Berwickshire Newspapers


Old newspapers can be a useful way of learning about events in a locality at a particular time, or for tracking down obituaries or birth/marriage/death notices of ancestors. The content of newspapers varies a lot and this is not meant as a detailed or exhaustive guide to them. Its purpose is simply to list local newspapers in this county in the past. Additional information would be gratefully received.

Published lists of Scottish newspapers include:

  • Directory of Scottish Newspapers by Joan P.S. Ferguson. Published in 1984 by the National Library of Scotland.
  • NEWSPLAN: Report of the Newsplan Project in Scotland. Published in 1994 by the British Library.
  • The Waterloo Directory of Scottish Newspapers and Periodicals, 1800-1900 by John S. North. Published in 2 volumes in 1989 by North Waterloo Academic Press, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Old copies of newspapers can often be found in appropriate local archives and libraries, or in major collections such as the National Library of Scotland, or the British Library Newspaper Library.

The Scottish Borders Archive and Local History Centre at the Heritage Hub in Hawick has a large collection of microfilms of local Borders newspapers.

So here is a list (again not necessarily complete) of old Berwickshire newspapers and their dates (if known). Some papers appear under multiple names, others combined together to form a new title. So don't view this as a list of separate papers - it isn't. Most importantly it is just a guide. A number of long-running local periodicals are also listed: they too included useful local information.

  • Berwick Advertiser, 1808
  • Berwick and Kelso Warder, 1835-1858
  • Berwick Bulletin, 1978
  • Berwick Journal, 1855-1957
  • Berwick Warder, 1858-1884
  • Berwickshire Advertiser, 1893-1957 (issued throughout BEW/ROX/ELN/SEL/NBL)
  • Berwickshire Gazette and County Guardian, 1885-1896
  • Berwickshire News and General Advertiser, 1869-1957
  • Border Advertiser, 1848-1906 (issued throughout ROX/BEW/PEE/SEL)
  • Border Almanac, 1896-1916
  • Border Beacon and Advertiser for Galashiels, Hawick etc., 1863-1864
  • Border Beacon, 1835 (only)
  • Border Bulletin, post 1978
  • Border Counties Gazette and Agriculturalist, 1884-1885
  • Border Counties Gazette and Berwick Warder, 1885-1898
  • Border Counties Magazine, 1880-1881
  • Border Magazine, 1831-1832
  • Border Magazine, 1863 (only)
  • Border Magazine, 1896-1939
  • Border Sporting Outlook, 1924 (only)
  • Border Spy, 1831 (only)
  • Border Standard, 1848-1957
  • Border Standard, 1881 (only)
  • Border Standard and Langholm Advertiser, 1880-1881
  • Border Standard and Southern Advertiser, 1881-1887
  • Border Telegraph, post 1896
  • Border Treasury of things new and old, 1874-1875
  • Border Watch and Galashiels Advertiser, 1843-1848
  • British Gazette and Berwick Advertiser, 1808
  • Coldstream Guard, 1876-1881
  • Hawick News and Border Chronicle, 1882-1953
  • Hawick News and Scottish Border Chronicle, post 1953
  • Hawick Observer and Scottish Border Intelligencer, 1842 (only)
  • Kelso Border Mail & Gazette for Roxburgh, Selkirk, Berwick & Northumberland, 1797-1945
  • Kelso Weekly Express & Advertiser for Roxburghshire, Berwickshire, and the Border Counties, 1863-1864
  • Southern Advertiser, 1840 (only)
  • Southern Reporter & advertiser for the counties of Selkirk and Roxburgh, 1855-1957
  • Southern Reporter and Border Standard, post 1957
  • Standard, Border Times & Hawick Telegraph, 1887-1890