Early Gloucestershire Probate Records transcribed by Leslie Mahler


Leslie Mahler is transcribing indexes to, and abstracts from early Gloucestershire probate records. He is concentrating his efforts mainly on periods prior to commencement of surviving parish registers and in so doing collecting vital information which may be unavailable elsewhere. For example, in the selection below for Cromhall, Rangeworthy &c which begin in 1544, the parish registers for Cromhall are not available until 1653; those for Rangeworthy 1704; Tytherington 1662; and Wickwar 1689.

So far, his work includes:-

In the Bristol Diocese

In the Gloucester Diocese

It is recommended that these records be searched in chronological order, as well as by surname, as they should be particularly helpful in finding those elusive female lines.

For example, we may know that an ancestor is William SKEY of Falfield, and William had children named Edith, Margery, Katherine, Oriana etc. However, his marriage does not seem to be recorded. Knowing approximately when these children were born, we can look through the wills in the appropriate time period, hoping to find a bequest to them from their maternal grandparents. And indeed, if we look in the Cromhall wills, we find the Will of William RODGERS dated 1618, naming William SKEY himself, and the above-named children. The Skey / Rogers marriage would have occurred before the parish registers began, so this Will would be the only evidence for the connection. One might also assume that William's wife, the daughter of William and Margery RODGERS was dead by this date, as she is NOT mentioned in the Will! See if you can use the rest of the Wills entries in the Cromhall, Rangeworthy, Tytherington & Wickwar 1615 - 1624 section to find out whether this is so.

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