Thorp Arch, Yorkshire, England. Geographical and Historical information from 1829.


Geographical and Historical information from the year 1829.

"THORP ARCH, a village in the parish of its name, in the ainsty of the city of York, east riding, 189 miles from London, about three from Wetherby, and three and a half from Tadcaster, pleasantly seated on the river Wharf, upon which are a paper and oil-cake mills, and two others for the grinding of corn. This is a very respectable and thriving little place, has a good trade upon the river, besides that of a local character, which is flourishing, and much assisted by the many genteel families resident in the vicinity of the village. The only place of worship here is the parish church, the living of which is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Wheeler family, and incumbency of the Rev. John Baker. There is a free school here, founded and endowed by Lady Elizabeth Hastings. The parish of Thorp-Arch contained, in 1821, 343 inhabitants, but this must not be taken as a criterion of its present population, which has much increased since that period."

[Transcribed from Pigot's National Commericial Directory for 1828-29 ]
by Colin Hinson ©2007