"A borough, a market and assize town, a parish, and the head of a poor-law union, in the hundred of Ruthin, county of Denbigh; 8 miles (SE by S) from Denbigh, and 210 miles (NW by W) from London. ..... This parish and that of Llanrhud, which were originally one, are bounded on the south by the parish of Llanfair, east by the same and that of Llanarmon yn Ial, west by Llanfwrog, and north by Llanbedr. ..... The surface is beautifully diversified, the eastern part of Llanrhud embracing a portion of the Clwydian hills, and the western part of Ruthin the meanderings of the river Clwyd, with the fertile and luxuriant meadows on its banks. ..... The agricultural produce is equally rich and abundant, yielding fine crops of wheat, barley, oats, potatoes, and turnips, together with grass and hay." [A Topographical Dictionary of Wales, 1833 & 1849, Samuel Lewis]

The ancient parish of Ruthin contained the two townships of Cae'rfallen and Tre'rcastell.



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Church History

See Welsh Chapels and Churches for a photograph of ;

  • Ruthin, Llanbedr St Peter's Church
  • Ruthin Capel Pendref Independent
  • Ruthin Well Street, Tabernacle Presbyterian
  • Ruthin,Wynnstay Road English Presbyterian

Ordnance Survey reference SJ 124584.

"Ruthin Church was originally a chapel-of-ease under the Mother Church of Llanrhydd. It is dedicated to St. Peter, and was built and endowed in 1310 by John, son of Reginald de Grey, who also provided a suitable dwelling-place for seven priests, who were to serve the church and live in community upon its revenues.
The original building consisted of two churches, side by side, one for the parishioners, the other for the monastic priests. For this reason it was and still is frequently called "The Collegiate and Parochial Church of St. Peter." The College being dissolved at the Reformation, the collegiate church fell into decay and finally was almost completely demolished. .....
The present North Aisle was the nave of the parochial church. The South Aisle was added in the early part of the eighteenth century.
The church is famed for the beautiful Oak Roof of its north aisle, presented by Henry VII. It is divided into about 500 panels, bearing carved devices, pious mottoes and sacred figures, no two of the ornaments being alike. ....."
[From Colwyn Bay and North Wales, c. 1915, Ward, Locke, and Co.]

The church was extensively restored between 1854 and 1859, during which period a lofty spire was added to the tower. It was re-opened on All Saint's day, 1859.

The Clwyd FHS website has a photograph of the church.

Various items -  on the People's Collection Wales site

  • Pendref Chapel
  • St Peter's Church
  • Tabernacle Chapel


Nonconformist Churches

"Welsh Church Commission - County of Denbigh - The Statistics of the Nonconformist Churches for 1905" lists the following nonconformist places of worship in the Civil administrative district of Ruthin Borough :

Name of ChapelDenominationNumber of "adherents"
Bethania, LlanfwrogCalvinistic Methodists398
Not namedCalvinistic Methodists (English language)125
TabernaclCalvinistic Methodists307
Galltegfa, LlanfwrogCongregationalists60

Church Records

Parish Registers

  • The following Parish Registers have been deposited at the Denbighshire Record Office, Ruthin.
    They may be viewed on microfilm at the Denbighshire and Flintshire Record Offices, and at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.
    These microfilms are not available elsewhere.
1592 - 19641594 - 19701592 - 1991
  • Clwyd FHS has published full transcriptions of the registers (complete with indexes) for the following years :
1592 - 18121593 - 18121592 - 1812

Bishop's Transcripts

  • Bishop's Transcripts for the years shown below have been deposited in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.
    Around the year 1951, most of the Bishop's Transcripts which had been deposited at that time were microfilmed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; and the films are available on request at Family History Centres of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    The films may also be viewed at the Denbighshire and Flintshire Record Offices, and at the National Library of Wales.
    In general, the Bishop's Transcripts are less complete than the parish registers.
Deposited at the National Library of WalesMicrofilmed copies
1680 - 18601813 - 1860


  • The following have been incorporated into the I.G.I., as part of an "official extraction" programme.
    They were extracted from the Bishop's Transcripts, not from the Parish Registers.
1813 - 18601813 - 1837

Civil Registration

When Civil Registration was introduced (on 1 July 1837), the parish of Ruthin was assigned to the No. 2 ("Ruthin") sub-district of the Ruthin Registration District; which was co-extensive with the Ruthin poor law Union.

In the GRO indexes to civil registration, entries for Ruthin are in the format :

  • Years 1837 - 1851: Ruthin XXVII. nnn
  • Years 1851 - 1930: Ruthin 11b. nnn

(GRO index references have no relevance at the local Superintendent Registrar's Office)


Correctional Institutions

Various items  - on the People's Collection Wales site

  • 'Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Gaol ...at Ruthin' (1826)
  • County of Denbigh: Prison Rules of the County Goal at Ruthin (Ruthin, 1870)
  • Ruthin Gaol's long case clock, c.1820
  • As a form of work or punishment prisoners at Ruthin Gaol were made to turn the handle of a handcrank
  • A view of inside Ruthin Gaol, Denbighshire
  • External view of Ruthin Gaol, Denbighshire
  • Bath at Ruthin Gaol, Denbighshire
  • Condemned Cell at Ruthin Gaol, Denbighshire
  • A replica of a restraint jacket that would have been used at Ruthin Gaol during the 19th Century
  • Replicas of food that were given to prisoners at Ruthin Gaol during the 19th Century
  • And many other items

Description & Travel

Welcome to Ruthin site

Ruthin - on wikipedia

Ruthin Castle   -  on the People's Collection Wales site

Various landscapes/buildings    -  on the People's Collection Wales site

You can see pictures of Ruthin which are provided by:



The transcription of the section for this parish from the National Gazetteer (1868), provided by Colin Hinson.



Various items  -  on the People's Collection Wales site

  • Ruthin police station, built in 1891  
  • Ruthin library, built in 1785
  • The oldest house in Ruthin, c. 1875
  • A receipt for a pair of boots purchased by Mrs Hughes from J & P Williams, Ruthin 1904
  • Horse Mail, Ruthin to Flint. Last Run on August 31st 1913
  • National Ration Book issued to Mary Hughes of Drover's Arms, Ruthin

Law & Legislation




    "North-East Wales Churches and Ancient Parish Boundaries" produced by Clwyd Record Office in 1994, published by Genuki with the permission of Flintshire Record Office and Denbighshire Archives

    Kain, R.J.P., Oliver, R.R., Historic Parishes of England and Wales: an Electronic Map of Boundaries before 1850 with a Gazetteer and Metadata [computer file]. Colchester, Essex: History Data Service, UK Data Archive [distributor], 17 May 2001. SN: 4348.   Here is a gazetteer/finding aid plus a set of overview maps to accurately identify the position of parishes within the county

    Plan of the parishes of Ruthin and Llanrhydd in the County of Denbigh consolidated by articles of agreement 4 Feb. 1839  - on the People's Collection Wales site

    You can see maps centred on OS grid reference SJ124585 (Lat/Lon: 53.116075, -3.31079), Ruthin which are provided by:


    Military History

    Various items  - on the People's Collection Wales site

    • Photo of Ruthin Square – people Celebrating the end of the war
    • Ruthin War Memorial
    • An article from the Denbighshire Free Press about the death of H. P. B. Dudley from Ruthin during The First World War.
    • Obituaries for Private John Llewelyn Davies, Ruthin
    • A condolence letter sent to Agnes Ann Davies, from Ruthin Town Council, following the death of her son Private John Llewelyn Davies on 12 July 1915 in Galliopli.
    • WW1 Postcard sent home to Ruthin
    • A letter which was sent out to John Edwards from the King following Mr Edward's release from a prisoner of war camp 1918
    • Part of a document given to Edwin Hughes, when he was a prisoner of War


    Front page of the earliest surviving copy of the Welsh newspaper Denbigh, Ruthin and Vale of Clwyd Free Press   -  on the People's Collection Wales site



    Various items -  on the People's Collection Wales site

    • Plasterer, Ruthin, c. 1875  
    • Margaret Evans and her spinning wheel, Cyffylliog, near Ruthin, c. 1885

    Poor Houses, Poor Law

    Residents of Llan-rhudd almshouses, Ruthin, c. 1875   -  on the People's Collection Wales site



    • In 1831- the population was 1419.
    • In 1901- the population was 914.
      [ Royal Commission on the Welsh Church - October 1907]

    Social Life & Customs

    Sleeping beauties, Cyffylliog, near Ruthin, c. 1885   -  on the People's Collection Wales site