Machynlleth Toll Books


Elwyn Evans, National Library of Wales journal Vol VI/1, Summer 1949

Extracted onto the pages of GENUKI with the kind permission of the National Library of Wales

This is a full extract of the background remarks but only an alphabetical INDEX of names appearing in the original Toll Books.[Gareth Hicks July 2002].

Here is Plate VI.i from the article titled;  'A Sketch Map Showing Places Mentioned in Machynlleth Toll Books 1632' which shows the distribution of buyers and sellers in graphic form.



The two Toll Books printed below in a slightly abbreviated form were found among the manorial and other documents deposited from time to time in the National Library of Wales by the Right Honourable the Earl of Powis. Extant Toll Books are comparatively rare. The only other examples in the Library are four for some North Pembrokeshire fairs (1599-1603) in the Bronwydd Collection 1 and an account book of the Cattle tolls of Machynlleth fairs for the years 1748-1751 in the Wynnstay Collection. 2

Machynlleth received a charter in 1291 for a weekly market and two annual fairs. 3 The revenue derived from these sources is mentioned in inquisitions-postmortem of the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth centuries, and the turn-over at these markets and fairs seems to have reached a considerable amount.

In the reign of Elizabeth we find jurors who were sworn to 'enquire for the Queen's majesty' petitioning for either a confirmation of the charters of Llanidloes and Machynlleth, or for obtaining 'such new grants and liberties as shall be thought reasonable to Her Majesty and her Council'. They refer to these markets as the ' refuge of the upper part of Montgomery, of the most part of Radnorshire, and wholly serveth Cardiganshire and Merioneddshire'. Incidental and fragmentary evidence contained in such records as Gaol Files and Plea Rolls indicates that the fairs and markets at Machynlleth were attended by people drawn from an extensive area and that large numbers of dealers in sheep, sheep skins, wool, and cloth came to the town. It is probable that trading in the area benefited much from the more settled conditions prevailing after the Act of Union, and the strong rule of Rowland Lee as President of the Council in the Marches of Wales. It appears from litigation which took place in the seventeenth century that Machynlleth enjoyed increasing prosperity as a market centre. It was claimed that while the tolls of the town had been leased for £27 per annum they were worth considerably more. 4  Machynlleth appears to have challenged the position of such towns as Oswestry and Shrewsbury as a distributing centre for cloth. In 1613 the drapers of Shrewsbury, Oswestry, and Whitchurch complained to the Privy Council that certain French merchants of London who came to Machynlleth bought up much cloth that would otherwise have been taken to Oswestry. From Machynlleth the cloth was shipped direct to France. This meant the impoverishment of many persons in Oswestry and the decay of the ancient staple there. The Council in the Marches of Wales was called upon to enforce the statutes dealing with the cloth trade. 5


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The two toll books (dated 5 May and 28 June 1632) printed below show that in 1632 as in the reign of Elizabeth the Machynlleth fairs served an extensive area embracing practically the whole of Cardiganshire and the greater portion of Merioneth. It is not known how many fairs were held at Machynlleth in the seventeenth century, but in the middle of the eighteenth century there were five fairs, including one on 5 May and another on 28 June. 1 These toll books contain much interesting information. They show that the supply of animals at these two fairs was drawn from about 50 parishes in the counties of Merioneth, Montgomery, Cardigan, Carmarthen, and Denbigh, while the demand was distributed among some 56 parishes in the counties of Denbigh, Flint, Montgomery, Merioneth, Cardigan, Radnor, Brecknock, Hereford, and Shropshire. Drovers from the counties of Brecknock, Hereford, and Shropshire attended the fairs. At the June fair one Lewis Griffiths of Mainston on the Montgomeryshire-Shropshire border bought 19 cattle, and Thomas ap Rhytherch, one of six buyers from the Breconshire parish of Llanflhangel Bryn Pabuan, bought 10 cattle. At the May fair one Francis King, described as a drover of Northall in Herefordshire, bought 138 sheep. Another interesting feature is the transfer of sheep, especially of yearlings, from Cardiganshire to Merioneth and Montgomeryshire. Upwards of 60 per cent of the sheep came from Cardiganshire, with the four parishes of Llanfihangel-Lledrod, Llanfihangel-genau'r glyn, Llanbadarn Fawr, and Caron accounting for upwards of 1,300 sheep out of a total of some 3,800 entered in the tollbooks. On the demand side almost 50 per cent of the sheep went to Merioneth buyers, with the four parishes of Dolgelley, Towyn, Llanymowddwy and Pennal absorbing almost one third of the total number entered (1,325 out of a total of some 3,900). Some 33 per cent of the sheep were bought by Montgomeryshire men. The cattle were drawn mainly from Montgomeryshire (46 per cent) and Merioneth (41 per cent), their buyers coming mainly from such counties as Brecknockshire, Shropshire, and the eastern parts of Montgomeryshire. The accompanying tables show the distribution of demand and supply according to Counties, and also the prices of the various categories of animals. 2


Elwyn Evans


  • 1 Wynnstay Documents, L. 145.
  • 2 See also  Plate VI,i.I am indebted to Miss Gwyneth Lewis, F.L.A. of the Department of Prints, Drawings, and Maps, for the map



In the article itself there now follows a Table of Prices showing the above data for each type of 17 different class of animal under these headings ; Class of Animal; Number Entered, May/June; Lowest Price; Highest Price; Average Range.

The data is not extracted here but to illustrate the content (following the above headings) here are two specimen lines;

  • Cows; 59; 81; £1.4s.0d; £4.16s.11d; £1.10s0d ---£2.5s.0.
  • Sheep; 334; 12; -3s.4d; -6s.11d; -4s---5s.

The next two tables are complete ;

Tables showing the distribution of supply and demand according to counties

                       Sheep                                                                             Cattle

CountySupply    Demand                             CountySupply    Demand
Cardigan2351334 Montgomery149120
Merioneth7811943 Merioneth13135
Montgomery4861381 Cardigan3832
Carmarthen194- Denbigh411
Pembroke37- Brecknock-104
Denbigh30- Shropshire-44
Radnor-193 Flint-9


The Toll Books

Indexer's comments

  • Below is an alphabetical index of the personal names appearing on  pages 82 onwards in the journal; the relevant journal page numbers are given to aid identifying each entry and are either annotated B for Buyer or S for Seller, a few with neither (being pledges).
  • Original spelling; place name accents have not been copied.
  • No distinction is made between Toll Books I & II as far as the index is concerned, Book II starts on page 95.
  • If there is no apparent surname ( i.e a clear patronymic form ) then the entry is shown in a separate section before the main surname index. Whether the latter  are 'real' surnames depends on the extent that the Toll Book writer, or the person himself, simply left out the 'ap', I must say that it does seem very early to have such a high incidence of fixed surnames.
  • There are 756 entries in total, of which 227 (30%) are in patronymic style and have no apparent surname, against 529 (70%) that do have one
    • An analysis of the patronymic section only shows the following 6  given names (in descending order of frequency) which make up  almost 50% (of the total first patronymic given names only);
      • David=29
      • Hugh=19
      • John=19
      • Evan=17
      • Thomas=17
      • Richard=11
    • An analysis of the apparent surnames in the surnames section only with more than 10 entries (in descending order of frequency ) shows the following 13 surnames which make up c  69%  (of the total surname entries only );
      • David=57; Davies=1
      • Thomas=47
      • John=32; Johnes=4; Jones=4
      • Griffith/Gryffith/Gryffyth=35; Griffiths=1
      • Evan=24; Evan(e)s=7
      • Owen=24
      • Lloyd=22
      • Lewis=21
      • Morgan=20; Morgans=1
      • Jenkin=17
      • Moris/Morys=16
      • William=13;Williams=1
      • Pugh=12 (note the Hugh given name above, i.e 'ap Hugh'=Pugh)


The Latin introduction at the head of the Toll Books entries is;

Book I
  • Nundinum te[ntum] apud M[achynlleth quinto die Maii [A]nno
  • Regni [domini] nostri Charloi dei gratia Angliae Scotiae
  • Franciae et Hiberniae Rs fidei defensoris etc Octavo Anno domini 1632.
Book II
  • Nundinum tentum apud Machynlleth vicessimo octavo die Junii Anno Regni Domini nostri Caroli dei gratia
  • Angliae, Scotiae, Ffranciae et Hyberniae Regis fidei defensoris etc. Octavo Anno salutis humana  1632.


As an example, here is the first entry in full;

Toll      Buyer                                        Seller                                                    Stock                         Price per head
rec 17dEdward Lloyd, Newtowne co MountgomryDavid Lloyd p of Llangwnnwrdd co Chester (sic)80 yearlings all white4s.8d.


The Index

---, ---, Tal y llyn, 102S

---, ?, of Machynlleth, 87S

---, .... David ap Ieuan ap Edward, of Llanihangell gener glyn, 99S

---, ...an Lewis, of Towyn Merionith, 83S

---, ...van, of Darowen, 102S

---, Anthony..... ap William, p of Llanenthwy...Meirion, 100S

---, Arnold ap Evan, of Machynlleth, 90S

---, Cathrin Verch Richard, of Towyn, 99S

---, David ap David, of Kemmes, 92B

---, David ap Edward, of Tal y llyn, 85B

---, David ap Evan ap Owen, of Llanidlos, 95B

---, David ap Evan, of Llanbadarn fach Trefeglwys, 93S

---, David ap Evan, of Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, 98S

---, David ap Evan, of Llanvihangelgen', 88S

---, David ap Evan, of Machynlleth, 98S

---, David ap Evan, of Pennall, 86B

---, David ap Harrie ap Humffrey, of Machenlleth, 102S

---, David ap Howell ap Rees, of Machynlleth, 88S

---, David ap Humffrey, of Llanihangell y Pennant, 99S

---, David ap Humffrey, p of Llanihangell y Pennant co Meir, 101S

---, David ap Ieuan, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 98S

---, David ap Ieuan, of Llanihangell Ystrad co Card, 93S

---, David ap John William, of Tal y llyn, 84B

---, David ap John, of Pennall, 100S

---, David ap Owen David, of Merionith, 92S

---, David ap Owen David, of Towyn, 92S

---, David ap Owen, of Cemes, 99S

---, David ap Owen, of Machynlleth, 86B

---, David ap Rs, of Llanvihangelgenerlglyn, 86S

---, David ap Thomas ap Hugh, 102S

---, David ap W'., of Kemes, 98B

---, David ap Wm, of Llanegrin, 96B

---, David Lloyd ap Jenkin, of Llangelynin, 94S

---, David Lloyd ap Reignald, p of Llanvihangel gener glyn co Cardigan, 91S

---, D'd ap Hugh ap John, of Pennall, 89S

---, D'd ap Ieuan ap Gryffith, of Machenlleth, 102S

---, D'd ap John ap Humffrey, of Llanihangellyngwnva, 100B

---, Derwas ....., of Darowen, 99S

---, Edd ap Hugh, of Cemes, 99S

---, Edd ap Richard, of Darowen, 98S

---, Ed'd ap Richard. ...., 103S

---, Edward ap Elissa, p of Llwyngwril, 95S

---, Edward ap Ieuan, of Machenlleth, 99S

---, Edward ap John, of Pennall, 93B

---, Edward ap Rees ap Edward, of Towyn, 95B

---, Edward ap Robert, p of Hope co Fflynt, 84B

---, Edward John ap Hugh, of Towyn Merionith, 86S

---, Edward Rice ap Edward, p of Towyn, 86B

---, Edward......, Cemes, 102S

---, Elice ap John ap Evan, ....of Mallwyd, 100

---, Elice ap John ap Ieuan, of Mallwyd, 100S

---, Elice ap Morgan, of Towyn, 102S

---, Elice ap William Pugh, p of Mallwyd, 100

---, Elis ap John, of Talyllyn, 97S

---, Elissa ap Lewis ap Howell, of the town of Llwyngwril, 95S

---, Evan ap Edward, of Keri, 90B

---, Evan ap Evan, p of Machenlleth, 88S

---, Evan ap Harry, of Machenlleth, 102S

---, Evan ap Humffrey, of Llanoryn, 102S

---, Evan ap Humffrey, of Llanworyn, 91S

---, Evan ap Richard David, p of Llanworin, 95S

---, Evan ap Rydd, p of Llanychaiarn co Cardigan, 86S

---, Evan David ap Evan ap llewelin, p of Llanworyn, 103S

---, Evan David ap Evan, 96S

---, Evan David ap Howell, of Llanymowddwy, 85B

---, Evan David ap Hugh, of Darowen, 95S

---, Evan D'd ap Hugh, of Darowen, 101S

---, Evan D'd ap Ieuan ap John, of Penegos, 94S

---, Evan John ap Moris, p of Llanbadarn, 86S

---, Evan John D'd ap Morgan, of Llangynfelyn, 101B

---, Evan Moris ap Rees, of Llanvihangelgen'glyn, 96S

---, Evan Moris ap Rs, of Llanvihangelgen'glyn, 86S

---, Ffrancis ....., of Llanbryn Mair, 99B

---, Griffith ap Rees, of Pennant Melangech co Mountgomery, 85B

---, Griffi....., of Dolgelley,96B

---, Griffith ap Evan, p of Llanvawr co Cardigan, 83B

---, Gryffyth ap Evan, of Towyn, 87B

---, Gryffyth ap Richard, of Towyn, 87B

---, Harry ap Evan, of Celynin (or Llanbadarn Vawr ?), 97S

---, Howell ap Edward, p of Dolgelle, 99B

---, Howell ap Evan, of Llanworyn, 103S

---, Howell ap Owen, of Towyn, 88S

---, Hugh ap Edward, of Towyn, 84B

---, Hugh ap Elissa, of Talyllyn, 84S

---, Hugh ap Ellice, of Talyllyn, 93B

---, Hugh ap Ellis, of Llangylynin, 93B

---, Hugh ap Evan, 98S

---, Hugh ap Evan, of Llanganvelyn, 98S

---, Hugh ap Hugh, 91S

---, Hugh ap Humffrey David, of Llanvihangel y Pennant, 98S

---, Hugh ap Humffrey, of Llanelltyd, 84B

---, Hugh ap Humffrey, of Llanelltyd, 86B

---, Hugh ap Humffrey, of Pennall, 84B

---, Hugh ap John ap Hugh, Machenlleth, 99B

---, Hugh ap John ap Hugh, of Machenlleth, 87S

---, Hugh ap John ap Rydd', ..., 103S

---, Hugh ap Owen, of Darowen, 96S

---, Hugh ap Richard, of Darowen, 93S

---, Hugh ap Rytherch, of Llanbadarn Trev Eglwys, 85S

---, Hugh David ap John, of Dolgelle, 93S

---, Hugh John ap Rees, p of Machenlleth, 94S

---, Humffrey ap Edd', de .....llyn, 103S

---, Humffrey ap Lewis, of Llanvihangel y penant, 98B

---, Humffrey ap Richard, of Tal y llyn, 84S

---, Humffrey David ap Ednyved, p of Llanaber, 95B

---, Ieuan ap William Owen, p of Dolgelle, 85B

---, Ieuan D'd ap Ieuan ap Edward, of Llanihangell gener glyn, 92S

---, Jane verch Harry, 93S

---, Jane verch Humffrey, p of Machenlleth, 94B

---, Jenkin ap Evan David, Llangoedmor co Cardigan, 85S

---, Jenkin ap Evan, of Llanychaiarn, co [Cardig]an, 82S

---, John ap Edward, of Towyn, 95B

---, John ap Evan Lloyd, of Llanganvelyn co Cardigan, 92B

---, John ap Evan, of Llan llar co Cardigan, 83S

---, John ap Ho'll ap Owen, of Dolgelley, 97B

---, John ap Hugh ap Rees, of Pennall, 88B

---, John ap Hugh, 84S

---, John ap Hugh, of Cemes, 100S

---, John ap Hugh, of Machenlleth, 100B

---, John ap Ieuan ap Owen, of Talyllyn, 100S

---, John ap John Th...., 103S

---, John ap John, 98S

---, John ap Rees ap John, p of Llanymowddwy co Merionith, 83B

---, John ap Rees ap Lewis, of Llandddinam, 87B

---, John ap Rees ap Lewis, of Llanddinam, 103B

---, John ap Richard, of Machenlleth, 93S

---, John ap Wm., of Pennall, 100S

---, John David ap Jenkin, of Llanbrinmair, 88B

---, John Pugh ap Rees, 92B

---, John Richard ap Owen, p of Machenlleth, 102S

---, Lewis ap Evan ap Jenkin, of Pennegos, 83S

---, Lewis ap Evan, of Towyn, 86B

---, Lewis ap Hugh ap Lewis, of Machynlleth, 94S

---, Lewis ap Humffrey, of Llanvihangelypennant, 98B

---, Lewis ap Ieuan ap Lewis, of Llangerrig, 95B

---, Lewis ap Jenkin, of Towyn, 88B

---, Lewis ap John ...., of Towyn, 97S

---, Lewis ap John ap William, p of Towyn, 94B

---, Lewis ap Owen, of Towyn, 85B

---, Lewis ap Rees, of Darowen, 101B

---, Meredith ap Evan, of Meivod co Mount', 86B

---, Meredith ap Richard, p of Pilstrowyd (sic) co Mountgomry, 82B

---, Miles ap Jenkin, of Llangerick, 100B

---, Morgan ap Edward, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 84S

---, Morgan ap Ieuan ap Morys, of Llanihangel gener glyn, 93S

---, Morgan Gr ap Gr, of Mallwyd, 90S

---, Moris ap Evan, Llanvihangel lletherod, 82S

---, Moris ap Owen, of this parish, 85S

---, Moris Powell ap Robert, of Llanvihangel gen', 90S

---, Morris ap Howell ap Robert, p of Llanvihangelgenerglun co Cardigan, 95S

---, Morys ap Hugh, p of Llanihangellgwnva, 101B

---, Morys ap Ieuan ap Morys, p of Llanbadarn Vawr, 100B

---, Morys D'd ap ......., Llanbrynmair, 101B

---, Morys...., of Machenlleth, 102S

---, Owen ap John Robert, of Towyn, 98S

---, Owen David ap Evan, of Llanvihangel gen', 90S

---, Owen D'd ap Evan, of Llanvihangel gen'glyn, 98S

---, Owen Lewis ap Humffre, Tal y llyn, 89B

---, Owen Lewis ap Humffrey, of Talyllyn, 93B

---, Pierce ap Evan, of Darowen, 85S

---, Pierce ap Ieuan, of Darowen, 92,B

---, Rees ap ...., Darowen, 98S

---, Rees ap Evan Rowland, of Llanvihangel gen' glyn. 85S

---, Rees ap Evan, of Carno, 95B

---, Rees ap Hugh, of Tal y llyn, 83B

---, Rees ap Ieuan, of Llanegrin, 98B

---, Rees ap Morys, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 93S

---, Rees D'd ap John, of Llanihangell lletherod, 89S

---, Rice ap Edward, of Llanaber, 92B

---, Rice ap John, of Llanvi[hangel] lletherod, 86S

---, Rice ap John, of Llanvihangel lltherod, 86S

---, Rice ap Pugh, of Llaneron, 88S

---, Rice ap Robert, of Llanymowddwy co Merionith, 86B

---, Richard ap ..., Llanvihangelgenerglyn, 103S

---, Richard ap Elissa, of Dolgelley, 96B

---, Richard ap Evan Lloyd, of Llanvihangel gen', 90B

---, Richard ap Howell, of Llanelltyd, 86B

---, Richard ap Hugh, p of Llanbadarn Vawr, 101S

---, Richard ap Owen James, of Darowen, 97S

---, Richard John ap Ieuan, ap John, of Llanihangell gener glyn, 102S

---, Richard Moris ap John, of Llanvihangelgen', 88S

---, Richard Pugh ap Humffrey, of Dolgelley, 98B

---, Richard....., Llanegryn, 102S

---, Richard...... 102S

---, Robert ap Edward, of Llanganvelyn, 86S

---, Robert ap Hugh, of Cemes, 99S

---, Robert ap Humffrey, of Llanoryn, 93B

---, Robert ap Rydd', of Kem'es, 98S

---, Robert ap Rytherch, of Cemes, 85S

---, Rowland ap Evan ap W', of Mowddwy, 88B

---, Rowland ap Evan, of Llanoryn, 101S

---, Rowland ap Hugh, of Towyn, 93B

---, Rowland David ap Evan, of Llanoryn, 96S

---, Rydd' ap Richard, of Llanychaiarn, 96S

---, Rydd David ap Owen, of this parish, 85S

---, Rytherch David ap Jenkin, of Machenlleth, 93B

---, Rytherch...., p of Machenlleth, 101S

---, Salby ap Evan, of Gelly co Cardigan, 82S

---, Simont ap Richard, of Dolgelle, 85B

---, Stephen ap ......, of St Armon co Radnor, 83B

---, Thomas ap .... Ieuan Vaughan, of Cemes, 100S

---, Thomas ap Edward, 99B

---, Thomas ap Edward, of Llanaber co Meirion, 100

---, Thomas ap Edward, of Llanavan Vawr, 102B

---, Thomas ap Elice, 101B

---, Thomas ap Evan David, of Llanychaiarn, 98S

---, Thomas ap Howell Thomas, of Llanymowthwy, 89S

---, Thomas ap Hugh, 84S

---, Thomas ap Ieuan ap Hugh, of Pennall, 93B

---, Thomas ap Ieuan ap Hugh, of Pennall, 96B

---, Thomas ap Ieuan D'd, of Llanllwchayarn, 101S

---, Thomas ap Rytheirch, p of Llanihangell bryn Pabuan, 100B

---, Thomas ap Thomas, of Llanwenog co Cardigan, 90S

---, Thomas David ap Evan, of Mallwyd, 86B

---, Thomas David ap John, of Llanvihangel lletherod, 85S

---, Thomas David ap John, of Llanvihangel Lletherod, 92S

---, Thomas David ap John, p of Llanvihangel lletherod, 86S

---, W'. ap Edd, of Kem'es, 97S

---, Watkin ap David, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 92S

---, Watkin John ap Owen, of Llanvachreth, 95S

---, William ap .....Evan, of Pennall, 99B

---, William ap Hugh, p of Llanvyllin, 102B

---, William ap Ieuan Thomas, of Bodgadvan, 101B

---, William ap Ieuan, of Talyllyn, 100S

---, William John ap Edward, of Llanvihangel-gen'glyn, 92S

---, William John D'd ap Rees, of Towyn, 93S

---, Wm John D'd ap ..., 103S

Anwyll, William gen, of Cemes, 89S

Arthur, Humffrey, of Towyn, 98S

Arthyr, Evan, of Llanoryn, 87B

Ash, John, of Whitechurch, 85S

Ashe, John, of Whitchurch co Penbrook, 93S

Ball, Richard, of the p of Towyn, 90S

Ball, Richard, of Towyn, 87S

Bishop, John, of Newtowne, 97B

Browne, Evan, of Cherk co Denbigh, 98S

Browne, Evan, of Chirke, 102S

Byshopp, John, of Newtone, 82B

Cadwgan, Thomas, of Llanihangel bryn Pabwan, 93B

Churchman, William, of Llanoryn, 97S

Clifton, Ffardinando, of the Red castle, 95B

Clocker, Thomas, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 87B

Clodston, Thomas, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 97B

Clysan (?), Marie, of Towyn, 100S

David, Arthur, of Pennall, 90B

David, Cadwalad, of Llanvihangel Wynfa, 97B

David, Catherine, of Penegoes, 87S

David, David ap Owen, of Merionith, 92S

David, David ap Owen, of Towyn, 92S

David, Edward, of Kemmes, 96S

David, Edward, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 86S

David, Edward, of Llanegrin co Merionith, 82B

David, Evan ap Evan ap Llewelin, of Llanworyn, 103S

David, Evan ap Richard, p of Llanworin, 95S

David, Evan, of Llanvihangel generglyn, 86S

David, Evan, of Towyn, 88B

David, Evan, of Tre Garon, 89S

David, Griffith, 85B

David, Hugh ap Humffrey, of Llanvihangel y Pennant, 98S

David, Hugh, 93S

David, Hugh, of Llammowddwy, 91S

David, Hugh, of Llanbrinmair, 96B

David, Hugh, of Llanworyn, 91S

David, Humffrey, of Darowen, 84S

David, Jenkin ap Evan, Llangoedmor co Cardigan, 85S

David, Jenkin, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 93S

David, John, of Coris, 96B

David, John, of Kairon co Cardigan, 94S

David, John, of Koris, 96B

David, John, p of Llan y Mowddwy co Merionith, 82B

David, John, p of Llanganvelyn, 84S

David, Mered', of Llanvihangel Bryn Pabian, 103B

David, Morgan, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 96S

David, Moris, of Llanbrinmair, 90B

David, Moris, of Llanbrinmair, 96B

David, Morys Thomas, of Rhydfelyn fach in com (sic) Llanbadarn Vawr, 95B

David, Owen, of Llanvihangelgenerglyn, 96S

David, Owen, of Tal y llyn, 84B

David, Richard John, of Machynlleth, 103B

David, Richard, of Towyn, 103S

David, Richard, p of Libery co Sallop, 91B

David, Richard, p of Llanbrinmair, 82S

David, Rowland, of Llanworyn, 91S

David, Samuell, of Llanegrin, 98B

David, Thomas ap Evan, of Llanychaiarn, 98S

David, Thomas, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 83S

David, Thomas, of Llanwenog co Cardigan, 86S

David, Thomas, of Llanwenog, 86S

David, Thomas, of Llanwenog, 92S

David, William, of Llanihangell-generglyn, 89S

Davies, Zacharias, of Tref Eglwys, 89B

D'd, Elice Tudder, of Llanegryn, 99S

D'd, Hugh, of Llanegryn, 100B

D'd, Hugh, of Pennall, 101S

D'd, John, of Cemes, 100S

D'd, John, of Kemmes, 96S

D'd, Mredith John, of Llanoryn, 102S

D'd, Owen John, Machenelleth, 102B

D'd, Rees, of Llanervill, 101B

D'd, Thomas ap Ieuan, of Llanllwchayarn, 101S

D'd, Thomas, p of Darowen, 101B

Deavers, John, of Mathavarn, 84B

Eccleston, Thomas, p of Machynlleth, 82S

Edd, Catherine, of Towyn, 95S

Edd, Humffrey, of .....yllyn, 96S

Edward, John, of Llanegryn, 93S

Elissa, Edward, of Talyllyn, 101S

Evan, David, of Cemes, 93S

Evan, David, of Towyn, 103S

Evan, David, of Towyn, 87S

Evan, Edward, of Llanddeinol, 100S

Evan, Edward, of Llanihangell gener glyn, 87S

Evan, Gryffyth, of Towyn, 93B

Evan, Humffrey, of Towyn, 99S

Evan, John, of Dolgelley, 96B

Evan, John, of Towyn, 91S

Evan, Lewis, Llanvihangel-gen'glyn, 92S

Evan, Lewis, of the Carreg Ystym y llath, 97S

Evan, Llewelyn, of Pennegos, 90B

Evan, Morgan, of Towyn, 82S

Evan, Morys, of Llanihangell gener glyn, 85S

Evan, Owen, p of Mallwyd, 89S

Evan, Richard, .....el Penant, 97S

Evan, Richard, 98S

Evan, Richard, of Llanvihangel y Pennant, 91B

Evan, Rowland, of Mach:, 98S

Evan, Shelby, of Kellan co Cardigan, 84S

Evan, Thomas, of Llanworin co Mountgom'y, 83B

Evan, Thomas, of Llanworin, 96S

Evan, Thomas, of Llanworyn, 83B

Evan, Thomas, of Llwyngwril, 96B

Evane, Lewis, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 88S

Evanes, Lewis, p of Machenlleth, 84S

Evanes, Robert, of the town of Machenlleth, 89S

Evanes, Thomas, of Llanbryn Mair, 87S

Evans, David, of Pennegos, 86S

Evans, Robert, of Llanworin, 103S

Evans, Robert, of Machenlleth, 99S

Evans, Shielby, of Kellan, 88B

Ffrances, Richard, of Towyn, 87S

Ffrancis, Richard, of Cemes, 89S

German, Thomas, of Llanvihangel-brynpabian, 96B

Glyn, Evan Morgan, of Llanid....., 98B

Goch, John D'd, TreGaron, 87S

Godwin, Edward, p of Llanwnnog, 90B

Griff...., Humffrey,...Darowen, 103B

Griffith, David, of Bettus Bledrus, 92S

Griffith, David, of Bettus, 90S

Griffith, David, of Darowen, 83S

Griffith, David, of Llanerchairon, 90S

Griffith, David, of Llanychairon, 86S

Griffith, David, of Llanychairon, 92S

Griffith, David, p of Bettus bledrus co Cardigan, gent, 82S

Griffith, Derwas Mr, 88S

Griffith, Edward, of Darowen, 97S

Griffith, Edward, of Llanworin, 96S

Griffith, Evan, of Llanbed co Merionith, 82S

Griffith, Evan, of Llanvihangel-gen'glyn, 103B

Griffith, Evan, of Mowddwy, 83B

Griffith, Howell, of Mowddwy, 97S

Griffith, James, of Towyn co Merionith, 94S

Griffith, John, of Llanvihangelgen'glyn, 96S

Griffith, Lewis, of Darowen, 97S

Griffith, Morgan, 88S

Griffith, Oliv', of Pennall, 97S

Griffith, Richard, of Llanvihangel lletherod, 83S

Griffith, Rowland, of Pennall, 88S

Griffith, Thomas, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 97S

Griffith, Thomas, of Pennegos, 82B

Griffith, Thomas, p of Llan y Mowddwy, 82B

Griffith, William, p of Llanvihangel lletherod, 82B

Griffiths, Lewis, of Mainston co Mountgomry, 97B

Grifith, Elissa, p of Dolgelley co Merionith, 86B

Gryffes, John, of Llangynvelyn, 89B

Gryffith, Edward, of Llangelynin, 99S

Gryffith, Edward, p of Llanbedr co Meirionyth, 101

Gryffith, John, of Darowen, 99S

Gryffyth, Evan, of Llanbedr Ardydwy, 87S

Gryffyth, Harry, of Llanihangel y Creythyn, 93S

Gryffyth, Humffrey, of Darowen, 94B

Gryffyth, Morys, of Llanoryn co Mont, 89S

Gryffyth, Richard, of Llanihangell lletherod co Card, 84S

Gryffyth, Richard, of Tal y llyn, 84B

Gwillim, Owen, of Pennegos, 101S

Harry, John, of Llanvihangel gener-glyn, 91S

Hayden, W'm, of Llanvihangelgen'glyn, 96B

Hopton, Ffortuna, of Pennegos, 97S

Howell, David, of Machynlleth, 85B

Howell, Hugh Jenkin, Llanihangell-gene/r/glyn, 87S

Howell, Hugh. Of Llanymowddwy, 86B

Howell, Meredith, of Llanwnnog, 83B

Howell, Morgan, [of Llan]-vihangel-gen'glyn, 98B

Howell, Morgan, of Rwysly in Trefeglwys, 92B

Howell, William, of Llanihangell gene/r/glyn, 84S

Hugh, John, Pennegos, 86S

Humff..., Edward, of Darowen, 96B

Humffre, ..., of Llanglynin, 102S

Humffrey, Edward, of Towyn, 86B

Humffrey, John, of Pennall, 89S

Humffrey, John, p of Llangelynin, 91S

Humffrey, Morgan, of Mach:, 96S

Humffrey, Richard, p of Mach :, 82S

Humffrey, Rytherch, of Mowddwy, 88B

Ieuan, Elizabeth, p of Pennall, 101B

James, Harry, of Llanavon co Cardigan, 83B

James, John, of Hofa, 84S

James, Richard ap Owen, of Darowen, 97S

James, Rowland, of Llanworin, 85S

James, Thomas, Llanbadarn Vawr, 89S

James, Thomas, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 96S

James, Thomas, of Towyn, 95S

Jenkin, David Morgan, of Llanbrynmair, 85S

Jenkin, David, 85B

Jenkin, D'd, of Towyn, 94S

Jenkin, Edd, p of Llanbadarn Vawr, 98S

Jenkin, Edward, p of Machenlleth, 93S

Jenkin, Elizabeth, of Llanihangell-generglyn, 89S

Jenkin, Evan, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 88S

Jenkin, Harry, of Machenlleth, 87S

Jenkin, Hugh, Machynlleth, 91S

Jenkin, Hugh, of Llanvihangel gen', 90S

Jenkin, Ieuan Rees, of Towyn, 93S

Jenkin, Oliver, of Machenlleth, 99B

Jenkin, Owen, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 92S

Jenkin, Richard, of Caron co Cardigan, 92S

Jenkin, Richard, of Llanihangell gener glyn, 93S

Jenkin, William, of Llanvihangel lletherod, 88S

Jenkin, William, p of Llanihangell lletherod, 84S

John, Catherine, of Llanoryn, 97S

John, David, of Llanihangell gener Glyn, 87S

John, David, of Llanvihangel gen', 90S

John, D'd Lloyd, of Llan............, 97S

John, Edward, of Darowen, 101S

John, Elis, of Talyllyn, 94S

John, Evan, of Ll.....awr, 95B

John, Evan, of Llanvihangelgenerglyn, 83S

John, Evan, of Mach: , 92B

John, Evan, p of Llan-Rhystyd co Card, 87S

John, Gryffyth, of Llanihangell-gener-glyn, 89S

John, Gryffyth, of Mallwyd, 84B

John, Harry, ...egos, 99S

John, Hugh, of Carno, 99B

John, Humffrey, p of Mallwyd, 86B

John, Morgan, of Tregaron, 87S

John, Morgan, of Tregaron, 88B

John, Morgan, p of Caron co Card, 93S

John, Morgan, p of Caron co Cardigan, 82S

John, Owen, of Pennall, 85S

John, Owen, of Tal-y-llyn, 90B

John, Owen, of Towyn, 96S

John, Owen, p of Towyn, 101S

John, Rees, of Carno, 87B

John, Richard ap Ieuan ap John, of Llanihangell gener glyn, 102S

John, Richard, of Llanihangellgenerglyn, 89S

John, Richard, of Pennall, 91S

John, Robert, of Mallwyd, 90S

John, Sable, p of Llanvihangelgener-glyn co Cardigan, 82B

John, Thomas, of Llanvihagellgenerglyn, 83S

John, William, of Karnoe, 90B

John, William, p of Pennall, 97S

Johnes, Evan, p of Gilsfeeld, 87B

Johnes, Hugh, of Pennall, 101

Johnes, Robert, of ......advan, 100B

Johnes, Thomas, p of Llanymowthwy, 101B

Johnes, William, of Aberhaveys, 84B, 90B

Jones, David, of Caron co Cardigan, 92S

Jones, David, of Treg...., 96S

Jones, David, of Tregaron, 96S

Jones, James, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 85S

King, Ffrancis, of Hereford, Drover, 84B

Kinge, Ffrancis, of Narthall co Hereford, 91B

Kinston, John, p of Llanddinam, 88B

Lewes, Owen, p of Llanbadarn Fawr, 84S

Lewis, David, of Llanvihangelgen'-glyn, 84S

Lewis, Edd, of Towyn, 97S

Lewis, Evan John, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 90S

Lewis, Evan, of Pennall, 89B

Lewis, Evan, p of Tre Garon, 88S

Lewis, Griffith, of Llanworyn, 95S

Lewis, Hugh, of Kemmes, 90S

Lewis, Humffrey, of Towyn, 87S

Lewis, Humffrey, of Towyn, 95S

Lewis, Jenkin, of ........, 98B

Lewis, Jenkin, of Llangerig, 97B

Lewis, John, .....ngel, 98B

Lewis, Morgan, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 89S

Lewis, Morys, of Llangirick, 99S

Lewis, Oliver, p of Machenlleth, 89S

Lewis, Oliver, p of Machynlleth, 95S

Lewis, Owen, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 102S

Lewis, Owen, of Llanbrinmair, 92S

Lewis, Rydd', of Llanifan, 98B

Lewis, Thomas, de Llwyngwril, 103S

Lewis, W'., of Llangerig, 98B

Lloyd, David John, p of Llanbadarn Vawr, 95B

Lloyd, David, p of Llanganvelyn co Cardigan, 86S

Lloyd, David, p of Llanganvelyn, 88S

Lloyd, David, p of Llangwnnwrdd co Chester[sic], 82S

Lloyd, Edd David, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 96S

Lloyd, Edd', of Llanbrinmair, 88S

Lloyd, Edward, Newtone co Mountgomry, 82B

Lloyd, Evan David, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 90S

Lloyd, George D'd, of Llanddewi frevi, 87S

Lloyd, Griffith, of Llanvihangelgenerglyn, 84B

Lloyd, Griffith, of Llanybithir, 90S

Lloyd, Harry, of Pennall, 97S

Lloyd, Hugh John D'd, of Celynin, 96S

Lloyd, John ap Evan, of Llanganvelyn co Cardigan, 92B

Lloyd, John, of Llanganfelyn, 96S

Lloyd, Moris David, p of Llanddyfnog, 88S

Lloyd, Morys, p of Llangadvan, gent, 89B

Lloyd, Morys, p of Llanidlos, 89B

Lloyd, Rees, of Llang..... Brecknock, 103B

Lloyd, Reginald, of Llansanffraid, 88S

Lloyd, Richard ap Evan, of Llanvihangel gen', 90B

Lloyd, Richard, Llanddewibrevi co Card, 87S

Lucas, David, of Llanihangell-y-Pennant, 99S

Lucas, John, of Tal y llyn, 84B

Mathew, Edward, of Llandysul, 102B

Meredith, David Lloyd, p of Llanbadarne Vawr, 82S

Meredith, Jane, p of Llanworyn, 88B

Morgan, David, of Llanidlos, 93B

Morgan, David, of Penegos, 94B

Morgan, David, of Towyn, 88B

Morgan, Edward, of Llanidlos, 101B

Morgan, Elissa, of Towyn, 84S

Morgan, Evan, of Pentantwyn, 83B

Morgan, Ffortune widow, p of Llanychaiarn, 91S

Morgan, Humffrey, of Llanihangell y Pennant, 102S

Morgan, Ieuan David, of Penegos, 94B

Morgan, John, of Kemes, 96S

Morgan, John, of Kemmes, 92S

Morgan, John, of Kemmes, 97S

Morgan, Owen, of Llanbryn-Mair, 88B

Morgan, Rees, of Towyn, 87S

Morgan, Rees, of Towyn, 89S

Morgan, Rice, of Towyn, 92B

Morgan, Rice, p of Towyn, 95S

Morgan, Richard, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 92B

Morgan, Rowland, of Penwern, 99S

Morgan, Rowland, of Pomwen (?), 102S

Morgans, Hugh, of Gogarth, 94B

Moris, --- Mr, of Kemmes clarck, 84S

Moris, Evan, of Llanworyn, 85S

Moris, Griffith, of Llangylynin, 95S

Moris, Humffrey, of Kemes, 85S

Moris, John, of Llanoryn, 97S

Moris, Owen, of Llanymowdddwy, 82B

Moris, Rees, of Gen'glyn, 88S

Moris, Richard, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 90S

Moris, Thomas, of Llandyssyll, 85B

Moris, William, of Llanvihangel generglyn, 86S

Morris, Jane Lewis, of Darowen, 85S

Morys, Gryffith, clrc, 99S

Morys, Gryffith, clrc, Rector of Cemes, 99S

Morys, Morgan, p of Caron co Card, 84S

Morys, Morgan, p of Caron, 93S

Morys, Rowland, of Llanoryn, 101S

Mredith, Gryffith, p of Llanvair co Meirion, 100S

Newell, Richard Mr, 88S

Nicholas, Evan, of Llanwennog, 96S

Oliver, David, of Llanvihangel lletherod, 85S

Oliver, D'd, of Llanihangell lletherod, 89S

Oliver, Harry, of Mach:, 98B

Oliver, Harry, of Machynlleth, 90S

Oliver, Harry, of Machynlleth, 94S

Oliver, Thomas, of Mach:, 103B

Owen, David, of Pennegos, 91S

Owen, David, of Talyllyn, 93S

Owen, David, of Whitchurch co Pembroke, 85S

Owen, Edward, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 92S

Owen, Edward, of Mallwyd, 93S

Owen, Evan, p of Llanervyll, 101B

Owen, Harry John, of Llanvihangel y Pennant, 83B

Owen, Harry, of Machynlleth, 90B

Owen, Hugh, of Tal y bont, 87B

Owen, Ieuan ap William, p of Dolgelle, 85B

Owen, Jane, of Pennegos, 86B

Owen, John, of Darowen, 83S

Owen, Lewis, of Dolgelle, 87B

Owen, Lewis, of Towyn, 103S

Owen, Margret, of Llanegryn, 93S

Owen, Owen John, p of Towyn, 85B

Owen, Rees, of Penneg.., 103S

Owen, Richard, of Trefeglwys, 100B

Owen, Richard, p of Llanelldyd co Merion, 89S

Owen, Thomas, of Mallwyd, 87S

Owen, Thomas, of Mallwyd, 89B

Owen, Thomas, of Towyn, 88S

Owen, Tudder, p of Dolgelle, 100B

Owen, William, of Llanoryn, 89S

Parry, Thomas, of Darowen, 94B

Phillip, Lewis, of Llanwenog co Card, 85S

Phillip, Thomas D'd, of Llanihangellgenerglyn, 89S

Phillipp, Lewis, p of Llanwenog co Cardigan, 82S

Piers, Roger, of Darowen, 98B

Powell, Griffith, of Towyn, 85B

Powell, Humffrey, p of Towyn co Merionith, 86B

Powell, John, of Llanbadarn Fawr, 87B

Prees, John William, of Pennall, 83S

Prees, William, of Llanvihangel bryn Pabian co Brecknocke, 91B

Price, Edward, p of Pennall, 86B

Price, Elis, of Talyllyn, 98S

Price, Henry Mr, of Pennall, 101

Price, Morgan, of Bushopps castle, 102B

Price, Thomas, gent of Ynys Grygog, 102S

Price, Thomas, of Llan-Avan Vawr, 93B

Price, William, of Llanihangell bryn pabwan, 99B

Prich:, Mary John, of Towyn, 97S

Prichard, Elissa, of Dolgelley, 95B

Prichard, Humffrey, of Tal-y-llyn, 91S

Prichard, William, p of Llanywllin co Merionith, 82B

Proser, William, of Nanmell, 87B

Pugh, David, of Darowen, 88B

Pugh, Elice ap William, p of Mallwyd, 100

Pugh, Humffrey, of Llanegryn, 96S

Pugh, Jane, of Pennall, 84B

Pugh, John, of Darowen, 102S

Pugh, John, of Machynlleth, 96B

Pugh, John, of Pennall, 93S

Pugh, Lewis, of Darowen, 91S

Pugh, Richard Mr, of Penrhos, gent, 91S

Pugh, Robert, of Pennegos, 90S

Pugh, Thomas Mr, of Llanworyn, 94B

Pugh, Thomas, of Kemmes, 91S

Rashle, William, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 89B

Redfern, George, p of Llangerig, 96S

Rees, David, of Llanihangell-gener-glyn, 102S

Rees, David, of Llanvihangelgenerglyn, 96S

Rees, David, of Pennall, 89B

Rees, Evan, of Llangelynin, 84S

Rees, Evan, of Llanvihangelgenerglyn, 90S

Rees, Evan, of Llanwnnen, 83S

Rees, Humffrey, of Pennall, 103S

Rees, Jane, p of Llanvihangel-generglyn, 103S

Rees, Moris, of Llanvihangel gener-glyn, 90B

Reignalld, John, of Dolgelley, 96B

Reignalld, Morys, of Llanihangell gener glyn, 88S

Rice, David, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 86B

Richard, David Lloyd, of Llanvihangel gen', 103S

Richard, Evan Jenkin, of Aberdyfy, 95S

Richard, Hugh, .....el Penant, 97S

Robert, Cadwallader, of Cwmcadian, 91S

Robert, Evan, of Llanbryn-Mair, 89S

Robert, Evan, p of Mallwyd, 100S

Robert, Hugh, p of Llanbryn Mair, 84S

Robert, John, of Kemmes, 97S

Robert, John, of Pennall, 102S

Robert, Owen ap John, of Towyn, 98S

Robert, Owen, of Talyllyn, 96B

Robert, Richard, of Llanihangell gener-glyn, 102S

Robert, Richard, p of Llanvihangel-generglyn, 82S

Roberts, Evan, de Kem'es, 103S

Roberts, John, of Pennall, 91S

Roberts, John, p of Pennall, 88B

Roger, Hugh, of Pennegos, 83S

Roger, John, of Pennall, 85B

Rogers, Richard, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 91S

Rowland, Evan, of Llanganve[lyn], 98S

Rowland, Mathew, of Pennall, 101S

Rowland, Rees ap Evan, of Llanvihangel gen' glyn, 85S

Rowland, Richard, of Llanorin, 97S

Rowland, Richard, of Llanoryn, 102S

R's., John, 103S

Rydd, Richard, of Llanvihangel-generglyn co Cardigan, 86S

Rytherch, Hugh, of Llanbadarn Treveglwys, 91S

Rytherch, Morgan, of Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, 94S

Rytherch, Richard, of Llanwchaiarn, 99S

Rytherch, Roger, of Penegos, 94S

Sheratt, Alen, of Keri co Mountgomry, 82B

Sheratt, Alen, of Keri co Mountgomry, 86B

Swayne, Griffith, 85S

Swayne, Griffith, 97S

Th....., John ap John, 103S

Thomas, David, of Llanbadarn Vawr co Cardigan, 86S

Thomas, David, of Llanvihangel-generglyn co Cardigan, 83S

Thomas, David, p of Llanganvelyn co Cardigan, 95S

Thomas, David, p of Penegos, 101S

Thomas, Ednyved, p of Cemes, 94S

Thomas, Elis, of Tal y llyn, 83S

Thomas, Evan Richard, of Llanbadarn Vawr co Cardigan, 83S

Thomas, Evan, of Llanerch Rochwell, 87B

Thomas, Evan, of Machenlleth, 89S

Thomas, Evan, of Talyllyn, 92S

Thomas, Evan, of the said Llanbadarn, 91S

Thomas, Evan, p of Machenlleth, 100S

Thomas, Griffith David, of Bettus bledrus, 83S

Thomas, Harry, of Pennall, 98S

Thomas, Howell, 99B

Thomas, Howell, of Llanihangell bryn Pabwan, 93B

Thomas, Howell, of Llanihangell-bryn-pabuan, 102B

Thomas, Hugh, of Pennall, 93S

Thomas, Hugh, of Pennegos, 83B

Thomas, Humffrey, of Cemes, 99S

Thomas, Humffrey, of Llanidlos, 93B

Thomas, Humffrey, of Llanidlos, 98B

Thomas, Humffrey, of Llanoryn, 87S

Thomas, James, of Llanbadarn Vawr, 90S

Thomas, John, 93S

Thomas, John, of Darowen, 101S

Thomas, Lewis, of Machenlleth, 100S

Thomas, Marget, of Llangelynin, 83S

Thomas, Meredith, of Tal-y-llyn, 99S

Thomas, Morgan, ...., 101S

Thomas, Morgan, p of Llangenfelyn, 84S

Thomas, Moris, of Llanganvelin, 83S

Thomas, Moris, of Llanyrhaid y mochnant, 96B

Thomas, Morys, of Llanrhayadr-y-mochnant, 89B

Thomas, Rees, of ...., 103S

Thomas, Rees, of Llanihangel gener glyn, 87S

Thomas, Rees, of Llanothyn, 93S

Thomas, Rees, of Llansanffraid co Cardigan, 83S

Thomas, Richard, p of Pool, 101B

Thomas, Robert, of Darowen, 99S

Thomas, Robert, of Mallwyd, 84S

Thomas, Thomas ap Howell, of Llanymowthwy, 89S

Thomas, Watkin, of Llanbadarn Vawr co Cardigan, 91B

Thomas, William ap Ieuan, of Bodgadvan, 101B

Thomas, William, of Llanihengell gener glyn, 87S

Thomas, William, p of Pennall, 83S

Thomas, Wm, of Pennall, 95S

Tuder, Hugh, of Llangelynin co p'dict, 94S

Turnor, Richard, of Trefeglwys, 98S

Tyddur, John, p of Llanddwyway, 101S

Vaughan, John, [Llanihange]ell gener glyn, 101S

Vaughan, John, of Rhosgellan p of Llanbadarn Vawr co Cardigan, 98S

Vaughan, Morgan, of Llanlery, 100S

Vaughan, Robert, of Darowen, 90B

Vaughan, Thomas ap .... Ieuan, of Cemes, 100S

Vaughan, Thomas, of Llanwenarth, 87S

W', Thomas, of Llanaber, 92B

W'., Anwyl, of Kem'es, 103B

W'., John, of Llwyngwril, 103B

W'., Lewis, of Pennall, 97S

W'., Richard, of Llanvihangel y Creithyn, 103S

W'..., Humffrey, of Pennegos, 86B

Wall, Adam, of Llan......, 99S

Wall, Mr, the steward of Mr Newell, 98S

Weaver, Thomas, of Llangynllo co Radnor, 82B

William, David, of Towyn, 84S

William, Ffrancis, of Towyn, 91S

William, John, of Pennall, 88S

William, Lewis, p of Llanegryn, 92B

William, Lewis, p of Pennall, 91B

William, Richard, of Penegoes, 89S

William, Rowland, of Llanbadarn, 90S

William, Thomas, of Llanegrin, 82S

William, Thomas, of Llanegryn, 100S

William, Walter, of Pencarreg, 92S

William, Walter, p of Pencarreg co Carm'den, 84S

Williams, Hugh, p of Llanegryn co Meirion, 100S

Williams, Lewis, of Towyn, 90S

Wm, John, p of Llanaber, 95B

Wm., Hugh, of Llanegrin, 103S

Wood, John, of Llanbrinmair, 85S

Worthyn, Robert, of Tref Eglwys, 88B