"The parish consists of three ancient parishes, namely, Kirkcudbright, Galtway, and Dunrod; Kirkcudbright lies in the north, Galtway in the centre, and Dunrod on the south. The two latter parishes were annexed to Kirkcudbright about the year 1683, but their church-yards, which are still used, retain the ancient appellations of Galtway and Dunrod church-yards.

...It is bounded on the north by the parishes of Kelton and Rerwick; on the east, by Rerwick; on the south, by the Solway Firth; and on the west, by Borgue, Twynholm, and Tongland, the centre of the river Dee forming this boundary line till it passes St. Mary's Isle...

The only town in the parish is Kirkcudbright.

...a weekly market is held every Friday, but is not well attended. At one time, more foreign trade was carried on by the burgh than at present...

...From the parish of Kirkcudbright are regularly exported, corn, potatoes, meal, wool, turnips, beans, blackcattle, sheep, salmon, grass-seed, timber, staves...

The means of communication which the parish enjoys are excellent. Two commodious steam-boats sail regularly from Kirkcudbright to Liverpool, once in the week in the summer, and once in the fortnight in the winter. Two coaches visit Kirkcudbright daily from Dumfries...

Formerly, Kirkcudbright was celebrated for its manufacture of gloves, and more recently, of boots and shoes. One firm in the town, a few years ago, generally employed no fewer than 24 men, and shoes were sent to a great distance. There were at one time, though on a small scale, manufactories of soap, candles, and leather; and kelp was frequenty made upon the shores...

...there are six incorporated trades, namely, the Squareman, 36 members; Tailors, 13; Weavers, 22; Hammerman, 13; Clothiers, 20; Shoemakers, 17; total number of members, 121.

Rev. John McMillan, Minister, New Statistical Account, Blackwood.



History, Kirkcudbright. The New Statistical Account of Scotland, 2nd Series, W Blackwood, 1845.



The Church Yards of Kirkcudbright, Galtway, and Dunrod has had pre-1855 monumental inscriptions transcribed and indexed. The index and transcribed inscriptions are included in a series of volumes that cover all of Kirkcudbrightshire. Kirkcudbright is in volume 4. Galtway and Dunrod are in volume 3. Refer to the county page for additional details.


Church History

"Within the modern parish of Kirkcudbright, were at one time eight places of worship, with their respective church-yards...

Three thousand one hundred persons profess to belong to the Established Church, which is generally well attended...

The parish church is conveniently situated for the greater part of the population: no houses are above three and a half miles distant from it. It is in a state of complete repair.

Secession Church.-- This place of worship is attended by 40 families, some of whom are from neighbouring parishes. About 150 individuals belong to the United Secession Church in the parish of Kirkcudbright...

Catholic.-- ...The families that attend this chapel are 51 in number: and the number of persons that belong to the Catholic congregation of Kirkcudbright, according to the census just taken, is 314..."

Rev. John McMillan, Minister, New Statistical Account, Blackwood.


Church Records

Church of Scotland records are held at the General Register Office in Edinburgh. Copies of the parish register on microfilm may be consulted in LDS Family History Centres around the world. Refer to the county page for additional details.

Records AvailableBaptismMarriageBurialReference
Church of Scotland1706-1708
OPR 871
Free Church1843-1876nonenoneCH3 --

Kirk Session Notes: Kirkcudbright kirk session minutes start in 1692 and continue till 1704. (CH2 520)


Description & Travel

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Land & Property

A primary source of land ownership can be found in Sasine registers. The burgh of Kirkcudbright kept its own sasine register for those that lived within its boundaries. The register starts in 1681.




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