Lincolnshire Wills


Nivard OVINGTON tells us, in 2006, that there were 720 wills listed on the National Archives site which contain Lincolnshire of which 330 contain Spalding , 76 contain Grimsby.

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Will Indexes

Marg KEABLE has given us a list of Probate Registry for 1882 through 1884:

  1. Vol. 12 U-Z Wills and Admins. 1882 FHL BRITISH Film 251289.
  2. Vol. 1-3 A-C Wills and Admins. 1883 FHL BRITISH Film 251290.
  3. Vol. 4-5 D-G Wills and Admins. 1883 FHL BRITISH Film 251291.
  4. Vol. 6-7 H-L Wills and Admins. 1883 FHL BRITISH Film 251292.
  5. Vol. 8-9 M-Q Wills and Admins. 1883 FHL BRITISH Film 251293.
  6. Vol. 10 R-Sl Wills and Admins. 1883 FHL BRITISH Film 251294.
  7. Vol. 11-12 Sm-Z Wills and Admins. 1883 FHL BRITISH Film 251295.
  8. Vol. 1-3 A-C Wills and Admins. 1884.


These Will transcriptions are provided by Ros DUNNING. Ros has attempted to keep the original spelling and English usage as it was in each document.

All transcriptions are in Portable Document File format, so you will need to download Adobe's Acrobat Reader, if you haven't already, to read them properly.

Name and Parish:

  1. ACKRILL, Benjamin of Blyborough.
  2. ARNALL (ARNOLD), Hannah of Osbournby.
  3. BARNES, John of Stamford.
  4. BASS, Sarah of Stamford.
  5. BATEMAN, Dorcas of Little Humby.
  6. BROOKE, John Moore of Folkingham.
  7. BULL, Abigail of Deeping St. James.
  8. BURTON, John of Deeping St. James.
  9. ELLISON, Esther of Lincoln.
  10. EMMETT, Ann of Stamford.
  11. ESAM, Robert of Stamford.
  12. FORSTER, Jane of Stamford.
  13. GWILLIM, Tamberlain of New Sleaford.
  14. KEY, John of Stamford.
  15. LEVI, Isaac of Barton.
  16. MOSSUP, John of Langtoft.
  17. ORME, Edward Septimus of Stamford.
  18. ORME, Sarah of Polebrook, NTH.
  19. PEASGOOD, Elizabeth of Langtoft.
  20. ROWBOTTOM, Elizabeth of Langtoft.
  21. SHERMAN, Lawrence of Deeping St James.
  22. SMITH, Sarah of Stamford.
  23. STURDY, Anthony of Stamford Baron.
  24. SWAN, Sophia of Lincoln.

And one from Kitty PARKER:

  1. MORFOOT, Benjamin of Freiston.

And another one from Chris ANDREW:

  1. ANDREW, Joel of South Kyme.

And one from Denny LOWE:

  1. WILLOWS, Thornton of Leake.

John BLAND has a number of contributions:

  1. BEAGLES, Mary of Holbeach.
  2. BEAGLES, Samuel of Holbeach.
  3. EASON, Joseph of Whaplode Drove.
  4. EASON, William of Whaplode Drove.
  5. HOOD (Rev.) Robert of Holbeach.
  6. MARTIN, Mary of New Sleaford.
  7. MILLER, Jonathan of Market Deeping.
  8. MILLER, Robert of Market Deeping.
  9. SHARMAN, Susanna of Bourne.
  10. SHERMAN, Lawrence of Deeping St James.
  11. WOODCOCK, Thomas of Bourne.
  12. WOOLLEY, Ann of Market Deeping.

John R. BLAND also has a couple from around Peterborough:

  1. MILLER, Elizabeth of Peterborough.
  2. TURNEL, John of Dogthorpe.
  3. TURNEL, John of Eastfield.

And one from Beverley GORMLEY:

  1. ROTHWELL, Edward of Ruskington.