Tobacco Growing in the Vale of Evesham,
Winchcombe and District,
and John Stratford.
By Gerald H. Stratford.


This work is dedicated to the following people:
Firstly, my wife, Rita May Stratford, for her tolerance of my obsession with the History of my Family.
Secondly, my father, Gerald Stratford, who died on the 31st of January 1955,
Thirdly, my friend, Doctor Joan Thirsk, Reader in Economic History at Oxford, where her past research and assistance has made this book possible.
Fourthly, my Kinsman, Merin Hanbury Tracy, The Lord Sudeley, whose Family have formed a bond of friendship with mine over the last four hundred years, and with whom I correspond.

Here is a further article giving detailed information on The Stratfords.

Data transcribed by Colin Hinson from:
A document written by
Gerald H. Stratford in 1988.
Reproduced here by permission
© Gerald H. Stratford.