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The Victoria History of Cambridgeshire

The History of Cambridgeshire is part of the national series familiarly known as the Victoria County History. Founded in 1899 and dedicated to Queen Victoria, the V.C.H. is a major work of reference on local history, based on original research and achieveing a high standard of scholarship. It is designed to provide a comprehensive and authorative history of each county; it is made up partly of 'general' chapters, on subjects that it has been thought best to deal with on a county-wide footing, and partly 'topographical' chapters, which give a detailed account of each city, town and parish in the county.

Published Volumes

Volume I
Natural History. Early Man. Anglo-Saxon Remains. Domesday. Inquisition Comitatus Catabrigiensis. First pubnlished 1938, reprinted 1967. 436 pages.
ISBN 0 7129 0241 4

Volume II
Social and Economic History. Ecclesiastical History. Religious Houses. Industries. Political History. First published 1948, reprinted 1967. 419 pages.
ISBN 0 7129 0242 2

Volume III
City of Cambridge. University and Colleges of Cambridge. First published 1959, reprinted 1967. 504 pages.
ISBN 0 7129 0243 0

Volume IV
The Isle of Ely: Liberty and City of Ely. Ely, North and South Witchford, and Wisbech Hundreds. First published 1953, reprinted 1967. 280 pages.
ISBN 0 7129 0244 9

Index to Volumes I-IV
First Published 1960. 77 pages.
ISBN 0 19 722697 3

Volume V
West Cambridgeshire: Longstowe and Wetherley hundreds. Sport. Index. First published 1973. 337 pages.
ISBN 0 19 722717 1

Volume VI
South-East Cambridgeshire: Chilford, Radfield, and Whittlesford hundreds. Index. First published 1978. 314 pages.
ISBN 0 19 722746 5

Volume VII
Roman Cambrigeshire. Index. First published 1978. 98 pages.
ISBN 0 19 722748 1

Volume VIII
South-west Cambridgeshire: Armingford and Thriplow hundreds. Index. First published 1982. 301 pages.
ISBN 0 19 722757 0

Volume IX
North and north-west of Cambridge: Chesterton, Northstowe, and papworth hundreds. Index. First published 1989. 453 pages.
ISBN 0 19 722773 2

In Progress

Volume X
East Cambridgeshire: Cheveley, Flendish, Staine, and Staploe hundreds.
To be published.

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