Thorp Arch Directory of Trades and Professions for 1829


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for THORP ARCH in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

  • Letters are despatched to Wetherby by a foot post at eleven in the morning and three in the afternoon, and arrive at eleven in the morning.
Gentry & Clergy,
  • Abbott William, esq. Boston
  • Atkinson, Misses Isabell & Mary, Boston
  • Atkinson Rev. J.W., Boston
  • Atkinson Rev. William, Boston
  • Atkinson Robert, gent. (surgeon) Boston
  • Baker Rev. John, Thorp-Arch
  • Bate Roger, gent. Boston
  • Boothby Mrs. Mary, Boston
  • Bowen Major Henry, Boston
  • Bownas Rev. William, Boston
  • Bownas Thomas, gent. Boston
  • Brownrigg Rev. Thomas, Boston
  • Carroll George, esq. Boston
  • Cookson Henry, gent. Boston
  • Cookson Thomas, gent. Boston
  • Dixon Mrs. M. Boston
  • Eamonson Rev. Benjamin, Bramham house
  • Easterby Mrs. Mary, Boston
  • Eyre Mrs. Boston
  • Farrar John gent. Boston
  • Fisher Charles A. esq. Walton
  • Gatliff William, esq. Boston
  • Gossip Lieut. Col. Thorp-Arch hall
  • Hopps John, gent. (surgeon) Boston
  • Johnson Mrs. Catharine, Boston
  • Lyddon Captain William, Boston
  • Nottingham John, gent. Boston
  • Ogden Edmund, gent. Boston
  • Ogden Mrs. Martha, Boston
  • Oldfield Misses Elizabeth & Rachel Boston
  • Parr Mrs. Helen Boston
  • Peacopp Rev. Edward, Boston
  • Perfect Mrs. Mary Boston
  • Poole Mrs. Mary Boston
  • Radcliffe Rev. John, Bramham
  • Robinson Mrs. Boston
  • Scott Mrs. Boston
  • Shaun Mass Ann, Boston
  • Smart John, gent. Boston
  • Smith Richard, gent. Boston
  • Smyth Misses Cath. & Elizabeth, Boston
  • Stewart Mrs. Marian, Boston
  • Straubenzee Major T.V. Boston
  • Strickland George, esq. Boston
  • Taite Joseph, gent. Boston
  • Vincent George; esq. Boston
  • Vincent William, esq. Boston
  • Walker Joseph, gent. Boston
  • Wilkinson George, esq. Boston
  • Wood Major Charles, Boston
Academies & Schools,
  • Atkinson Mrs. Robert (ladies' boarding) Boston
  • Brownrigg Rev. Thomas (gentlemen's boarding) Boston
  • Cragg John (gentlemen's boarding) Boston
  • Free School, Thorp-Arch-William Tricket, master
  • Halfpenny Miss Charlotte (ladies' boarding) Boston
  • Nixon Thomas, (gentlemen's boarding) Boston
  • Walker Eleanor (day) Boston
Inns, Taverns & Public Houses,
  • Admiral Hawke, John Wells, Boston
  • Anchor, Jonathan Brabener, Thorp-Arch
  • Red Lion Inn (and posting-house) James Bickerdike, Boston
  • Rose & Crown, Thomas Powell, Boston
Shopkeepers & Traders,
  • Bowdley Charles, butcher, Thorp-Arch
  • Bradley George, painter, Boston
  • Brown James, blacksmith, Boston
  • Bulmer Benjamin, joiner, Boston
  • Burnell John, brazier and tinman, Boston
  • Burnley Jonathan, jun. maltster, Boston
  • Burnley Jonathan, sen. miller and timber merchant, Boston
  • Chippendale Abraham, joiner Boston
  • Clark Stephen, gardener and seedsman, Boston
  • Clark Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Boston
  • Clarkson Thomas & William, millwrights, Thorp-Arch
  • Dalby John, shopkeeper, Boston
  • Dalby Richard, grocer & draper, Boston
  • Ellis Thomas, grocer & draper, Boston
  • Farrar John, butcher, Boston
  • Farrar. Thomas, tailor, Boston
  • Foster John, boot & shoe-maker, Boston
  • Greensides William, gardener & seedsman, Boston
  • Heaseltine William, livery stables, Boston
  • Jukes Sophia, milliner and dress maker, Boston
  • Mason Christopher, grocer, Boston
  • Morfoot Daniel, tallow chandler, Boston
  • Mountain John, joiner, Boston
  • Noble George, stone mason, Boston
  • Noble Jonathan, gardener & seedsman, Boston
  • Pennett George, tailor, Boston
  • Pick George & William, stone masons, Boston
  • Pickard James, tailor, Boston
  • Pickles Elijah, tailor, Boston
  • Powell Charles, boot & shoe maker, Boston
  • Powell Thomas, butcher, Boston
  • Pulfrey Robert, shopkeeper, Boston
  • Rayner Thomas, grocer, Boston
  • Richardson Mark, gardener and seedsman, Boston
  • Ridsdale Ann, dress maker, Boston
  • Sharow Richard, boot & shoemaker, Boston
  • Thackray John, miller, Thorp-Arch
  • Turner Jonathan, joiner &, wheelwright, Thorp-Arch
  • Wilkinson Samuel, linen draper & tea dealer, Boston
  • Wilks William, boot & shoe maker, Boston
  • Williamson Nancy and Elizabeth, milliners & dress makers, Boston
  • Wood and Dunwell, paper makers, oil cake crushers, and logwood grinders, Thorp-Arch
  • To Leeds, Joseph Jaggers, from Boston, every Friday morning-and Henry Cullingworth, from Thorp-Arch, every Tuesday and Saturday morning.
  • To York, Joseph Jaggers, from Boston, every Tuesday & Saturday mornings& Henry Cullingworth, from Thorp- Arch, every Wednesday morning.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2013