Wiltshire - 1891 Census Index


All entries in the index contain:

  • full name
  • age
  • county of birth
  • relationship to head
  • enumerators' schedule number
  • street address or location (if provided in the original return).
  • and the census lookup reference - census piece, folio and page number.

Parish of birth is not normally included in the index, but if the place of birth was outside the UK it is available.

Coverage is the whole county - about 265,000 people completed November 2002.

He does the index lookup for free, although a small donation towards the cost of the microfiche would be welcomed.

1871 census

Tony Woodward is also indexing the 1871 census for Wiltshire. Of the 265,000 population in 1871, he has in April 2004 a surname index or better for 99% and has full details for 46%. The parishes not covered at all are ones enumerated in Hampshire in 1871 - because they are on microfilm not microfiche. He is actively indexing the 1871 census, with coverage of full details particularly for North Wiltshire - complete except Marlborough.

1861 census

Tony Woodward has started a name index to the 1861 census, the first person in each household of a particular surname, but is doing very little further indexing for 1861. This index includes the following parishes:
Alderton, Ashton Keynes, Avon, Blunsdon St. Andrew, Braydon, Bremhill, Bremilham, Broad Blunsdon, Brokenborough, Castle Eaton, Chisledon (part), Christian Malford, Clyffe Pypard, Cricklade St. Mary, Cricklade St. Sampson (part), Crudwell, Dauntsey, Draycot Cerne, Easton Grey, Foxley, Garsdon, Great Somerford, Hankerton, Highway, Highworth (part), Hilmarton, Kington Langley, Kington St Michael, Lea & Cleverton, Little Somerford, Luckington, Lydiard Millicent, Lydiard Tregoze, Lyneham, Malmesbury, Milbourne (Malmesbury), Minety, Norton, Oaksey, Rodbourne Cheney, Seagry, Sevenhampton (Highworth), Sherston Parva, Sopworth, South Marston, Stanton St Quintin, Sutton Benger, Tockenham, Tytherton Kellaways, Westport St. Mary, Wootton Bassett, Wroughton (part), Yatesbury. There are 40,000 people in this index.

1841 census

Tony Woodward writes in April 2005:

I recently received Wiltshire 1841 from Archive CD Books and my 1841 efforts will very soon outstrip 1861 so I thought they should be mentioned.

Up to now this census is not even mentioned on the Wiltshire census pages.

I now have 26,000 people of Wiltshire (10%) covered for 1841. Parishes and locations covered so far:

  • Bare surnames only: Cricklade St. Mary, Cricklade St. Sampson, Kemble, Hullavington, Wroughton
  • Heads of households (includes first name of head and number of people in the house): Brinkworth
  • Full transcription: Ashley, Avon, Berwick Bassett, Blackland, Bowood, Bremhill, Bremilham, Brokenborough, Calstone Wellington, Charlton, Christian Malford, Crudwell, Dauntsey, Draycot Cerne, Foxley, Garsdon, Hankerton, Hilmarton, Kington Langley, Langley Burrell, Lea & Cleverton, Lyneham, Minety (the part that was in GLS in 1841), Pewsham (E.P.P.), Tytherton Lucas.

Also in progress are - Calne (900 entries so far), Chippenham (1400), Malmesbury (800) and Swindon (350), and I mean to add surname access to Purton, Wootton Bassett and Highworth as soon as I can, anywhere in north Wilts with more than 2000 population. These are the places that are not so easy to look up as are the small villages - which anyone having the CDs can do in half an hour or so. Eventually I'll get to Marlborough, Ramsbury and so on, according to my policy of covering everything either north of or straddling the Bath Road. North of here is where all my own connections are and hence my diminished interest in the rest of the county.

[Contributed by Tony Woodward.
Prepared for GENUKI by David Hawgood, and last modified by him 11 Apr 2005]