1745 Map of Nottingham


This is a really interesting map of Nottingham! It is the Badder and Peat Map of 1745 which shows Nottingham as a garden town. Lots of orchards and gardens, and the town stops at what is now Parliament Street in the north, and the River Leen in the south. There is an incredible amount of detail in the map!

Unfortunately the file size for the map is quite large! 740Kb, which takes about 4 minutes to download with a fast 33.6k modem. However it is well worth it, and when the download is complete, you can save it from your browser to disk. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the website has been shut down, so I have removed the URL (web address).

Little changed before the Enclosure Act of 1845, which relieved the pressure by permitting building on the common fields surrounding the old town. It can be noted that there is no road outlet from the town to the south, except for the London Road bridge over the River Leen.

Other streets show much more importance than today, for example North Street, (now Foreman Street), which was the main outlet to the Mansfield Road, compared with Boot Lane (now Milton Street).

The map doesn't even show the modern busy roads of Albert Street, Carrington Street, King Street and Market Street.

Discarded names include:

Cow lane (Clumber Street),
Gridlesmith Gate (Pelham Street),
Bearward lane, (Mount Street)
Back Side (Parliament Street)
Timber Hill (South Parade)
Bar Gate (Chapel Bar)
Fink Hill Street (Maid Marian Way)

The map has all street names, and individual buildings and gardens, but some places are shown numbered on the map itself. A key to the various numbered places/features is shown below. This key is not shown on the map itself.

1 Shoe booths 14 Weekday Cross
2 Hen Cross 15 Charity School
3 Queen Street 16 St. Mary's Church
4 Peck Lane 17 The Long Stairs
5 White Friars 18 Castle
6 St. Peter's Church 19 Bog Hole
7 Reservoir 20 St. Nicholas's Church
8 Collin's Hospital 21 The Water Engine
9 Mrs Newdigate's House 22 The Lead Works formerly Grey Friars
10 Mrs Bennet's house 23 Marsden's Court
11 The home of the Hon. Rothwell Willoughby 24 Pennyfoot Row
12 Johnson's Court 25 The summerhouse of Longford Collins
13 Byard lane