A Glamorgan Bibliography


This bibliography was compiled by Gareth Hicks in 2002/3, originally and principally by reference to the NLW's online catalogue, and subsequently expanded by reference to the RHS Bibliography site.
Only the briefest data has been used here and the above sites should be referred to for further details such as page references, ISBN/ISSN references, further subject details, availability  etc.

Books are listed under the related parish name, then by author; check adjoining parishes as some may be mis-allocated.
Books apparently not parish specific are shown under General.

These pages now include many more entries for individual articles in journals, for further details of some of these journals see  Notes re journal type publications below

Notes re availability of publications


There are various journals listed in the book sections, here are some general details of some of these


Archaeologia Cambrensis

  • The Cambrian Archaeological Association was founded in 1846 and it is a registered charity (no. 216249). Its charitable objects are 'to examine, preserve and illustrate the ancient monuments and remains of the history, language, manners, customs, arts and industries of Wales and the Marches and to educate the public in such matters'. Since its foundation the Association has published an annual journal, Archaeologia Cambrensis (free to members) which has contained articles by the foremost scholars of the day on historical documents, architectural history, family history and archaeological monuments, finds and excavations.

Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies

  • From  wikipedia  - "Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies was a twice-yearly academic journal published in Wales containing scholarly articles on Celtic art, language, law and archaeology, mainly in English but with some Welsh.The journal was published by the University of Wales Press on behalf of the University of Wales Board of Celtic Studies from 1922 to 1992; it was then merged with Studia Celtica.The journal is being digitized by the Welsh Journals Online project at the National Library of Wales."


Glamorgan Family History Society

The above site has a list of contents

A virtually complete set of GFHS Journal should be held in the following repositories:-

  • Glamorgan Record Office, West Glamorgan Record Office, Cardiff Central Library.
  • Bridgend, Neath, Port Talbot, Treorchy and Swansea Libraries.
  • Cardiff and Swansea University Libraries.
  • LDS Family History Centres in Cardiff, Swansea and Merthyr Tydfil.
  • British Library, National Library of Wales, Society of Genealogists.
  • Guildhall Library, FFHS (Birmingham and Midland Institute).
  • LDS Salt Lake City, New York Central Library.

Gower (dud link 8/2011)

  • Gower - published annually for over 50 years (2009) by the Gower Society
  • Quote;- "Backnumbers of "Gower" (vol 58 and earlier)can be ordered from backnumbers  but some early numbers are out of stock."
  • The site has indexes of the contents of all their journals
  • Swansea Reference Library has a complete set of "Gower" and indexes of earlier volumes.


  • Llafur: the Journal of Welsh People's History is published annually in the Autumn / Winter, commenced in 1972. The journal is bilingual and welcomes submissions in either English or Welsh.
  • Site had an index of contents, and list of back issues available for purchase.


  • Morgannwg - published by the Glamorgan History Society each year since 1957
  • The site has an index of contents of journals from 1974 to 2006

National Library of Wales

Neath Antiquarian Society Transactions

  •  "The Neath Antiquarian Society was established in 1923, for the study of the history of Neath and district and publishes the Neath Antiquarian Society Transactions journal.
  •  Copies of journals are perhaps held at the NEATH MECHANICS INSTITUTE which houses the society's archives


Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion

  • "The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion was founded in 1751 ........... Established for the encouragement of Literature, Science and the Arts as connected with Wales, the society continues to promote the practice and development of literature, the arts and sciences insofar as they are of special interest to Wales, the Welsh people and those interested in Wales. Meetings of the Society are usually held in London but at least two meetings are held each year in Wales. Lectures are delivered at these meetings - sometimes in Welsh but more often in English - by scholars invited by the Council. These lectures and other learned contributions are published in the annual Transactions and sent to all members on publication. The first Transaction was published in 1822 and, in the earlier years, there were periods in which they did not appear. However, they have since been published annually for over a hundred years, except for war years, giving us an insight into the interests, standards and culture of their days"


Welsh History Review

  • "Since its inception in 1960 as one of the journals of the University of Wales Board of Celtic Studies, the Welsh History Review has become firmly established as the most authoritative journal in its field. It is an invaluable medium for publishing the fruits of the steady upsurge of interest in the history of Wales in schools, colleges, universities and the media over the past thirty years. ........Every issue includes articles on varying aspects of Welsh history, a large array of book reviews, obituaries and other special features where relevant."
  • See the Welsh Journals Online site

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