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Conditions of use


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If you want to report an error on one of the Genuki pages which I (Colin Hinson) maintain, please use the link at the bottom of the relevant page.
If you want to contact me with regard to copyright, you can email me here but please read the information below first.
If you are trying to contact me for some other reason, please use my Email page.

Terms and conditions of use for web-pages
(don't copy, link!)

These terms and conditions cover the following web pages or parts of web pages:

  • Those which are maintained or originated by Colin Hinson for Genuki.
  • Those are maintained or originated by Colin Hinson such as his personal web pages.
  • Those which are generated by software written by Colin Hinson (including commercial websites).

The pages on these websites are not constituted to be in the public domain and remain proprietary.

You may

view, download, and print materials from these web site for your personal, non-commercial use. Personal use does not include web sites, ftp sites or any other sort of electronic access.

You may not

modify, distribute, reproduce, publish, license, sell, create derivative works from, or remove proprietary rights notices from any materials on these web sites without the express written permission of Colin Hinson and/or others mentioned as copyright owners on the relevant web pages. You should assume that all materials on these web sites are the copyrighted materials of Colin Hinson and/or others. All rights are reserved.

Further, you may not:

  • Post material from the site(s) onto another web site (including "Blogs" and "Forums") or on a computer network without permission.
  • You may not use this site or information found at this site for selling or promoting products or services, soliciting clients, or any other commercial purpose.
  • You may not copy information from the site(s) (other than for personal use) by any electronic or other means (but see below re mailing lists)..
  • You may not copy information from the site(s) to Ancestry.com or its subsidiaries - their terms and conditions say "for User Provided Content", +that if you publish anything on their site that they have permission to re-publish it - "integrate that data into the Service as Ancestry deems appropriate".
  • You may not copy information from the site(s) to Facebook or other Social Networking sites as they have similar terms to Ancestry.
  • However, you are welcome to link into any of the html pages on the sites instead of copying.


comments, information or materials that you wish to submit to Colin Hinson through this web site are welcome. Any materials or information you submit to will remain the copyright of the relevant person, with the additional protection of database rights by it being added to my database. You must not submit materials to which you do not own the copyright unless you have permission to do so.

The above mentioned web sites provide hyperlinks to web sites that may be of interest to users. Neither Colin Hinson nor GENUKI endorses, and are not responsible for, your access to, or use of web sites controlled by other parties.

Any disputes will be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, without regard to any provision of United Kingdom law that would require or permit the application of the substantive law of any other jurisdiction.

If you are in any doubt about the copyright and database rights claims made here, please see:

Dates of copyright should be taken to be the date given for the last update of the page. The date given for the software copyright is that used to update the page.

Explanation of Terms and Conditions of use for my Genuki web-pages.

I am a trustee of GENUKI which is a registered trademark. Since 1995 I (and others) have put in many thousands of hours of vountary work in order that people in many countries with ancestors in Yorkshire (in particular) may be able to gain an insight into the topography and people of the county. I spend my own money and time order to buy relevant books, take photographs etc., the results of this are to be found on the GENUKI site - I do not work for you or your web site!!

I don't really expect praise for my work (though the odd "thank you" is nice to receive), but neither do I expect the material on the Genuki site to be copied to other web sites in order to enhance them. In my eyes (and under the law) copying is theft - my work is being taken without my permission and used in order to save someone time and money in order to make their own web-site look better. Please do not do this! If copied material is found, action will eventually be taken against the culprit - this may be legal action, you may be invoiced for the use of the material or simply requested to remove it. There is no legal limit on the amount that the invoice may be for and unpaid invoices will be pursued through the small claims court (which has a limit of around 10,000 pounds).

Previous to this page of conditions of use, I had another much longer one which went into detail.

Permission will normally be given for the free use of church photographs on web sites of the relevant churches or sites associated with those churches, however permission must be requested, granted and the grant acknowledged by the relevant person.

I am self employed and I run a small business selling photographs, CDroms of old Yorkshire books and writing software. If you want permission to use any of my photographs other than for personal use, then you will need to pay me for their use: please email me via the Photograph Copyright email page. You will need to describe exactly which photograph it is that you want to use, and exactly where and exactly how you want to use it.

Permission will no longer be given (other than for personal use) to copy/use etc. text from the Genuki site. Please do not copy and then try to use the "Fair use" laws as an excuse - these only allow use for reviews and educational research such as class "hand-outs" and not for web sites.

If you need to use any of my maps on a web-site, then please link either directly to the relevant map or the page which contains information about the map. Permission will not be given to copy the map(s) to other web-sites. If you need to use a section of one of the parish maps, then please email me as I have other maps designed to make it easier to do this.

Please link instead of copying:
So, you will be asking, how do I get the information on the Genuki site on my site? Well, the easy and simple answer is to add a link to the relevant Genuki page from your web site. If you are afraid that you will lose your reader by doing this, then use the link to open up a different window, but whatever you do, do not try to "frame" the Genuki page - it will cause the back arrow to be greyed out leaving your reader no means of return to your pages.

Three exclusions:

  • It is permitted to post small amounts of text from the Genuki site to mailing lists (such as Yorksgen), but you must include a link to where the text came from (i.e. the URL of the web page). This exclusion does not include forums or blogs.
  • It is also permitted to post small amounts of extracted texts to a web site: for example all the Harrisons included in the Directory for a given place. Again, a link to the relevant Genuki web page must be included. This does not include large amounts of text such as all the pubs in Hull or all the Smiths in York. If you are in doubt, please drop me a line.
  • There is no objection to "my" pages being used for teaching (particularly Genealogy and Family History) or for presentations, however if you wish to do this, please drop me a line before doing so (for my records).

You might like to know:

I have had (or am having) problems with people who are:

  • Copying data for use on shareware CD rom or floppy disk.
  • Copying data for use on commercial file download sites.
  • Copying data for use on Micro-fiche.
  • Copying data for use on other Web sites without permission: it is not my aim by making this data available to make it easier for others to build their own websites from this data.
  • Copying data for use on other Web sites without permission and then claiming copyright on the page and photographs with no acknowledgements.
  • Copying lists of place-names (ususally for the sole purpose of attracting search-engines to their site).
  • Copying data from the Genuki site and including the copyright symbol '©'. This does not get you round the copyright laws - it means that you know the data is copyright and yet you still copied it!! If you copy with or without the symbol, it is still a breach of my/our copyright.

Please bear in mind (if you are thinking of copying):

The whole of the Genuki pages that I maintain (and most of those that I don't) are protected by either the Copyright acts or the Database Rights Act, regardless of whether the transcribed material came from out of copyright books, in copyright books, parish registers (in or out of copyright), etc.
Virtually any paragraph can be proved to have come from my database due to:
  • The information having been edited by me from more than one source.
  • Words being swapped in order to get the syntax correct to make is easier for my software.
  • Punctuation being changed in order to get the syntax correct to make is easier for my software.
  • Corrections being made (and this is also a good reason for linking and not copying).
  • The information being in a different order to that in the original publication (usually because the original is not in alphabetical order).
  • The information being my own original work although it may not always say so.
  • etc.

Excuses that cut no ice with me:

  • "I didn't realise that I wasn't allowed to copy it" (despite there being a link to the conditions of use page at the bottom of the copied page).
  • "I took over the web site from someone else" (so, send my invoice to them).
  • "I didn't know that the copyright symbol meant I couldn't copy it". (This is the worst of all - it doesn't have to say copyright on it, copyright is automatic).
  • "I thought that I could copy the page if I included the copyright symbol".
  • "I thought that I could copy the page if I acknowledged where it came from".
  • "It was only a few lines" (it was actually 15 lines from the original book and 6 lines on the web page in 1024 by 768 format and was the whole section for that place).
  • "It was only a list of : places....monarchs....grid references....churches...etc". Yes, but it cost me lots of time to produce and is protected by the database rights act.
  • "I didn't think you would mind". (Really?)
  • "I modified it after I copied it". (So what, you still copied it to save you having to do the original research to produce it and it's still illegal).
  • and heaps of others.

If you really must have the data from the GENUKI Yorkshire pages on your website, then do what I or others have done: go and buy the relevant book (you will not have any change out of £100), or go to the relevant Records Office and then transcribe the information yourself. Your work is then your copyright and you can use it as you see fit.

Colin Hinson, December 2008.


If you have any questions/queries on the content of this page or any of my (or other people's) transcriptions, please see my email page.

This page has been placed in the "Public Domain" by Colin Hinson. If you are having problems similar to those mentioned above, or simply need a page to work from, then you are very welcome to copy and modify this page for your own use on the Internet. The only condition of use for this is that you include this paragraph or something very similar.

Written by Colin Hinson