Transcripts of Parish Registers - Lydeard St Lawrence Baptisms (letters P-R)



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SurnameChristian         Date Baptised  Father Mother         Reg NoBirth Date        Occupation Comments  
P______Johan30 Nov 1607John    surname un-readable
PAGLYAcsnesse ??20 May 1662Robert    first name ?? that's how it is spelt
PAINElizabeth10 Sep 1725William     
PAINGeorge21 Jan 1726John     
PAINJane22 Feb 1694Henry  27 Jan 1694  
PAINJohn24 Mar 1738William     
PAINMary11 Apr 1731Joseph     
PAINReuben10 Jun 1728John     
PAINRobert28 Apr 1727William     
PAINWilliam29 May 1729William     
PAINEAnn19 Oct 1740Joseph     
PAINEAnne01 Dec 1815RobertAnne45 labourer 
PAINEBetty30 May 1759George     
PAINEChristian24 Nov 1758Robert     
PAINEElizabeth07 Dec 1753Robert     
PAINEElizabeth11 Jun 1758Joseph     
PAINEElizabeth13 May 1821RobertAnne149 carpenter 
PAINEGeorge15 Dec 1734Joseph     
PAINEGeorge13 Sep 1765GeorgeElizabeth    
PAINEHannah23 Apr 1733Joseph     
PAINEHannah04 Aug 1766GeorgeElizabeth    
PAINEJohan05 Apr 1607Michaell     
PAINEJohn21 Mar 1605Michaell     
PAINEJohn22 Oct 1765JosephJane    
PAINEJoseph04 Apr 1763Joseph     
PAINEJoseph30 Nov 1770SamuelJoan    
PAINEJoseph08 Aug 1772WilliamJoan    
PAINERobert13 Jul 1766WilliamJoan    
PAINERobert11 Dec 1767SamuelJoan    
PAINESamuel20 Oct 1738Joseph     
PAINESamuel16 Jan 1761George     
PAINESamuel26 Dec 1764WilliamJoan    
PAINESamuell23 Mar 1656John     
PAINESarah23 Jan 1737Joseph     
PAINESarah07 Jun 1756Joseph     
PAINESarah23 May 1763George     
PAINEWilliam29 May 1756Robert     
PAINEWilliam22 Dec 1816RobertAnne79 carpenter 
PALFREYWilliam12 Aug 1725James    x Bagbarow
PALMERCharles02 Apr 1826JohnMary245 blacksmith 
PALMERElizabeth08 Feb 1813JohnMary2 taylor 
PALMERElizabeth16 Mar 1851CharlesJane758 tailor 
PALMERGeorge Wescott20 Aug 1810JohnMary    
PALMERHannah23 Oct 1815JohnMary62 taylor 
PALMERHarriot06 Oct 1805 Sarah   single - base born
PALMERJane10 May 1855CharlesJane45 tailor 
PALMERJohn06 Feb 1828JohnMary281 parish clerk 
PALMERJohn16 Sep 1855JohnEmily50 accountantx Bridgwater
PALMERJoseph15 Dec 1776RobertElizabeth    
PALMERMary27 Jan 1779RobertElizabeth    
PALMERMary10 Apr 1803 Sarah   single - base born
PALMERMary05 Nov 1848CharlesJane707 tailor 
PALMERMary Anne06 Jan 1823JohnMary181 parish clerk 
PALMERSusannah02 Nov 1794ThomasSusannah    
PALMERWilliam08 Oct 1818JohnMary  taylorno register number
PANEun-readable12 Jan 1605Richard    daughter
PARADun-readable08 Jul 1638JohnGar____   child (son) & mother's name un-readable
PARISWilliam28 May 1708WilliamElizabeth 05 May 1708 x Halse
PARKERJoan24 Jan 1579 Alyce    
PARKERPatience18 Dec 1622 Johane   single - base born
PARKMANBenjamin18 Jan 1740Bartholomew     
PARKMANGeorge29 Dec 1745Bartholomew     
PARKMANJohn15 Sep 1733Bartholomew    begot in antenuptial fornication, private baptism
PARKMANMary26 Sep 1735Bartholomew     
PARKMANun-readable Bartholomew   16 ??? 1743daughter
PARKMANWilliam03 Mar 1738Bartholomew     
PARREHenrie28 Apr 1636Johnun-readable    
PARRISJohn01 Nov 1633Thomas     
PARROTDavid16 May 1711Edward  26 Apr 1711  
PARROTEdward13 Nov 1716un-named     
PARSONSElizabeth Rebecca29 Apr 1860HenryEllen131 labourer 
PARSONSGeorge09 Oct 1831JamesMary Ann352 labourer 
PARSSLYElizabeth12 Jul 1671Raste     
PATCHLYHester10 Feb 1669Rase ??    father's name questionable
PAYNAnn05 Nov 1723William     
PAYNBenjamin22 Sep 1723John     
PAYNHenry13 May 1692Henry  27 Apr 1692  
PAYNJames05 Jan 1717John     
PAYNJohn11 Mar 1696Henry  15 Feb 1696  
PAYNJohn27 Mar 1713John  26 Feb 1713  
PAYNJoseph07 Sep 1720John     
PAYNSamuell16 Sep 1715John     
PAYNSarah27 May 1719John     
PAYNEAnn09 Dec 1792JohnHannah    
PAYNEAnna Maria25 Dec 1847SULLYHarriet691 spinstersingle - base born
PAYNEBetty06 May 1781SamuelJoan    
PAYNEBetty27 Jun 1801WilliamMary    
PAYNECaroline13 Oct 1833RobertAnne390 carpenter 
PAYNECaroline04 Feb 1844WilliamElizabeth606 carpenterx Brompton Ralph
PAYNEEdith21 Aug 1785JohnEdith    
PAYNEEdwin04 Jul 1858 Maria98 spinstersingle - base born
PAYNEElizabeth07 Sep 1828WilliamMary297 labourer 
PAYNEElizabeth22 Aug 1852WilliamElizabeth791 carpenter 
PAYNEEmma02 Feb 1854WilliamElizabeth22 carpenter 
PAYNEFrancis13 Apr 1845WilliamMary630 labourer 
PAYNEGeorge29 Sep 1797WilliamMary    
PAYNEGeorge03 Apr 1825WilliamMary223 labourer 
PAYNEGeorge Frederick29 Jul 1877MarHarriett414 spinstersingle - base born
PAYNEGeorge Henry13 Feb 1887RobertJane550 labourer 
PAYNEHarriet14 Apr 1846ThomasJane656 labourer 
PAYNEHarriett22 Jan 1826JohnBetsy240 carpenter 
PAYNEHenry30 Mar 1828 Elizabeth287 spinstersingle - base born
PAYNEHenry13 Feb 1831WilliamMary345 labourer 
PAYNEJames11 Aug 1822JosephMary176 carpenter 
PAYNEjames01 Dec 1822WilliamMary178 labourer 
PAYNEJames25 Nov 1827RobertAnn275 carpenter 
PAYNEJames28 Jul 1850WilliamElizabeth750 carpenter 
PAYNEJemima06 Jan 1856 Emily54 spinsterx Tolland, single - base born
PAYNEJohn23 Jun 1795RobertJoan    
PAYNEJohn19 Jun 1825RobertAnne228 carpenter 
PAYNEJohn11 Jun 1837WilliamMary473 labourer 
PAYNELily Maria29 Jun 1873 Harriet344 spinstersingle - base born
PAYNEMaria29 Nov 1835RobertAnn435 carpenter 
PAYNEMaria27 Jun 1852 Emily786 spinstersingle - base born
PAYNEMary10 Sep 1793RobertJane    
PAYNEMary22 Jan 1798RobertJane    
PAYNEMary04 Oct 1812RobertAnn    
PAYNEMary30 Jun 1822JohnElizabeth173 carpenter 
PAYNEMary Jane15 Jun 1845WilliamElizabeth635 carpenter 
PAYNERobert20 Jul 1788JohnEdith    
PAYNERobert22 Apr 1792WilliamMary    
PAYNERobert18 Oct 1797RobertJane    
PAYNERobert01 Jun 1823RobertAnne193 carpenter 
PAYNERobert28 Feb 1828JohnElizabeth282 carpenter 
PAYNERobert Rowe17 Jan 1830JohnElizabeth321 carpenter 
PAYNESarah15 Mar 1789WilliamMary    
PAYNESarah14 Mar 1819RobertAnn118 carpenter 
PAYNESarah06 Oct 1833WilliamMary389 labourer 
PAYNESarah Ann14 Mar 1847WilliamElizabeth679 carpenter 
PAYNEun-named WilliamMary  ?? ??? 1800 
PAYNEWilliam02 Nov 1794WilliamMary    
PAYNEWilliam Henry29 Nov 1846WilliamMary671 labourer 
PEARCEElias21 Aug 1636JohnJohan    
PEARCEJames13 Feb 1686James     
PEARSEJohn04 Aug 1671Richard     
PEARSEMary20 Dec 1668Richard     
PEARSERichard06 Nov 1674Richard     
PEARSEWilliam02 Apr 1670Richard     
PEEKEAnn04 Nov 1669Lawrence     
PEIRCEBetty17 Jun 1727James     
PEIRCEThomas12 Dec 1718JamesElizabeth    
PEOCOCKjames13 Mar 1812WilliamSarah    
PERKINSGeorge27 Feb 1704George  08 Feb 1704  
PERKINSJohn20 Aug 1708George  07 Aug 1708  
PERRYAnn07 Aug 1718Thomas     
PETTYAnn03 Sep 1724Richard     
PETTYElizabeth07 Jan 1715Richard     
PETTYJohn12 Jun 1713Richard     
PETTYMary17 Jan 1717Richard     
PETTYRobert03 Dec 1721Richard     
PHILPOTTAnn12 Jul 1772ThomasHannah    
PICKEMary17 Nov 1661Roger     
PIERCEGeorge06 Jul 1729James     
PIERCEJames18 Sep 1713James    x Milverton
PIERCEJoel09 Dec 1721James     
PIERCEJohn08 Jun 1716James     
PIERCESamuel08 Aug 1724James     
PIERCEWilliam06 Dec 1717 un-named servant   of Mr Parrot of Dean, single - base born
PIMMFrances27 Jan 1633Michaell     
PIMMENicholas17 Aug 1636MichaellElizabeth    
PIMMEun-readable15 Aug 1629Michaell    first name unreadable daughter
PIMMSFrancis15 Oct 1639JohnGarterett    
PINERichard27 Feb 1670 Frances   single - base born
PINNDorothy01 Dec 1704John  09 Nov 1704  
PINNEAnn18 Jun 1676John     
PINNEElizabeth06 May 1666Jarmes     
PINNEJohn27 Oct 1653William     
PINNEJoseph02 Mar 1656William     
PITTGeorge20 May 1774WilliamSusanna    
PITTMary25 Dec 1770WilliamSusanna    
PITTWilliam24 Mar 1776WilliamSusanna    
PITTWilliam11 Jun 1815 Susannah55 labourersingle - base born
PLEESEGeorge29 Apr 1770WilliamElizabeth    
PLUMMERHannah16 Jun 1728 Elizabeth   single - base born
POCOCKAnn09 Mar 1806WilliamSarah    
POCOCKAnne05 Feb 1843WilliamMary578 labourer 
POCOCKCharles24 Apr 1814WilliamSarah30 labourer 
POCOCKDaniell24 Oct 1746Daniell     
POCOCKElizabeth26 Jan 1739William     
POCOCKElizabeth25 Jan 1824WilliamSarah202 labourer 
POCOCKElizabeth11 Apr 1847WilliamMary682 labourer 
POCOCKGeorge12 Feb 1804WilliamSarah    
POCOCKGeorge12 May 1850WilliamMary745 labourer 
POCOCKHenry27 Dec 1722William     
POCOCKJames25 Jul 1852WilliamMary790 labourer 
POCOCKJohn22 Nov 1747William     
POCOCKJohn07 Mar 1802WilliamSarah    
POCOCKJohn24 Jan 1836BUCKNELLMary438 spinstersingle - base born
POCOCKJohn16 Aug 1857WilliamMary82 labourer 
POCOCKMary03 Jun 1810WilliamSarah    
POCOCKMary Ann27 Aug 1854WilliamMary32 labourer 
POCOCKSarah21 Dec 1817WilliamSarah99 labourer 
POCOCKWilliam07 Nov 1745William     
POCOCKWilliam17 Jun 1808WilliamSarah    
POCOCKwilliam30 Mar 1845WilliamMary629 labourer 
POLJane24 Apr 1762George     
POLEFrrancis Thomas15 Jul 1849ThomasMarianne723 labourerx Ash Priors
POLEJohn07 Apr 1782RichardGrace    
POLEMary19 May 1667John     
POLERobert03 Jun 1783RobertBetty    
POLESarah11 Apr 1781RobertBetty    
POLESMaria26 Mar 1809FaithfulGrace    
POOLAnn05 Nov 1707Richard  10 Oct 1707  
POOLAnn11 Nov 1737William     
POOLCarolina22 Apr 1855JamesJane44 labourer 
POOLElizabeth16 Nov 1709Richard  21 Oct 1709  
POOLElizabeth25 Jan 1857Jamessarah75 labourer 
POOLGeorge09 Jan 1859JamesSarah104 labourer 
POOLJames18 Sep 1726Richard     
POOLJane31 Aug 1729Richard     
POOLJoan17 Aug 1705Richard  25 Jul 1705  
POOLJohn01 Nov 1707William  06 Oct 1707  
POOLJohn03 Mar 1723Richard     
POOLJohn28 Nov 1725HEMBOROUGHun-named   single - base born
POOLJohn26 Mar 1736William    begot in antenuptial fornication
POOLMargaret16 Mar 1694William  21 Feb 1694  
POOLMary29 May 1712William  07 May 1712  
POOLRichard02 Dec 1694Sylvester  10 Nov 1694  
POOLValentine24 Mar 1736 Ann   single - base born
POOLWilliam25 Feb 1703William  06 Feb 1703  
POOLWilliam07 Jun 1710PINN, JamesElizabeth   single - base born
POOLWinifried31 Dec 1635Thomas     
POOLEElizabeth01 Nov 1801ThomasAnn    
POOLEElizabeth25 Oct 1896WilliamEliza67408 Sep 1896labourerx Westleigh
POOLEEllen12 Aug 1877JamesSarah416 labourer 
POOLEEmma20 Jan 1861JamesSarah143 labourer 
POOLEFlorence23 Jun 1895WilliamEliza65627 May 1895labourerx Westleigh
POOLEFrancis James17 Mar 1898WilliamEliza68317 Feb 1898labourerprivate baptism x Westleigh
POOLEGeorge27 Apr 1902WilliamEliza70704 Apr 1902labourerx Westleigh
POOLEHannah14 Dec 1740 Sarah   single - base born
POOLEHenry James27 Oct 1861JohnEmma152 sawyer 
POOLEIvy May27 Jul 1890GeorgeMary Ann585 labourer 
POOLEJoan10 Jun 1739 Elizabeth   single - base born
POOLEJoane11 Oct 1700William  22 Sep 1700  
POOLEJohn12 Apr 1868JamesSarah258 labourer 
POOLEMary20 Sep 1745William     
POOLEMary29 Sep 1771 Elizabeth   single - base born
POOLEMary17 Jun 1804ThomasAnn    
POOLERebecca12 Jan 1817ThomasBetty81 labourer 
POOLESarah22 Mar 1863JamesSarah179 labourer 
POOLESarah Ann21 Jan 1866CharlesHannah221 labourer 
POOLESarah Ann28 Oct 1900WilliamEliza70129 Sep 1900labourerx Westleigh
POOLEThomas17 Aug 1845ThomasMary Ann640 labourer 
POOLEWilliam07 Mar 1740William     
POOLEWilliam02 Apr 1865JamesSarah207 labourer 
POOLEWilliam27 Nov 1892WilliamEliza61629 Oct 1892labourer 
POPEJone28 Mar 1654Richard     
POTTAcsnesse ??24 Mar 1661Richard    first name ?? that's how it is spelt
POTTMary20 Sep 1657Richard     
POTTERElizabeth09 Aug 1778FrancisMargaret    
POTTERWilliam25 Jan 1754Francis     
POTTEYJohn10 Sep 1663Richard     
POTTEYMargarett02 Oct 1659Richard     
POTTYRobert08 Nov 1668Richard     
POWELLFrances03 Mar 1658Francis     
POYDENJohn26 Jan 1711John     
PRESSITTMary02 Jul 1684John     
PRICHARDAlice21 Nov 1689Thomas     
PRICHARDThomas03 Jan 1692Thomas  03 Jan 1692  
PRICHARDWilliam12 Mar 1696Thomas  11 Feb 1696  
PRIDDUMHannah21 Apr 1731 Mary   a travelling woman
PRINGIsaac01 Nov 1832IsaacMary374 miller 
PRINGEBeniamin03 Mar 1633Christian     
PRINGEJohn03 Oct 1654John     
PRISCOTTChristopher24 May 1681John     
PRISCOTTJohn26 Apr 1683John     
PRISCOTTJohn26 Aug 1754Robert    x Milverton
PROLEEmma11 Feb 1894HarryAnnie Maria63504 Jan 1894labourerx Holcombe
PROLEYAnstice24 Jun 1810ThomasAnn    
PROLEYJohn04 Apr 1819ThomasAnne120 labourer 
PROLEYJohn21 Apr 1844ThomasAnn613 labourer 
PROLEYMaria26 Jul 1807ThomasAnn    
PROLEYMaria Anna27 Feb 1859 Ann108 spinstersingle - base born
PROLEYrobert02 May 1852ThomasAnn783 labourer 
PROLEYSarah19 Nov 1854ThomasAnn36 labourer 
PROLEYThomas27 Jun 1813ThomasAnn8 labourer 
PROLEYWilliam19 May 1816ThomasAnne72 labourer 
PROWLEYAnne15 Jul 1821ThomasAnne156 labourer 
PROWLEYElizabeth25 Jul 1841ThomasAnn546 labourer 
PROWLEYRobert30 Mar 1828 Mary288 spinsterx Bridgwater, single - base born
PROWLEYThomas25 Dec 1849ThomasAnne734 labourer 
PROWLEYWilliam23 May 1847ThomasAnn686 labourer 
PUGSLEYWilliam26 Dec 1697ALLEN, Thomas, jnrAnn 14 Dec 1697 single - base born
PULSFORDElizabeth09 Apr 1694 Elizabeth 31 Mar 1694 single - base born
PURCHASELevi Barrington27 Apr 1862RobertAnn161 innkeeper 
PYLEHanna15 Dec 1683John     
PYMMJohn30 Apr 1613James    aka GREGORIE
PYMMTymothy13 Dec 1603Michaell     
PYNEEmily26 Sep 1830RobertAnne338 carpenter 
PYNEJane12 Jun 1588William     
PYNEun-readable29 Jun 1628Michaell    son
PYNEWilliam02 Sep 1586William     
QUARTLEYBetty17 Nov 1732Nicholas    x Withiel Florey
QUARTLEYJohn28 Jul 1850JohnSarah751 labourer 
RAMEDONAnn19 Aug 1779CONNIBEERElizabeth   single - base born
RATHAMPTONEdward15 Jul 1669Edward     
REDLERMary05 Jun 1786 Jane   single - base born
REDWOODDavid John17 Dec 1848JohnElizabeth710 labourerx Ash Priors
REDWOODElizabeth05 Jul 1857JohnElizabeth80 labourer 
REDWOODEmma16 Oct 1840JohnSarah528 yeomanx North Petherton
REDWOODFanny13 Mar 1785JohnJudith    
REDWOODFrancis03 Nov 1829JohnSarah314 yeoman 
REDWOODJames17 Feb 1788JohnJudith    
REDWOODJames01 Sep 1826JohnMary254 yeoman 
REDWOODJane11 Aug 1833JohnSarah385 yeoman 
REDWOODJane27 Sep 1846JohnElizabeth666 labourerx Ash Priors
REDWOODJohn28 Feb 1790JohnJudith    
REDWOODJohn06 Feb 1824JohnSarah204 yeoman 
REDWOODMary Ann08 May 1853JohnElizabeth8 labourerx Ash Priors
REDWOODMary Anne31 Jul 1831JohnSarah349 yeoman 
REDWOODSarah10 Nov 1793JohnJudith    
REDWOODSarah24 May 1825JohnSarah227 yeoman 
REEDAbraham17 Sep 1815WilliamAmy6011 Oct 1814labourer 
REEDAnn06 Jul 1777RichardAnn    
REEDAnn03 Mar 1799JohnBetty    
REEDBetty22 Mar 1795JohnBetty    
REEDCharity28 May 1803JohnBetty    
REEDCharles21 Jun 1857IsaacJane79 labourer 
REEDCharlotte20 May 1810JohnBetty    
REEDEliza15 Feb 1818ThomasAmy102 labourer 
REEDElizabeth25 Jul 1836AmbroseAnn450 yeoman 
REEDElizabeth03 Apr 1843IsaacJane586 labourerx Halse
REEDEmily05 Jan 1834GeorgeAnne394 yeoman 
REEDEmily Jane26 Mar 1875IsaacAnn383 labourer 
REEDHarriot12 Mar 1809WilliamAmey    
REEDIsaac21 May 1854IsaacJane25 labourer 
REEDJames07 Apr 1805WilliamAmy    
REEDJemima22 Feb 1807RichardJane    
REEDJohn17 May 1807WilliamAmey    
REEDJohn02 Aug 1807JohnBetty    
REEDJohn15 Nov 1826 Charlotte256 spinstersingle - base born
REEDJohn31 Dec 1826JamesMartha262 labourer 
REEDJohn25 Sep 1836ThomasHarriett455 labourer 
REEDJohn31 Dec 1837JohnLydia484 labourer 
REEDJoseph30 Mar 1817WilliamAmy84 labourer 
REEDMartha02 Jun 1805JohnElizabeth    
REEDMary14 May 1775RichardAnn    
REEDMary10 Jul 1836JohnLydia448 labourer 
REEDMary Anne06 Oct 1816ThomasBetty76 labourer 
REEDMary Jane19 May 1861JohnElizabeth147 labourerx Stogumber
REEDRichard30 Jun 1772RichardAnn    
REEDRichard31 Dec 1809RichardHannah    
REEDRobert03 Apr 1843IsaacJane585 labourerx Halse
REEDSarah01 Nov 1801JohnBetty    
REEDThomas06 Dec 1807RichardHannah    
REEDWilliam30 Jun 1772RichardAnn    
REEDWilliam15 Sep 1850IsaacJane754 labourer 
REEDWOODHannah08 Jul 1855JohnElizabeth48 labourerx Ash Priors
RENDLEF___ica23 Jun 1805WilliamElizabeth   first name un-readable
REXWORTHYHarriot28 Jul 1811JohnBetty    
REXWORTHYJohn01 Dec 1815JohnElizabeth47 labourer 
RICEJohn23 Apr 1711John  18 Apr 1711  
RICEThomas23 Sep 1708John  30 Aug 1708 x Wales
RICHAnn09 Dec 1765GeorgeMary    
RICHAnn26 Jul 1814WilliamMiriam35 yeoman 
RICHCharles11 Nov 1667George     
RICHCharles22 Dec 1679Charles     
RICHCharles08 Oct 1685Thomas     
RICHCharles16 Apr 1712Charles  18 Mar 1712 x Chappeleigh
RICHCharles22 Nov 1739Nicholas     
RICHCharles09 Oct 1753John     
RICHChristopher08 Sep 1678William     
RICHDorothy08 Feb 1713William  01 Feb 1713  
RICHDorothy07 Jun 1716William    x Holford
RICHDorothy02 Feb 1748John     
RICHElizabeth31 May 1658George     
RICHElizabeth06 Mar 1684Charles    x Chapelly
RICHElizabeth12 Mar 1714William    x Holford
RICHElizabeth18 May 1744John     
RICHElizabeth13 Apr 1750Nicholas     
RICHFrancis10 Nov 1620Thomas     
RICHGeorge10 Nov 1620Thomas     
RICHGeorge12 Jan 1621Hugh     
RICHGeorge14 Jun 1734William     
RICHGeorge26 Dec 1760John     
RICHGeorge25 Nov 1772GeorgeMary    
RICHGrace21 Dec 1682Charles     
RICHGrace16 Oct 1728William     
RICHHanah01 Jun 1710Charles  05 May 1710 x Chappleigh
RICHHannah02 Feb 1749Nicholas     
RICHjames17 May 1813WilliamMiriam7 yeoman 
RICHJane05 May 1664Charles     
RICHJoan25 Apr 1718William     
RICHJohane21 Jun 1620Charles     
RICHJohn04 Mar 1661Charles     
RICHJohn17 May 1679George     
RICHJohn15 Feb 1693Charles  22 Jan 1693 x Holford
RICHJohn04 Jul 1721William     
RICHJohn11 Jun 1746John     
RICHJohn13 Oct 1777GeorgeMary    
RICHJone18 May 1654Marke     
RICHJone21 Sep 1661George     
RICHJone08 Apr 1680William     
RICHMary06 Jan 1732William     
RICHMary16 Dec 1766 Dorothy   single - base born
RICHNathaniel04 Dec 1720Charles  22 Oct 1720  
RICHNicolas12 Nov 1686Charles    x Chapellesh
RICHNicolas29 May 1718Charles  11 May 1718 x Chappel Leigh
RICHPhilip05 Dec 1768GeorgeMary    
RICHSara23 Feb 1682Charles     
RICHSusanna17 Jan 1623Thomas     
RICHSusanna10 Dec 1707Thomas  16 Nov 1707 x Chepleigh
RICHThomas13 Jun 1632Henry     
RICHThomas21 Sep 1634Thomas     
RICHThomas16 Apr 1654Charles     
RICHThomas30 Apr 1724William    x Holford
RICHun-readable21 Feb 1659Symon    son
RICHWilliam07 Sep 1682William     
RICHWilliam20 Mar 1688Charles     
RICHWilliam25 Feb 1704Thomas  06 Feb 1704  
RICHWilliam13 Jun 1711WilliamDorothy 29 May 1711  
RICHWilliam02 Feb 1767GeorgeMary    
RICHWinifred02 Feb 1685Charles    x Holford
RICHARDSAnn23 Apr 1721Edward     
RICHARDSAnn10 Sep 1837JamesElizabeth477 labourer 
RICHARDSCaroline06 Apr 1862RichardMary159 labourer 
RICHARDSEdward18 May 1725Edward     
RICHARDSEli Walter14 Feb 1875RichardMary376 labourer 
RICHARDSEliza25 Jun 1820RichardSarah137 labourer 
RICHARDSEliza28 Mar 1841JamesElizabeth541 labourer 
RICHARDSElizabeth28 Oct 1757Edward     
RICHARDSElizabeth14 May 1871RichardMary309 labourer 
RICHARDSGeorge21 May 1736Edward     
RICHARDSGeorge14 Oct 1888COMERMary567 spinstersingle - base born
RICHARDSHarriett27 Feb 1814RichardSarah25 labourer 
RICHARDSHarriett10 Jul 1836 Sarah449 spinstersingle - base born
RICHARDSJames08 Apr 1721Edward     
RICHARDSjames26 Dec 1806RichardSarah    
RICHARDSJames06 Feb 1831JamesElizabeth342 labourer 
RICHARDSJames21 Jun 1835JamesElizabeth427 labourer 
RICHARDSJane15 Apr 1866RichardMary227 labourer 
RICHARDSJohn21 Apr 1719Edward     
RICHARDSJohn07 Feb 1747Edward     
RICHARDSJohn09 Jun 1839JamesElizabeth506 labourer 
RICHARDSLucy29 Mar 1868RichardMary257 labourer 
RICHARDSMary22 Aug 1746James     
RICHARDSMary20 Apr 1760Edward     
RICHARDSMary06 Jan 1833JamesElizabeth380 labourer 
RICHARDSMary Ann07 Feb 1864RichardMary189 labourer 
RICHARDSRichard25 May 1702Abraham  17 Apr 1702  
RICHARDSRichard22 Feb 1717Edward     
RICHARDSRichard09 Dec 1748Edward     
RICHARDSRichard09 Nov 1807RichardSarah    
RICHARDSRichard14 Dec 1817RichardSarah95 labourer 
RICHARDSRichard11 Feb 1838RichardHannah487 labourer 
RICHARDSRichard30 Mar 1873RichardMary339 labourer 
RICHARDSRobert01 Jan 1826RichardSarah238 labourer 
RICHARDSSamuel03 Nov 1727Edward     
RICHARDSSarah09 Oct 1710Edward    x Bagborough
RICHARDSSarah01 Nov 1750Edward     
RICHARDSSarah12 Nov 1815RichardSarah63 labourer 
RICHARDSSimon05 Nov 1714Edward     
RICHARDSSimon27 Aug 1752Edward     
RICHARDSThomas07 Nov 1712Edward     
RICHARDSThomas19 Feb 1755Edward     
RICHARDSThomas27 Feb 1822RichardSarah169 labourerdouble entry
RICHARDSThomas27 Feb 1822RichardSarah167 labourer 
RICHARDSun-named04 Mar 1860RichardMary125 labourer 
RICHARDSWilliam28 Jan 1730Edward     
RICHARDSWilliam18 Oct 1812RichardSarah    
RICHARSCharles20 Jan 1663Charles     
RICHE____ithe05 Mar 1626Charles    first name un-readable
RICHEAgnes17 Apr 1614Thomas     
RICHECharles19 Apr 1618Thomas     
RICHEElizabeth13 Jun 1824Henry     
RICHEJohan10 Jul 1606Thomas    the younger
RICHEMark25 Apr 1623Charles     
RICHEMary12 Apr 1626Thomas     
RICHESimeon04 Dec 1636HughMargarett    
RICHEThomas19 Nov 1608Thomas     
RIDLERGeorge07 Jul 1844RobertHarriet619 labourer 
RIDLERHenry01 Jan 1828ThomasAnna276 maltster 
RIDLERJames Peter01 Jan 1825ThomasHannah218 maltster 
RIDLERJoanna16 May 1826ThomasAnne249 maltster 
RIDLERJoseph Henry01 Jan 1837ThomasAnna463 maltster 
RIDLERMary Anne28 May 1822ThomasAnna  maltsterno register number
RIDLERSabina Jane05 Jan 1834ThomasAnna392 maltster 
RIDLERWilliam31 Oct 1841RobertHarriett552 labourer 
RINGJane29 May 1614Thomas     
RITCHGrace14 May 1638ThomasGrace    
ROARDRichard08 Dec 1673David     
ROGERSHarry29 Jul 1866CharlesJane233 innkeeper 
ROGERSJames08 Nov 1868CharlesJane265 labourerlate an innkeeper
ROSTERJone09 Dec 1687William     
ROSTERWilliam25 Feb 1686William     
ROWJone02 Sep 1666John     
ROWECharlott19 Apr 1775RichardAmy    
ROWEHenry12 Jan 1661Robert     
ROWEJohn12 Jan 1661Robert     
ROWEJohn22 Jan 1665Thomas     
ROWEJohn19 Sep 1771RichardAmy    
ROWEThomas02 May 1773RichardAmy    
RUBYMary25 Dec 1574William     
RUDDOCKJudith08 Oct 1703un-named  08 Oct 1703  
RUDDOCKMary03 Jun 1707John  13 May 1707 at Holford
RUGGElynor20 Feb 1582Lawrence     
RUGGJohn20 Dec 1601Thomas     
RUGGJohn12 Mar 1621Thomas     
RUGGJohn17 Feb 1793 Sarah   single - base born
RUGGLawrence31 May 1579Lawrence     
RUGGRobert14 Jun 1584Lawrence     
RUGGEAgnes31 May 1573Lawrence     
RUGGEJohn22 Feb 1583Thomas     
RUGGEJone27 Feb 1576Lawrence     
RUGGEMary20 Mar 1616Thomas     
RUGGEMathew21 Sep 1617Charles     
RUGGEPhilpitt25 Oct 1587Lawrence     
RUGGEThomas10 Mar 1636RobertElizabeth