Rutherfurd's Southern Counties Register and Directory

J. and J.H. Rutherfurd's of Kelso published their Southern Counties' Register and Directory of Roxburghshire, Berwickshire and Selkirkshire in 1866. In addition to providing considerable detail about each parish (description, history, lists of societies, places of worship etc.) many residents and tradesman are listed, although more are not.

The book was republished in a facsimile edition in 1990 by the Borders Regional Library, Selkirk, Scotland. The ISBN number for this edition was 0951675605. A microfilm version of the 1990 reprint is listed in the LDS Family History Library catalogue (listed in the catalogue under Scotland - Berwick/Roxburgh/Selkirk - Almanacs/Directories), so it is hopefully available worldwide in LDS family history centres.

A microfiche facsimile edition (covering ROX and SEL) has been published by Nick Vine Hall of Australia, and is available from Gould Books of South Australia. The counties are separated out in this edition. Microfiche editions of Border county sections of Pigot & Co's 1837 Scottish directory are also available (for BEW, PEE, ROX and SEL).