The Stratford family.
By Gerald H. Stratford.


I have for twenty five years, collected all Documentary evidence relating to the name and Family of Stratford, and attempted to put down my findings in writing, for future generations. All this book consists of, is evidence both from original Documents and copied from other sources such as different histories written by other writers. You will find as I have found, confusing and contradictory statements, and each writer or researcher may have previously proved to their own satisfaction their point , by the evidence they collected. Irrelevant to what other writers have written about the Family of Stratford, in one way or another, I have endeavoured, where possible, to obtain original Documents which have either been transcribed or photo-copied by myself, from the original, for the references now produced in this book. My final remark is that where you find contradictory evidence, you will have to use your own judgement, as to which account is the truth and which is the figment of other writer's imagination, or copies of other inaccurate writings, some decisions of which will be obvious.

Here is a further article giving detailed information on John Stratford and Tobacco growing in the Cotswolds.

Data transcribed by Colin Hinson from:
A document written by
Gerald H. Stratford in 1988.
Reproduced here by permission
© Gerald H. Stratford.