Pigot 1837


Ayr; The Burgh of Newton, The Parish of St Quivox,
& Monktown with Prestwick
Ayrshire Directory - 1837
Pigot & Co


Ayr is a Royal burgh, and the capital of the parish and shire of its name, 77 miles, wsw of Edinburgh, 33 ssw of Glasgow, 34 ssw of Paisley, 12 ssw of Kilmarnock, and 11 s of Irvine, situate in the north west angle of the parish where the river Ayr flows past it into the Firth of Clyde. This border of Scotland has been inhabited from the earliest period of authentic history; for when, in the reigh of Severus, the Roman fleet made the complete seaboard survey of Magna Britannica, this part of the coast was crowded with a population that evinced no amicable disposition towards the foreigh intruder; subsequently, however, the persevering and insidious encroacher penetrated through southern Caledonia, and the Celtic harp was hushed by the fanning wings of the Roman eagle; accordingly we find that the site of modern Ayr retained, in the 11th century, the undoubted traces of a Roman station; and tradition informs us that a hamlet, the vestige of this station, was in existence until the latter part of the 12th century, when William, surnamed the Lion, erased the odious blot, and laid the foundation of a new town in the ashes of the former conqueror. A paramount interest, that every true Caledonian must feel, and the heart of every real patriot must contain, is excited by the recollection that here it was that the renowned William Wallace first openly embodied that hardy host which made the southern backward reel; and that the powerful garrison of Edward I, was compelled to cower under his thunder arm. Ayr still retains some lineaments of antiquated grandeur, on which the lover of ancient lore may dilate with exquisite sensation; amongst others, history will single out the tower of the church dedicated to St John, and the traces of the fortress that comprised this place, erected during the inter-regnum of Cromwell, not escape his observation. At a short distance on the fore-shore is one of those uncouthly constructions - castles, so frequently arresting the notice of any stranger in this district, and exhibiting the ill-combined contrivances of aggression and defence; it stands on the summit of a rock overhanging the sea and, from a distance, has an imposing aspect. In the same direction, on a clear day, may be discerned the celebrated Ailsa Craig, rising 940 feet perpendicular out of the sea. The bay is very much admired, and some sea travellers can perceive in its broad outline a resemblance in the Bay of Naples. Immediately opposite, across the Clyde, is the Isle of Arran, whose stupendous and often cloud-capped mountains present some features of the sublime and majestic, and whose summits are visible to the naked eye, in fine weather, from the headlands of Larne, in the County of Antrim, in Scotia's twin-sister land. The town of Ayr forms a tolerably regular parrallelogram, with one side presented to the left bank of the river, and the west end verging on the sea; the harbour extends up the river to about midway from the entrance to this part of the town. The burgh has been considerably improved of late years, and new buildings have risen in every direction, many of them truly elegant. The splendid new Town Buildings, with perhaps the finest spire in Scotland, the height 219 feet were erected in the old Malt-cross, in 1828, at a cost of £10,000. These buildings contain a spacious suite of assembly rooms and a public reading room. Wellington-Square may vie with many of those in the English metropolis, having a most noble erection to form the west side, in the new court-house and hall, built at the joint expense of the county and burgh, at a cost exceeding £30,000. The east front of this ediface, which is wholly of stone, is ornamented with an imposing portico. The centre of the square exhibits a fine lawn and is enclosed with rails, and the surrounding houses are inhabited by the genteel families of the place. At the back of the hall are two well arranged prisons, one for debtors, and the other for felons; these have lately been remodelled after the system of the Glasgow Bridewell, so justly admired. In the hall are kept all the public offices and records for the town, and sessions and courts for the county and burgh are held. An extensive trade is carried on in the export of coal from this place to Ireland. Mines of this article as with as fine quarries of stone, abound in the neighbourhood. The other principal exports consist of iron, corks, lamp-black and water of Ayr goods. Imports comprise hides, tallow, barley, yarn, linen, spars, deals and hemp. The convenience for shipping is superior to most of the towns on the coast, as the harbour has been lately much improved by carrying an extensive stone pier into the sea, affording a greater depth of water for vessels entering, and security when in harbour. These improvements, with others in contemplation will add considerably to the mercantile importance of the place, and repay the spirited proprietors of this admirable design. A railway is perceived between this town and Glasgow, which it is predicted shall communicate with the towns of Paisley, Johnston, Dalry, Kilwinning, Irvine, Kilmarnock and Troon. The capital to be embarked is £550,000 subscribed for in eleven thousand shares of £50 each; the deposit upon each being £2.10s. The shares are all taken up, and and are now (1836) at a premium. The civil government of Ayr vested in a provost, two baillies, a dean of guild, a treasurer, and twelve councillors; but by the new bill for the regulation of municipal corporations, the burghs of Ayr, with Wallace Town and Newton, are united under a common magistry and jurisdiction. Ayr is connected with the burgh of Irvine, in this county and Campbeltown, Inverary, and Oban, in Argyllshire in returning a member of Parliament. The present representative is Lord James Stewart. The total number of the county constituency is 3,913; that of the burgh, 441. The county member is John Dunlop, esq., of Dunlop. The Earl of Glasgow is Lord Lieutenant, and Sir D.H.Blair, Baronet, Vice-Lieutenant of the county. An academy, founded by subscription in 1798, stands foremost among the public establishments. It is conducted by a rector and five masters, with able assistants, the superintendent of the whole is vested in certain directors appointed by the crown by which the seminary was created a body corporate. The useful and elegant accomplishments which may be attained in this establishment are the Latin, Greek, English, French and Italian languages, writing, arithemic, natural philosophy, and chymistry. The youth annually taught here are about five hundred in number; and the success which attends the institution, exceeds the most sanguine expectations of its original projectors. Ayr library, containing several thousand volumes, affords recreation to its numerous subscribers. There is also a Mechanic's Institution formed in 1825, which is now in a flourishing state; it has a library attached, containing more than two thousand volumes. There are other libraries of lesser note, and public reading rooms in the town's buildings. Two talented and admirably conducted newspapers are published in Ayr weekly - The "Observer", on Tuesday, and the "Advertiser", on Thursday. Races are held here annually in the autumn. Two excellent packs of fox hounds, and one of harriers, hunt in the county; and in the town are spirited curling and bowling clubs. A small but neat theatre occasionally opens to gratify the admirers of dramatic representations; but the inhabitants being generally of a sedate turn of mind, it is but little encouraged. There are two churches of the establishment in the town, one in the parish of Newton, and another at Prestwick; the other places of worship in Ayr and its vicinity are the associate synod congregation, the united associate synod, an English church, Wallace Town chapel, Methodist, Moravian, Independent, Relief, and Reform Presbytery chapels, and one for the Roman Catholics; some of these are situate in Wallace Town and Contest, which see. The Charitable Institutions are numerous and liberally conducted; the poor are assisted from funds arising from lands and donations, and a dispensary gives medicine and surgical aid to the sick. Besides these there are a sailor's society, established in 1581; a merchant's society, established in 1655; a fund, established in 1821, for decayed members, their widows and orphans; the Ayr Sabbath school union society; and the Ayr universal society. The celebrated Scottish bard, Robert Burns, was born about two miles and a quarter north-east of Ayr, in a small cottage, now converted into a public house, almost a quarter of a mile from which a very elegant monument has been erected to his memory; it is placed on the banks of the river Doon, amidst objects and scenery which had often inspired his muse. The locality of Tam O'Shanter lies in the immediate neighbourhood of the cottage. The Chevalier Ramsay, author of Cyron's travels, &c. was a native of the town. There are two weekly markets, Tuesday for grain and cattle, and Friday for the sale of dairy produce, poultry and general business. Fairs are held on the Thursday and Friday before the second Wednesday in January; on the first Tuesday in April for black cattle &c.; the last Friday in April, the Thursday and Friday before the second Monday in July, and on the second Thursday and Friday in October. Newton-On-Ayr Newton parish is divided from that of Ayr by the river, over which there is a handsome bridge of modern erection. Weaving is carried on here, for the Glasgow manufacturers, to a considerable extent; here are also four iron foundries, a salt works, and the extensive ship-building yards of Messrs Cowan & Sloans. The coals from the Ayr colliery are shipped on this side the harbour; the colliery is in the parish of St Quivox, and, from the employment it furnishes to the industrious class, is of material importance to the neighbourhood.

St Quivox

St. Quivox, a parish in the District of Kyle, lies on the banks of the Ayr river, and is bounded on the east by Tarbolton, and on the west by Newton on Ayr and Monktown. The parish is nearly all arable, is finely enclosed, and beautified by plantations.

Wallace Town

Wallace Town, and a district called Content, consists of a number of streets adjoining to Newton, and are both in the parish of St. Quivox. A new church of the establishment was erected in Content in 1834, and opened 8th March, 1835; it is a very handsome edifice, of the Gothic order; the site is well chosen, being in a populace neighbourhood, on the north-east bank of the river Ayr; it was built by subscription, at an expense of nearly £1,500, and has sittings for upwards of 300 persons. Nearly adjoining the new church is a new Roman Catholic chapel, erected in 1826-7, at a cost of about £2,000; it is a classic structure, in the Gothic style, fronted with freestone. In Wallace Town are also chapels belonging to the Anti-Burghers, the Seccessional congregation, the Reformed Presbytery, the Independents, and the English church.


Monktown, a parish in the district of Kyle, lies on the sea-coast, betwixt Symington and Dundonald on the north, and Newton and St. Quivox on the south. The parish formerly extended southward to the river Ayr, and comprehended the present parish of Newton, which was erected into a separate parochial district in the last century; it now includes the ancient and abrogated parish of Prestwick. The village of Monktown is situate on the high road to Glasgow, and distant four miles from Ayr.


The small town or rather village of Prestwick, or Prestewich, is one mile and a half from Ayr. It was as one period a place of some consequence, having being created a burgh of barony at an early date; and its charter, which was renewed by James VI, in 1600, granted to it a weekly market and an annual fair; the former has fallen into disuse, from the proximity of its more thriving neighbour, Ayr. The market cross, which is of considerable antiquity, still exists, and it has its gaol and council-house; in the latter, the bailies and freemen meet quarterly, to regulate the affairs of the burgh; and the Prince of Wales (when one exists) is recognised as the superior of the town. There has lately been erected a handsome new church, for the accommodation of the inhabitants and those of Monktown.

Post Office

Post Office, 9 High st, Ayr, Robert Davidson, Post Master - The Edinburgh and Glasgow morning mails arrive every morning at half past seven, and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter past five - the Edinburgh and Glasgow evening mails arrive every night at nine, and are despatched every night at a quarter before ten - The London and other English mails arrive every afternoon at a quarter before five and are despatched every night at a quarter before ten - The Irish mail, with letters from the counties of Wigton and Kirkcudbright arrive every night at ten, and are despatched every night at half past eight - A Penny Post to Dalmellington every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at a quarter before eight, and arrives every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at half past four.

Ackford, Miss Elizabeth, 24 Barns StAlexander, Rev, John, Wallacetown chapel Content
Anderson, Mr John, Prestwick tollAuld, Rev. Dr. Robert, Ayr manse
Austin, Mr., Waterton cottageBaird, Major, Faulkland
Ballantine, Mrs. Mary, of Castle hillBallantine James, esq., of Castle hill
Blain, Archibald Wm., esq., SeafieldBoyd, Mr Charles, Prestwick
Boyd, Mr David, PrestwickBryan, Mrs Mary Magdalene, Prestwick
Bryce, John, esq., 3 Allaway placeBurns, Rev. Thomas, Monktown
Caldwell, Mr Andrew, PrestwickCampbell, Dav., esq., Mount Hamilton
Campbell, James, esq., of Craigie, Craigie houseCampbell, Patrick, esq., Mount Hamilton
Campbell, William Gunning, esq., of FairfieldCockran, Mr., lady bank, St. Quivox
Cowan, William, esq., Course hillCrawford, Mrs Jane, of ?? Fort street
Crawford, Mrs Margaret, of Newfield, 24 Wellington squareCrawford, William, esq., of ??
Cunningham, Major Wm., Smith lodgeCuthill, Rev. Alexander, Midsands
Davidson, Mrs Ann, 22 Wellington sqDunlop, Miss Ann, 16 Academy st
Dunlop, Miss Margaret, 10 Burns stElaton, Mrs Margaret, Midsands
Ellis, Rev William, Mill stFairfould, Miss, Prestwick
Fullarton, Mrs Susan Hunter, 36 Sandgate streetGardner, Mr Archibald, Prestwick
Garnett, William Norris, esq., 11 Wellington squareGemmell, Andrew, esq., 5 Allaway place
Gemmell, Dr Robert, Hourtree parkGordon, John T., esq., Newton lodge
Guthrie, Miss Margaret, PrestwickHamilton, Alexander West, esq., of Belleisle
Hamilton, Archibald, esq., of RoselieHamilton, Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh, Blackburn cottage
Hamilton, Mrs Jacobina, 3 Wellington sqHamilton, Miss Jane, Blackburn cottage
Hamilton, John, esq., of SundrumHamilton, Miss Margaret, Mount Charles
Hamilton, Montgomerie, esq., Barns stHay, Capt Francis, 1 Wellington sq
Henderson, Rev Jos. Elba st, ContentHendrie, Miss, Prestwick toll
Hughes, Mrs General, Mount CharlesHumble, Mrs Rebecca, 29 Sandgate st
Hume, Mrs Mary, 14 Academy stHunter, Mr Adam, Prestwick
Hunter, Mr John, PrestwickHunter, Mrs of Downholme
Johnston, Miss, 12 Wellington squareKelso, Miss Jane, Frankvale
Kennedy, Miss Isabella, Sandgate stKirk, Capt Robert, 10 Wellington sq
Lang. Rev Robert, 4 New Bridge stLatimer, the Misses, Park house
Limond, David, esq., (Provost of Ayr) of DalblairLogan, Mr John Ronald, Prestwick toll
Logan, Mrs & Miss Martha, 2 Allaway placeMcHarg, Mrs Jane, 22 Barns st
Mackenzie, Col. George, Academy stMackenzie, Miss Jane, 6 Barns st
McKnight, Col. Patrick, of BarnsMcLimont, Mrs Mary, 56 Sandgate st
Macpherson, Major Alexander, 23 Wellington squareMacquhae, Rev, Stair, St Quivox
McQuatox, Mr Thomas, PrestwickMair, Mrs Merrion, 12 Barns st
Maitland, Mrs Mary, 18 Cathcart stManson, Mr Robert, Prestwick
Mason, Mrs, Prestwick tollMaxwell, Major Hamilton, 20 Wellington square
Miller, James, esq., of SpringvaleMontgomerie, Mrs Agnes, 54 Sandgate st
Montgomerie, Wm., esq., of BelmountNeill, Major William, (of Barnweill), 15 Wellington square
Oswald, Alexander Richard, esq., of AuchencruivePark, Lieut. James, Lady bank, St Quivox
Park, Miss Margaret, 8 Barns stParker, John, esq., 6 Wellington sq
Paul, the Misses, Fort stRanken, Mrs Jane, 14 Wellington sq
Reid, Mrs B., of AdamtonRenwick,Rev Robert, 10 Charlotte st
Robb, John, esq., of BlackburnRobertson, Lieut William, Thymefields villa
Robertson, Lieut William, Prestwick tollRollo, John Ballantine, esq., 39 New market street
Rollo, the Hon. Roger, Wellington sqShaw, Capt. Thomas, 9 Cathcart st
Shaw, Rev William, 14 Charlotte stShiels, Mr James T, Prestwick
Shiels, Mr Robert, PrestwickSmith, Mrs Janet, 43 Sandgate st
Smith, Mr John, PrestwickSmith, Mr William, Prestwick
Stevenson, Rev Dr George, BoghallStevenson, Rev Jas., Newton manse
Tennant, Miss Catherine, 1 Cathcart stTennant, Jno., esq., of Creoch, Wheatfield
Thomson, Mrs Elizabeth, of Daljereock, 16 Wellington squareThomson, Robert Kennedy, esq., 16 Wellington square
Tweedie, Lieut James, Fort stWallace, Rev robert, Dalrymple
Weir, Mrs Mary, 12 Academy stWilson, Rev Wm. Scott, 6 Charlotte st
Wood, Mrs Isabella, 16 Barns st 
Ayr Academy, Fort Street
Rector, Lohn Smith Memes LLD
Writing and Drawing Master, Robert Taylor
Arithemic and Bookkeeping, Jas Gray
Greek and Latin Master, Ebenezer Thomson
Modern Languages, Solmn Gross
English, Arthur Lang
Baxter, Eliza (ladies boarding), 4 Barnes streetBell, Samuel, Newton green
Brown, James, Lower Doon bridgeBurgh School, Prestwick, Thos McCrorie, master
Cowan, Samuel, Mill stGray, Margaret (ladies boarding), 19 Cathcart street
Gray, William, 127 High stGross, Mrs Solomon (ladies boarding), Wellington square
Henderson, Ann, 16 Sandgate stParochial School, Monktown, James Gigson, master
Parochial School, St Quivox, - Bryden, masterParochial School, Main street, Newton, John Gremmell, master; Saml Bell,
Assistant masterPotts, John, 3 Charlotte st
School of Industry, Mill street, Miss Gourlay, mistressScott, Robert, Fullerton st
Smith's Institution, Mill st, W McDerment, masterUnderwood, Jno, Weaver row, Newton
Wallace, Rev. Robert (boarding), DalrympleWatson, William, John st, Content
McCubbin, John (& treasurer to the road trustee of the district of Ayr), 7 Academy st
Boyd, Joseph (coal), Ayr collieryCampbell, James (coal), South quay
Cowan & Sloans' (for Lloyds'), 31 Sandgate stStewart, Thomas (coal), Wallace st, Wallace Town
Telfer, Alexander Bell (sailing packets), South quay 
Beaton, William, Allison st, NewtonDalrymple, Quinton, 1 Garden st, Wallace Town
Dalziel, John, Allison st, NewtonFarquhar, William, Wallace st, Wallace Town
Kennedy, Hugh, Elba st, ContentLyon, Hugh, 49 High st
McEwen, William, Garden st, Wallace TownMoore, John, Main st, Newton
Park, Hugh, Main st, NewtonPark, Robt, Garden st, Wallace Town
Richie, Alex, 4 Garden st, Wallace TownSteele, Thomas, Main st, Newton
Tinnock, Jane, 4 New Bridge st 
Crawford, Archibald, 30 High stGoudie, Robert, Isle lane
Norman, David, 225 High st 
Dickie, John, 112 High stDunlop, David, 25 New Bridge st
Farrie, John, 35 High stFerguson, John, 32 New Bridge st
Findlay, George, Main st, NewtonHamilton, John, 51 High st
Hutchinson, Jane, 150 High stMcHutcheon, Adam and Maitland (& flour dealers), 184 High st
Meller, John, 100 High stShaw, William, 11 High st
Smith, William, 64 High stStewart, James, Main st, Newton
Wright, David, 50 Main st, Newton 
Ayr Bank, Hunters & Co, High st (draw on Sir William Forbes, bart. & Co. Edinburgh, & Herries, Farquhar and Co London)Ayrshire Banking Compy, New Bridge st (draw on the Royal Bank, Edinburgh, and Williams, Deacon & Co, London) - Quinton Kennedy, manager
Bank of Scotland (Branck of), Sandgate st (Draws on the Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh, and Coutts & Co, London) - Thomas McClelland, agentGlasgow Union Banking Compy (Branch of), New Market street (draw on the Glasgow Union Bank Branch, Edinburgh, and Jones, Loyd and Co, London) - Patrick Cowan, agent
Savings Bank, Kirk Port - Adam McHutcheon, treasurer, and Wm. Cowan, jun, secretary 
Anderson, Jas, Old toll, Ochiltree rdCrawford, James, Isle lane
Crawford, John, MonktownDick, John, 34 Carrick st
Gray, Allan, PrestwickHastings, Joseph, 255 High st
Howet, Andrew, Old Bridge end, Wallace TownHunter and Affleck, Fullerton st
Kerr, George, 293 High stMcCrorie, Thomas, Monktown
McKean, Hugh, New Market stManson, George, 206 High st
Osborne, Wm., George st, Wallace TownTennant, David, Allaway
Boyd, Robert, Waterside, Newton GreenCowan & Sloans', Waterside, Newton Green
Cowan, Adam, 37 High stDick, John, 28 New bridge st
Irvine, Samuel, 91 High stMcCormick & Currie, 23 High st
Tennant, David, 85 High st 
Adam, John, Allison st, NewtonAitken, Hew, 11 New Bridge st
Bone, Adam, 224 High stDobbie, James, 83 High st
Dunlop, John, Cross st, Wallace TownGuthrie, John, Prestwick
Hutchinson, David, MonktownJohnston, Robert, 17 Bridge st
Kinnon, Hugh, Old Bridge endLauchlan, John, 114 High st
Limond, George, 120 High stMcCreath, John & Son, New Market st
McLelland, James, 17 Bridge stMcMaster, hugh, 106 High st
McNeilie, John, 4 High stMcSkimming, William, Monktown
Martin, John Hall, Main st, NewtonRoss, Alexander, 95 High st
Smith, Ebenezer, 141 High stSmith, William, Monktown
Wilson, John, 6 New Bridge st 
Alexander, Thomas, 104 High stCalmers, Robt, Wallace st, Wallace Town
Farrie, Thomas, Main st, NewtonGoldie, William, 99 High st
McIlwrath, John, 32 High stMiller, James, 128 High st
Ross, Thomas, 25 Isle lane 
Crawford, Catherine, 29 High stCathcart, Jane, Main st, Newton
Davidson, Ann, 72 High stGuthrie, Charles, 40 High st
Wilson & Brown, Mill st 
Adair, John (& builder), Sandgate stAfflick, William, 214 High st
Dickie, John, 194 High stDunlop, James, 70 High st
Galloway, John, 37 New Market stGordon & Watson, 67 High st
Gray, Robert, Main st NewtonGuthrie, James, Allison st, Newton
Kilgour, Jas., Cross st, Wallace TownKing, Thomas, Sandgate st & Fort st
McKnight, John & Co, Main st, NewtonMcLean, John, 144 High st
Norval, James, Content stPark, William, 80 High st
Paton, James, Fullarton stReid, Matthew, 13 Mill st
Spier, William, River st, Wallace TownUnderwood, John, New Market st
Templeton, James, jnr, Fort st 
CARPENTERS & JOINERS (See also Cabinet Makers)
Adair, John (& builder), Sandgate stDavidson, Alexander, George st, Wallace Town
Guthrie, John, PrestwickKing, Thomas (& builder), Sandgate street and Fort street
McClure, George, 43 Carrick stPaton, Jas (& builder), Fullerton st
Shaw, John, 156 High stSmith, William, Prestwick toll
Thomson, Robt, George st, Wallace Town 
Hutchinson, David, MonktownKerr, Janet, 297 High st
Lockhart, James, PrestwickLogan, David, Alloway
Logan, Hunter, Main st, NewtonMcConnonchie, Robert, Old Bridge end, Wallace Town
McNabb, James, Old tollMcVicar, James, Lower Doon bridge
Meikle, John, George st, Wallace TownPorteous, Jas, Monktown
Thomson, Robert, George st, Wallace Town 
Sutherland, John, High stWilson, John, 15 Sandgate st
Divan, James, Wallace st Wallace TownGouldie, Robert, Bridge st
McCloskey, James, 52 High stNeil, James, 34 High st
Morton, James, 47 Sandgate st 
Arthur, Charles, SandhillGourley, William (dealer), Carrick st
McJames, Robert, 130 High stTaylor, George & Co, office North side of the harbour
Taylor, George & Co, Ayr colliery; office, North side of the harbour
Dunlop, David, 25 New Bridge stNichol, Adam, 3 and 207 High st
Porteous, Samuel, 70(?) High st 
Farquhar, Robt, Wallace st, Wallace TownMuir, David, Old Bridge end
Orr, William, Harbour stTurnbull, Alexander, Isle lane
Young, William, 1300 High st 
Cowan & Sloane, 31 Sandgate stHunter, Adam, 6 Kirk port
Kinross, John, Port stStewart, Charles, South quay
Turner, David, High st 
Farrie, Thomas, Carrick stKerr, David, 251 High st
Lang, Mrs., Isle laneWallace, William, High st
Paterson, John, Mill stPaterson, John jnr, 46 Mill st
Smith, Hugh (leather seller), 157 High stWatson, William, 138 High st
Alexander, Robert jnr, 187 High stCrawford, Jas., Wallace st, Wallace Town
Doonan, Alex., 58 Main st, NewtonHutchinson, James, Old Bridge end, Wallace Town
Wood, Robert, Main st Newton 
Atlas - James Harper, Fort stBritish Commercial - McCormick and Carnie, 23 High st
Caledonian - Cuthbert Cowan, High stHercules - Thomas McClelland, Sandgate st
North British - John Paul, Fort stScottish Amicable (life) - John Kinross, Fort st
Scottish Equitable (life) - David Cowan, 60 Sandgate stScottish Union - James Morton, 9 Wellington square
Scottish Widows' Fund & Life Insurance Co - Thomas McClelland, Sandgate stSea Insurance Compy - Thomas McClelland, Sandgate st
West of Scotland - Jno Kinross, Fort st 
Cuthbert, Andrew (& spirit dealer), 61 and 63 High streetLawson, James, 125 High st
Scott, James, 77 High stShankland, Adam (salmon fishery contractor), 48 High st
Arbuckle, William and James, 5 Sandgate stBicker, Alexander, Main st, Newton
Dick, Daniel, High stLockhart, Adam, 24 High st and Main st, Newton
Rodger, Jas & Son, Old Meal market 
Lyon, George, 154 High stLyon, Hugh, 49 High st
McLatchie, Janet, 152 High stMorris, James, 35 Sandgate st
Reid, John, Bridge stRitchie, John, 42 High st
Smith, Ebenizer, 162 High st 
Dunlop, William, 41 New Market stFerguson, James, Main st, Newton
Highet, William & Son (and slate merchant), 7 Cathcart stKier, David, 127 High st
GROCERS & SPIRIT DEALERS (See also Victuallers & Spirit Dealers, and also Wine & Spirit Merchants)
Aird, Jean, Main st, NewtonAlexander, John, Main st, Newton
Alexander, Thomas, 74 High stAllen, Alexander, 57 High st
Auld, James, 1 New Bridge stAuld, John, 54 High st
Baird, John, 113 High stBone, James & Co, 2 Sandgate st
Bothwick, John, 13 Main st, NewtonBrown, William, 203 High st
Campbell, Samuel, 236 High stCampbell, Wm., Cross st, Wallace town
Candlish, Wm. Green st, NewtonCrawford, Peter, Main st, Newton
Dickie, Janet, 209 High stFerguson, James, 14 New Bridge st
Ferguson, Margt, 46 Main st, NewtonFergusson, David, 129 High st
Fergusson, John, 109 High stForrest, Robert, 126 High st
Frew, Archbd, 56 Cross st, Wallace TownFrew, John, 49 Main st, Newton
Gardiner, Margaret, 118 High stGoudie, Jas., George st Wallace Town
Goudie, James, 192 High stGray, James, Cross house, Main st, Newton
Gray, Thomas, 177 High stHazle, Alexander, 19 Isle lane
Hazle, Jas., Wallace st, Wallace TownHenderson, John, 6 Main st, Newton
Houston, Jane, 158 High stHunter, Jas., 101 High st
Hutchison, John, Wallace st, Wallace TownKennedy, Hugh, Elba st, Content
Kirkland, James, 27 Wallace st Wallace TownLawson, William, 123 High st
McCormick, Ribert, 71 Fish crossMcDougall, Mary (grocer), Main st, Newton
McKay, Alexr., 15 Cross st, Wallace TownMcLean, Christian, 172 High st
McNeil, John (grocer), Wallace st, Wallace TownMaxwell, Jas., 38 Main st, Newton
Maxwell, Mary (grocer), Main st, NewtonMitchell, Jas., George st, Wallace Town
Montgomery, James, 145 High stMoore, James, Main st, Newton
Morrison, James, 248 High stPark, Hugh, Main st, Newton
Pearson, Martin, 226 High stRichie, Alexander (grocer), Cross street, Wallace Town
Sample, Robt, Wallace tower, High stScott, James, 77 High st
Shaw, Jas., Wallace st, Wallace TownShearer, Matthew, 153 High st
Smith, David, Allison st, NewtonTaylor, Archbd, Garden st, Wallace Town
Thom, Charles, 134 High stWallace, William, 6 High st
Williamson, Mary, North shore, Newton greenWilson, Christina, 44 Main st, Newton
Wilson, William, Elba st, ContentWood, William, 163 High st
Young, David, George st, Wallace Town 
Auld, James, 6 Bridge stBrotherton, John, 96 High st
Hulston, John, 17 New Bridge stMcKean, James, Isle lane
Bell, David, 22 High stCrawford, Archibald, 39 High st
Logan, David, 149 High st 
Demas, David, 1 High stGibson, John, 17 High st
Wilson, Andrew, 12 New Bridge st 
Fadzen, James, 10 Main st, NewtonTodd, James, 122 High st
Wilson, John, 88 High st 
Ayr Arms (& Posting house), George Dunn, 1 Sandgate stBlack Bull, Hugh Findlay, Old Bridge end, Wallace Town
Burns' Arms, Thomas Anderson, AllowayCrown, William Morton, 119 High st
King's Arms (and Posting house), James Sinclair, 14 High st 
Parker, John & Co (manufacturers of steam engines, boilers, machines &c.), Waterside foundry, Newton greenParker, William (and manufacturer of chains & chain cables), Clann's vennel, Newton
Rae, William & Co (& steam engine manufacturers), Darlington row, Newton green 
Cowan & Sloans', 31 Sandgate stHighet, Matthew, 116 High st
Miller, James, 128 High st 
Gray, William (and dealer in bar iron), 87 High stHighet, James, 50 High st
Highet, Matthew, 116 High stHunter, Janet, 68 High st
Miller, James (and plane maker), 128 High street and Carrick street 
Goudie, David, High stMurray, David, Garden st, Wallace Town
Ayr Library, Fort st, Andrew Paterson, librarianDick, John, 28 New Bridge st
Logan, David, 149 High st 
Murdoch, James, South quayParker & Robb, North shore
Blackwwod, Adam, 17 Sandgate stBone, Adam, 2 High st
Bryden, John, 58 High stCochrane, Jane, 110 High st
Graham, Cornelius, 55 High stGraham, John, 9 New Market st
Kinloch, John, 12 High stMackay, John, 43 High st
McKay, Robert, 13 New Bridge stMcMaster, David, 25 High st
McTaggart, Peter & Son, 75 High stMaxwell, Peter, 45 High st
Miller, Hugh, 132 High stMuir, James Stephen, 8 High st
Murray, Thomas, 22 New Bridge stO'Hara, John, 41 High st
Rutherford, Margt Dunlop, 124 High stSloss, John, 4 New Bridge st
Guthrie, Charles, High stWatson & Brown, Mill st
Carole, Adam, High stCowan & Sloans', 31 Sandgate st
Donaldson, Hugh & Sons, high stGordon, John Taylor, North side of the harbour
Highet, William, Cathcart stHunter, Adam, 6 Kirk port
Kinross, John, Fort stPaton, James, Fullerton st
Telfer, Alexander Bell, South quayWise, Alexander, New Bridge st
Goudie, Robert, Isle laneMcQuater, Alexander, 28 Sandgate st
Murdoch, James, High stStevenson & Pollock, New Market st
Wilson, John, Fort st 
Austin, Robert, Over millsCalderwood, Alexander, Adamton
Gill, James, MonktownMcWhinnie, James, New Market st
Smith, James & Andrew, Town mills 
Bell, Charlotte, 66 High stBeveridge, Jane, 2 New Bridge st
Burns, Mary (& baby linen warehouse), 4 New Market stCurrie, Ann, 62 High st
Dow, Catherine, High stJamieson, Jane (& baby linen), Sandgate st
Johnston, Mary 41 New Market stKirkland, Jane, 27 Wallace st, Wallace Town
Latimer, Mary, Mill stLennox, Jean, 81 High st
Lyon, Mary, 49 High stMcCall, Margaret, Main st, Newton
McGill, Mary, Hill stMcHutcheon, Sarah, 23 Sandgate st
McIlwraith, Marion, New Market stMcJannet, Janet, 232 High st
Macsorley, Eliza, 4 New Bridge stMcWhinnie, Barbara, 6 Cathcart st
Morton, Janet, 13 High stMorton, Margaret and Merrion, 6 Sandgate st
Murdoch, Christian, 7 High stNeil, Jane, George st, Wallace Town
Paton & Forsen, 27 High stScott, Maria, Fullerton st
Sprent, Agnes, 23 New Market st 
Highet, James, 50 High stHighet, Matthew, 116 High st
Miller, James, 128 High st and Carrick stTaylor, John, 144 High st
Ayr Advertiser - (Thursday) - McCormick & Carnie, publishers, High stAyr Observer - (Tuesday) - Foster Fraser & Co, publishers, 28 New Bridge st
Goldie & Lamb (seedsmen), 133 High stImrie, Thomas, 93 High st
McKenna, Peter, South shoreSmith, James & son, Town head
Limmond, John & Co, 107 High stMackintosh, Gregory, 7 New Bridge st
Mackintosh, Neil, 2 Harbour stMoore, Harvey, 15 Sandgate st
Muir, Alexander, 148 High st 
Beith, Duncan, 28 Sandgate stCowan, James, 21 Sandgate st
Halston, John, 17 New Bridge st 
Donaldson, William, Fort stSloan, Charles, Sandgate st
Sym, James, 5 Wellington squareWhiteside, Phillip, 16 New Bridge st
Whiteside, William, 3 Cathcart st 
Anderson, James, Boat vennelCockran, Samuel, George st, Wallace Town
Guthrie, David, John st, ContentMcQueen, John, Kilmarnock road, Newton
Smith, Thomas, Main st, Newton 
McIlwraith, John, 32 High stMiller, James, 128 High st and Carrick st
Mosman, John, Wallace st, Wallace Town 
Boyle, Robert (and draining tile and brick maker), Fort st 
Donnan, James H., 29 High stFraser, John Foster & Co, 28 New Bridge st
McCormick & Carnie, 23 High st 
Dow, Peter (minature painter), High streetHall, James, (dancing), 15 New Market st
Hall, John, (music), 5 Academy st 
PUBLICANS See Inns, and also Vintners
Cowan & Sloans', Waterside, Newton greenLawson, James, 125 High st
Reid, David, 82 High st 
Brown, Saml., River st, Wallace TownDunlop, Neil, 78 High st
Gray, Thomas, 84 High stKerr, John, 117 High st
Mackay, Margaret, 231 High stStewart, Thomas, Wallace st, Wallace Town
Cowan & Sloans', 31 Sandgate stCunningham, William, South quay
Taylor, George & Co, North shore 
Cowan & Sloans', Waterside, Newton green 
Hutchison, Elizabeth & Agnes, Wallace street, Wallace TownRae, mary, 80 High st
Sprott, Catherine, 19 Carrick 
Crawford, William, John st, ContentDunlop, Hugh, jnr, Prestwick toll
Elston, John, 272 High stJamieson, William, 209 High st
Kay, John, River st, Wallace TownKennedy, James, 17 Carrick st
McCarter, William, PrestwickMcGachan, Robert, Content
Parker & Robb, 193 High stParker, John, John st, Content
Stewart, James, Allison st, Newton 
Galloway, Quall, 32 High stMurdoch, James, Cassillia st
Taylor & Co, BellrookWilson, Peter, Thorny flat
Beveridge, Agnes, 80 High stMather, Mary & Janet, Main st Newton
Morton, Margt & Marrion, 6 Sandgate stRamsay, Margt & sisters, Isle lane
Williamson, Mary, John st, ContentWilson, Marion, 86 High st
Craig, William, 25 High stCraig, William B., 46 High st
Gibson, John, Lottery hall, Newton greenMartin, Wm., Wallace st, Wallace Town
Mitchel, George, 2 Kirk portRonald, John, 60 High st
Wright, David, 16 High st 
Campbell, James (road), High st 
McDerment, James (land), 56 Mill stThomson, Alexander (land), Fort st
Alexander, Andrew, 79 High stAllen, Wm., River st, Wallace Town
Anderson, Frs, River st, Wallace TownAuld, Thomas, Alloway st
Baggs, James, PrestwickBurns, Andrew (& clothier), 17 High st
Cowan, Andrew, 40 High stFarquhar, Hugh, Elba st, Contact
Girvan, Peter, 40 High stGivan, Jno. Allaway st
Harvey, John & Thomas, 19 New bridge stHouston, Jas., Harbour side, Newton
Loudon, James, 36 High stMcCubbin, Alexander, 31 and 29 New Market st
McKinnon, Nicholas, 107 High stMcLarty, Malcolm, 172 High st
McMillan, James, 127 High stMorn, Thomas, Main st, Newton
Murphy, William, MonktownPaton, Robert, Elba st, Content
Priestly, John, Wallace st, Wallace TownPurdie, Peter, Bridge st
Richmond & McGill, Cross st, Wallace TownRodie, James, Monktown
Skilling, James, Wallace st, Wallace TownSloane, John (& clothier), 4 New Bridge st
Smith, James, 160 High stTannyhill, John, 3 Harbour st
Wallace, John, PrestwickWallace, Mattw, George st, Wallace Town
Williamson, James, John st, Content 
Baird, John, 113 High stDonaldson, Hugh & Sons, 65 High st
Lawrie, Alexander, 90 High st 
Donaldson, Hugh & Sons, 65 High stWatson, Wm., Mill st and High st
Cowan & Sloans', 31 Sandgate stDonaldson, Hugh & Sons, 65 High st
Hunter, Adam, 6 Kirk port 
Cuthbertson, William Baynham, 142 High stStewart, Peter, 26 New bridge st
McMillan, Neil, 83 High stReid, John, 26 New Bridge st
Wilson, John, 15 Sandgate st 
Benson, James, 167 High stDow, John, 1 Harbour st
Graham, Johathan, 193 High stLawson, William, 10 New Bridge st
McEwen, James, 187 High stMiller, John, 239 High st
Murdoch, Jane, 179 High stSloan, John, 189 High st
Wallace, William, 165 High stWilson, James, 189 High st
Adams, John, PrestwickAgnew, Niven, South quay
Aitken, Andrew, Old Bridge end, Wallace TownBallantine, John, 214 High st
Beggs, John, 230 High stBisset, Mary, 161 High st
Brown, Martha (Ayrshire & Galloway Inn), Cattle marketBryan, Charles (Crown), Monktown
Campbell, John, Main st, NewtonCrawford, James (Campbell Arms), Monktown
Crawford, Mary, 17 High stCunningham, James (Cattle market Inn), Cattle market
Davidson, Ann (Crown & Thistle), 72 High stDunlop, Hugh, Prestwick toll
Elliot, John (Wallace tav), 10 High stFullarton, Margaret, South quay
Galloway, Ann, South quayGordon, Mary, South quay
Goudie, John (Burn's cottage), Alloway streetGoudie, Robert, 238 High st
Guthrie, David, 29 Isle laneGuthrie, John (Red Lion), Prestwick
Hodgen, David, George st, Wallace TownHousten, William, South quay
Hunter, Ann, South quayHunter, Janet, Harbour side, Newton
Hutchinson, Alexander (Leopard), 63 High stJohnstone, James (George & Dragon), 115 High st
Kennedy, John, South quayKerr, James, 166 High st
Latta, Christine, South quayLockhart, James, Prestwick
Logan, Hunter, Main st, NewtonMcAlister, John, Cross st, Wallace Town
McCall, Alexander, Main st, NewtonMcCall, Hugh, Newton green
McCall, John, MonktownMcClelland, John, Content st
McConnochie, Robt, 19 New Market stMcFarlane, Janet, Bridge st
McJanet, Robt (Blue Bell), 130 High stMack, Margaret (Burn's Tavern), 20 New Bridge st
McKarnan, Barnard, Bridge stMcKie, Jane, 12 New Market st
McKinnon, Peter, Newton greenMcKissock, Peter, 10 New Bridge st
McMicken, Elizabeth, South quayMcMillen, Mary, Main st, Newton
McMurtrie, Robert (Wallace Tower and owner of post horses and gigs for hire), 188 High stMcNabb, Margaret, 17 New Market st
McNaughton, Jas., 1 Main st NewtonMcPherson, John, Main st, Newton
McTaggart, James, Isle laneMcWhinnie, Agnes, Alloway st
Mair, John, Wallace st, Wallace TownMilligan, Ann, Boat vennel
Mitchell, Elizabeth, South quayMitchell, Hugh (Prestwick Arms), Prestwick
Morton, Mrs, Main st, NewtonMuir, Agnes, 5 High st
Murray, Hugh, 38 High stNeill, Thomas, Elba st, Content
Orr, Mary, South quayOsborne, Wm., Kilmarnock road, Newton
Reid, David, 245 High stRitchie, Jas (Wheat Sheaf), Monktown
Ross, William, 19 Isle laneShankland, Adam (Vulcan), 48 High st
Slaven, John, George st, Wallace TownSmith, Fullarton (Cow), Monktown
Stewart, Patrick, Bridge stThom, Samuel, Main st, Newton
Trodder, Jno (Oak Tree), MonktownWalker, James, Alloway st
Wallace, Hugh, 229 High stWright, Daniel, Prestwick toll
Brown, Peter (& engraver), 18 High stIngram, William, 8 New Market st
Jamieson, Thomas, 79 High stMurdoch, James, Main st Newton
Murdoch, James, Bridge stSilmen, William, 21 High st
Templeton, John, 204 High st 
Davidson, William, River st, NewtonMurdoch, William, 148 High st
Wilson, James, Main st, NewtonYoung, John, Main st, Newton
Campbell, Duncan, 23 New Bridge stCampbell, Samuel, 236 High st
Cuthbert, James & Co, Academy stDavidson, Robert, 9 High st
Ferguson, James, 14 New Bridge stForrest, Robert, 126 High st
Gray, william, 4 New Market stKinross, John, Fort st
McCormick, - 71 Fish crossWhiteside, Anthony, Academy st
Williamson, Andrew, 2 Kirk portWood, William, 168 High st
WRIGHTS (See Carpenters & Joiners, and also Cartwrights)
Boswell, John Douglas, Sandgate stBrown & McClelland, Wellington sq
Brown, John (and Town clerk of Newton), Academy stCowan, David, 60 Sandgate st
Craig, William, 8 Wellington squareEaton, Charles (and commissary clerk), County buildings
Erskine, Joseph, 21 High stHarper, James, Fort st
Hunter, David, 37 New Market stJohnstone, Quinton, 7 Wellington sq
Kirkland, William, 41 Sandgate stMcCosh, Thomas, Fullerton st
Morton, James, 9 Wellington sqMurdoch, Alexander, County buildings
Murdoch, James F. (writer), County buildingsPaul, John, Fort st
Reid, Hugh, 20 New Bridge stRobertson, Robert, 23 Sandgate
Rowan, Stephen, 8 Cathcart stShaw & McMurtree, County buildings
Wallace, William, 58 Sandgate stWilson, John, Fort st
Adams, John, shopkeeper, PrestwickBaggs, William, shopkeeper, Prestwick
Brown, Thomas, keeper of horses and gigs for hire, 38 Carrick stBryan, Andrew, millwright, Prestwick
Campbell, George, billet master, High stCarson, Andrew, jeweller, 52 New Market st
Dickie, Margaret, shopkeeper, MonktownEwen, Peter, beer retailer, 33 High st
Fraser, N B, chymist &c, new Bridge stGoudie, Danl, bookbinder, 11 New Market st
Harris, William, shopkeeper, PrestwickHill, James, manufacturer of woollen cloth, blankets, &c, Cross st, St Quivox
Hunter, William, blanket, flannel, & plaid manufacturer, Limonts lane, St QuivoxLockhart, Robert, New Bridge tollbar
McLachlan, Robert, architect and builder, Alloway stMcMasters, John, trunk maker, Old Flesh Market close
Miller, William, cork cutter, 195 High stMiller, William, flax dresser, 221 High st
Milnie, James, shopkeeper, PrestwickMitchell, John, tea dealer, Main st
Peden, Hugh, gunsmith, 18 Sandgate stReid, Adam, weaver, Main st, Newton
Ritchie, Elizabeth, shopkeeper, PrestwickWalker, James, stone cutter, 121 High st
Wallace, Jno, officer to the burgh, PrestwickWright, Elizabeth, eating house, 94 High st
Established Church, High st & Fort st - Rev Dr Robert Auld and Rev Alexander CuthillEstablished Church, St Quivox - Rev Stair Macquhae
Established Church, Newton - Rev James StevensonEstablished Church, Prestwick - Rev Thomas Burns
Wallace Town Chapel, Content - Rev John AlexanderEnglish Church, Content st - Rev William Scott Wilson
Associate Synod of Original Seceders, bottom of George st, Wallace Town -Rev George Stevenson
United Associate Synod of the Seccession Church, Wallace st - Rev William ShawMethodist Chapel, Charlotte st - Ministers not stationary
Moravian Chapel, Mill st - Rev William EllisIndependent Chapel, River st, Wallace Town - Rev Robert Lang
Relief Chapel, Cathcart st - Rev Robert RenwickReform Presbytery Chapel, George st - Rev Joseph Henderson
Roman Catholic Chapel, Content - Rev William Thomson 
COUNTY BUILDINGS, Wellington square
Town Clerk's Office - Alexander Murdoch
Clerk of the Peace - David Shaw
Sub-Sheriff - William Eaton
Keeper of the County Prison - Hugh Macpherson
Sheriff Clerk - Gilbert McNab
CUSTOM HOUSE, Wellington square
Collector - The Honourable Roger Rollo
Comptroller - David Ewen
Principal Coast Officer at Girvan - James ElderAyr Library, Fort st - Andrew Paterson, librarian
Dispensary, 102 High st - Robert Hodgeon, house apotheraryExcise Office, Elba st, Contact - Jas Henderson, supervisor
Gas Works, South Shore - John Haswell, managerMechanics' Institution, Wallace Tower, High st - Adam Cowan, librarian
Poor House, Mill st - Wm. McDerment, master - Eleanor Mitchell, matronPublic Reading Room, Town's bridge - Hugh Reid, secretary
Stamp Office, 35 Sandgate st - Lieut-Col Hugh Hamilton, distributorTax Office for the Borough & Parish, Sandgate st - Thomas McClelland, collector
Tax Office for the County, 53 Sandgate st - John Douglas Boswell, collector 


None travel on Sundays except the mails.

To Cumnock, the "Independent" (market coach), from the Wallace Tower Inn, 188 High street, every Tuesday and Friday afternoon at four.

To Dalmellington, a Car, from the Waallace Tower Inn, 188 High st, every Tuesday and Friday afternoon at 4.

To Dumfries, the "Craigengillan Castle" from the Ayr Arms, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; goes through Dalmellington, Carsphairn, Minnyhive, Dunscoll.

To Edinburgh, the "Marquis of Hastings" from the Ayr Arms, every morning at eight, goes through Kilmarnock, Galston, New Mills, Darvel, Strathaven, Garion Bridge, and Mid-Calder.

To Girvan, the "Robert Burns" (Market coach), from the Commercial Inn, every Tuesday and Friday afternoon at four; goes through Maybole and Kirkoswald.

To Glasgow, the "Royal Mail" (from Portpatrick), calls at the Ayr Arms and the King's Arms, each alternate month, every night at ten; the "Telegraph", from the King's Arms, every morning at half past six and afternoon at three; and the "Defiance", from the Ayr Arms, every morning at ten; all go through Kilmarnock and Kingswell.

To Irvine and Troon, a market coach, from the Black Bull, Old Bridge end, every Tuesday and Friday afternoon at half past three.

To Kilmarnock, an omnibus, from the office in harbour street, every afternoon at four.

To Maybole, the "Earl of Cassilis", from 123 High street, every Tuesday and Friday afternoon at four.

To Portpatrick, the "Royal Mail" (from Glasgow), calls at the Ayr Arms and the King's Arms each alternate month, every evening at a quarter past nine; goes through Maybole, Girvan, Ballantrae, and Stranraer.


To Castle Douglas, Thomas Wallet, from the Blue Bell, High street, every alternate Saturday, and David Bucclench, from the George & Dragon, High street, every alternate Monday.

To Catrine, Thomas Murray, from 17 High street, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Crosshill, James McClowanan, from the George & Dragon, every Friday.

To Cumnock, Alexander Simpson, from the Blue Bell, every Monday and Thursday; and Andrew Findlay, Alexander Findlay and David Smith, from 17 High street, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Dailly, Matthew Robertson, from the George & Dragon, every Tuesday.

To Dalmellington, John Hoare, from the George & Dragon, every Tuesday and Alexander Gammell, from the same house every Friday.

To Dalrymple, David Mitchell, from the George & Dragon, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Edinburgh, James Boyd, from 244 High street, every Monday.

To Girvan, William Drennan, from the George & Dragon, every Wednesday.

To Glasgow, Andrew Gerren, from the Plough, every Monday, and John Cuthbert, from his house, Main street Newton, daily (Wednesday excepted).

To Irvine, William Arthur, from the George & Dragon, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Kilmarnock, Thomas Frew, from the Crown Inn, every Tuesday and Friday, and Mrs Dalziel, from Sandgate Street, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

To Kirkcudbright, Thomas Wallet, from the Blue Bell, every Saturday.

To Mauchline, John Reid, from 17 High street, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Maybole, James Kennedy, from the Crown Inn, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Minnyhive, John Hodson, from the Blue Bell, every Tuesday.

To Ochiltree, John Lammill, from 17 High street, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Paisley, Hugh Reid, from the George & Dragon, every Thursday.

To Patna, Andrew Gerren, from the Plough, every Thursday.

To Saltcoats, Wm. Arthur, from the George & Dragon, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Sanquhar, Thomas Afflick, from 17 High street, every Friday.

To Straiton, Thomas McQuator, from the Crown, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Stranraer, Hugh Reid, from the George & Dragon, every Wednesday.

To Torbolton, Andrew Fisher, from 17 High street, and -- Highet, from the Black Bull Inn, every Friday.


Steam Packets:

To Glasgow, the "Nimrod" (Capt Clark) and the "St Mungo" (Capt McLelland) call alternately every morning, calling at Troon, Ardrossan, Largs, Innerkip, Gourock, and Greenock.

Sailing Vessels:

To Campbeltown, the "Armadale", "Levina", "Jane", and "Elizabeth", call occasionally.

To Liverpool, the "Antelope", "Arthur", "Eleanor", and "Ann", sail once a fortnight - Alexander Bell Telfer, agent.

This transcript was kindly provided by Keith Muirhead from Queensland.