record Office

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This brief summary can only give a very general idea of the kind and range of materials available. By and large it is confined to records which survive for Cambridgeshire as a whole, though some are better than others. Details of holdings of parish registers, census, land tax and transcripts for each parish of monumental inscriptions are given in the booklet Genealogical Sources in Cambridgeshire which can be purchased from the Record Office directly, or alternatively from the Cambridgeshireshire FHS Bookstall.

Parish Registers & Microfilm of Registers for nearly every parish in ancient Cambridgeshire. for nearly every parish in ancient Cambridgeshire.

Bishop's Transcripts (B.T.s) for Cambridgeshire. (B.T.s) for Cambridgeshire.

Modern typed and indexed transcripts of registers and B.T.s for many Cambridgeshire Parishes, and some parishes in Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire. .

Registers, Church Books, Members Rolls, etc. of some Non-Conformist churches and chapels in Cambridgeshire,. in Cambridgeshire,.

Transcripts of Monumental Inscriptions, war memorials, etc., in churches, churchyards, cemeteries, etc. ( Note: those published by the Cambridgeshire FHS can be purchased from their - bookstall).

Probate Records , including Wills, administrations, inventories, and of the various Courts with indexes.

Indexes to records of surrounding local courts of probate. The Calendars of Grants of the records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and the Principal Probate Registry 1835-1966.

Census Enumerators' Schedules for the ten-yearly censuses of 1841-91 for all Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely, and some parishes in adjacent counties (microfilm). Indexed transcripts for 1851 for each parish in Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely.

Allegations and Bonds for Marriage Licences .

Index of all Marriages in Cambridgeshire.

Boyd's Index of Marriages in Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely 1538-1625, 1676-1837 (microfilm), with supplements 1625-75, 1801-37. Cambridgeshire burial index 1801-37 and Cambridgeshire baptisn index 1801-1837.

Overseers' Records including poor-rates, accounts and settlement papers, apprenticeships, etc. ( card index ).

Poll Books for Cambridgeshire, and Cambridge Borough.

Electoral Registers for Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely. (with gaps).

Taxation Records , including some lay subsidies and poll taxes, Hearth tax and land tax ,

International Genealogical Index for Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, London and Middlesex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland and Suffolk (1992 Edition).

General biographical reference books , including old editions of Burke's Landed Gentry and Peerage , Crockford's Clerical Directory , Kelly's Handbook , etc.

Genealogical guides , including Marshall's Genealogist's Guide and continuations, Gibson and McLaughlin guides, Genealogical Research Directory, Family History Knowledge U.K., etc.

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