Labour Strife in the South Wales Coalfield 1910-1911


By David Evans --- subtitled: 'A Historical and Critical Record of the Mid-Rhondda, Aberdare Valley and other Strikes.' (published Cardiff 1911).

This book contains a detailed official account of those events.

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It is not indexed, but does include a 7-page list of 214 casualties sustained by police (name, rank, force, nature of injury etc.), which is reproduced below. In these official lists minor casualties, numbering over 500, have not been reported

Official List of Police Casualties in Mid-Rhondda and Aberdare Valleys Strikes


At Llwynypia, November 7th 1910


Total = 38

Name Nature of Injury

Bristol Contingent

  • Supt. Fletcher Injury to head
  • Insp. Rendall Serious injury to left temple and leg
  • P.C. John Roscow Fractured thumb
  • P.S. T. Amesbury Injury to stomach, right knee, right shoulder and head
  • P.S. George Dyer Injury to knee and head
  • P.C. Geo. Hazell Injury to side of head
  • P.C. Thos. Horlock Injury to arm, chest and head
  • P.C. Henry Hook Injury to back, thumb, shoulder and head
  • P.C. Clifford Randell Injury to elbow and head
  • P.C. A. Savigar Contused knee and thigh
  • P.C. Herbert Taylor Three scalp wounds and contusion of right eye
  • P.C. Fredk. Danniels Injury to hand, shoulder and head
  • P.C. Thos. Strong Injury to hand and head
  • P.C. Harry Hares Injury to chest and head
  • P.C. Thos. Cook Injury to back
  • P.C. Chas. Willis Injury to hand and chest
  • P.C. Chas. Dando Injury to shoulder and back
  • P.C. Albert Wheeler Injury to stomach and foot
  • P.C. Frank Chinn Injury to chest and legs
  • P.C. Ernest Mogg Contusion of right eye and back
  • P.C. C. Harding Contused wound left leg
  • P.C. James Mead Contused wound left cheek and eye
  • P.C. Jenkins Scalp wound
  • P.C. Levi Wood Injury to back, head and hand

Cardiff City Police

  • Insp. James Lewis Injury left knee and head
  • P.C. Chas. Chapman Incised wound right cheek
  • P.C. Charles Gregory Injury to right thumb
  • P.C. George Giles Fractured left thumb
  • P.C. Arthur Smith Injury to left arm
  • P.C. John Brampton Injury to left shoulder
  • P.S. John Wootton Injury to left shoulder

Swansea Borough

  • P.C. Richard Mills Scalp wound
  • P.C. William Thomas Incised scalp wound
  • P.C. Cornelius Johns Injury to head and legs from kicks

Glamorgan County Police

  • P.S. Edward Morris Injury to right leg, hip, shoulder and left arm
  • P.C. James Bowen* Injury to face and left leg
  • P.C. George Bayliss Injury to knee cap
  • Supt. D.Morris Contused wound left cheek

(* P.C. Bowen had already been injured at Clydach Vale early the same day while acting as a mounted constable)



At Llwynypia and Tonypandy, November 8th 1910


Total= 40

Cardiff City Police

  • P.C. Alfred Jones Contused wound left ankle (incapacitated)
  • P.C. Edward Woodward Contused wound eye and cheek (incapacitated)
  • P.C. William Thomas Contused wound eye and cheek (incapacitated)
  • P.C. William Henderson Scalp wound
  • P.C. Fredk. Porter Scalp wound
  • P.C. Joseph Hillman Contused wound back and left ear
  • P.C. Edgar Bridge Scalp wound
  • P.C. J. Hatchett Scalp wound
  • P.C. John Johns Cut on forehead
  • P.C. Geo. Watts Bruised hip
  • P.C. W. Hancock Injury to knee
  • P.S. Wootton Injury to shoulder (second injury)
  • P.C. Harry Green Injury to elbow
  • P.C. Henry Hudson Injury to left arm and shoulder

Swansea Borough Police

  • P.C. Harold Davies Injury to left ankle (incapacitated)
  • P.C. Thomas Williams Injury to right arm

Bristol City and Glamorgan Mounted Men

  • Insp. Wm. Parfitt (Bristol) Injury to head and chest
  • P.S. Geo. Robbins (Bristol) Injury to arm, knee and leg
  • P.C. Thos. Parker (Bristol) Injury to knee and leg
  • P.C. James Gore (Bristol) Injury to legs
  • P.C. William Bishop (Bristol) Injury to knee cap
  • P.C. Alfred Wellin (Bristol) Injury to head
  • P.C. Chas. Greenslade (Bristol) Injury to head
  • P.C. Wm. Thatcher (Bristol) Injury to leg and hand
  • P.C. Wm. Harley (Bristol) Injury to left shoulder
  • P.C. Albert Smith (Bristol) Injury to left arm
  • P.C. Harry Green (Bristol) Right hand badly injured
  • P.S. W. Abraham (Glamorgan) Contused wound left cheek
  • P.C. Harold Lewis (Glamorgan) Severe injury to shoulder
  • P.C. F.Jenkins (Glamorgan) Injury to arm and legs (2nd time injured)
  • P.S. W. Smith (Glamorgan) Injury to right knee, left arm, and both hands
  • P.S. Thos. Harris (Glamorgan) Injury to right shoulder

Glamorgan County

  • Capt. Linday (Chief Constable) Injury to right leg and hand
  • Deputy Constable Cole Injury to chin and right instep
  • Supt. W. Davies Incised wound right cheek
  • P.C. J.D. Henry Right wrist and fingers lacerated
  • P.C. D. Davies Injury to stomach
  • P.C. Edward Amberry Injuries to nose and left arm
  • P.C. J.L. Rowe Injury to left arm and head
  • Inspector W. Hole Injuries to right knee, right jaw, and right leg




At The Powell Duffryn Power Station, November 8th


Total = 6

  • Insp. Eben Rees (Glamorgan) Severely wounded on right cheek by large stone, 3 stitches put in
  • P.S. Dan Griffith Severe wound left shin
  • P.C. W.C. Howells Severe wound left shin
  • P.C. James Evans Severe wound on right cheek bone
  • P.C. Thomas Kear Right ear cut, skin abrasion
  • P.C. William Purser Severe wound on knee cap



At Penygraig, on November 21st 1910


Total = 50

Name Nature of Injury

  • P.C. Walter Wiggins (Metro) Concussion of the brain
  • P.C. Frank Baverstock (Metro) Two severe wounds on the head
  • P.C. Wm. Eversfield (Metro) Left cheek badly cut with pick handle
  • P.C. Harry Manning (Metro) Injuries to stomach, left elbow and shoulder
  • P.C. W.H. Knipe (Glamorgan) Main artery severed and severe scalp wound
  • P.C. Charles Wilcox (Glamorgan) Severe scalp wound
  • P.C. Geo. Waddington (Cardiff) Injury to ribs and sever contusion of jaw
  • P.C. Alfred Williams (Glamorgan) Severe injuries to knee
  • A.S. James Thomas (Glamorgan) Injuries to both legs and body
  • P.C. Rees Harries (Swansea) Lacerated ear and cut forehead
  • P.C. Gilby (Metro) Injuries to both legs
  • P.C. Cory (Metro) Injuries to left leg
  • P.C. Griffiths (Metro) Injuries to right hand
  • P.C. Goodfield (Metro) Injuries to left arm
  • P.C. Millerwood (Metro) Bruised left leg
  • P.C. Harris (Metro) Injury to left arm
  • P.C. Luscombe (Metro) Injury to right foot
  • P.C. Schofield (Metro) Injury to hand
  • Insp. Freeman (Metro) Injury to stomach and head
  • Insp. Mann (Metro) Injury to right leg
  • P.C. Hansford (Metro) Injury to right leg
  • P.C. Streeter (Metro) Injury to right calf
  • P.C. Smith (Metro) Sprained right ankle
  • P.C. Ford (Metro) Injury to right hand
  • P.S. Murrant (Metro) Injury to left hand
  • P.C. Pettingill (Metro) Injury to right hand
  • P.C. Hancorn (Metro) Injury to right hand
  • P.C. Manning (Metro) Injury to left hand
  • Insp. Bole (Metro) Injury to left shin
  • Insp. Diprose (Metro) Injury to right shin
  • Insp. Turner (Metro) Injury to right foot
  • P.S. Turner (Metro) Injury to right shin
  • P.C. Leatherington (Metro) Injury to right leg
  • P.C. Adley (Metro) Injury to right ankle
  • P.C. Roberts (Metro) Injury to right elbow
  • P.C. Haines (Metro) Injury to nose
  • P.C. Humphreys (Metro) Injury to left ankle
  • P.C. Nightingale (Metro) Injury to left arm
  • P.C. Saunders (Metro) Injury to right hand
  • Insp. E. Letheren (Glamorgan) Struck with stones
  • P.S. W. Gill (Glamorgan) Struck with stones
  • P.C. Goldsmith (Glamorgan) Struck with stones
  • P.C. Robert Smith (Glamorgan) Struck with stones
  • P.C. Jas. Gibbon (Glamorgan) Struck with stones
  • P.C. W.A. Jones (Swansea) Struck with stones
  • P.C. L. Kinsella (Swansea) Struck with stones
  • P.C. Phillips Rees (Swansea) Struck with stones
  • P.C. John Jones (Swansea) Struck with stones
  • P.C. Griffith Trick (Swansea) Struck with stones
  • P.C. David Bevan (Swansea) Struck with stones




At Aberaman, November 22nd 1910


Total = 14

Name Nature of Injury

  • P.S. Francis Brampton (Metro) Bruise left ear
  • P.C. Ernest Godsell (Metro) Wound right ear
  • P.C. Albert Saggars (Metro) Wound right shin
  • P.C. James Stabb (Metro) Right thumb sprained by falling and helmet cut with a stone
  • P.C. Saml. Prideaux (Metro) Wound on palm of left hand stabbed with a knife
  • P.C. Chas. Farquher (Metro) Abrasions of both shins from kicks and left hip bruised
  • P.C. George Pearson (Metro) Bruised left thigh caused by a kick
  • P.S. Valentine Morley (Metro) Bruise on leg caused by a stone
  • P.C. George Carr (Mtd) Wound on right cheek
  • P.C. James Ward (Mtd) Thumb and forefinger left hand cut
  • P.C. John Andrews (Mtd) Bruise on back of head and helmet cut
  • P.C. Malcolm Trueman (Mtd) Bruise on head and slightly stunned
  • Chief Insp. A.J.Phillips (Merthyr) Struck on muscle of right leg, severe swelling
  • P.S. John Evans (Glamorgan) Bruise on left leg and arm by a stone



At Clydach Vale and Blaenclydach, March 22nd 1911


Total = 5

  • P.C. W. Davies (Merthyr Vale) Cut on side of nose
  • P.C. W.J. Harpur (Treherbert) Wound on right eye
  • P.C. A. Morgan (Brigend) Injury to ankle
  • P.C. O'Brien (Swansea) Scalp wound
  • P.C. Evans (Swansea) Injury to knees



At Blaenclydach, March 23rd 1911


Total = 17

  • P.C. Smith (Monmouth) Shattered jaw (removed to Cardiff Infirmary)
  • P.C. Bullock (Monmouth) Injury to face and head
  • P.C. Creed (Monmouth) Injury to left arm
  • P.C. Davies (Monmouth) Scalp wound
  • P.C. Watts (Monmouth) Injury to leg
  • P.C. Morris (Monmouth) Legs badly bruised
  • P.C. Thorne (Monmouth) Slight injury to knee
  • P.C. Jones (Monmouth) Slight injury to shin
  • P.C. Greenslade (Monmouth) Injury to hand and knee
  • P.C. Pugh (Monmouth) Injury to arm
  • P.C. Sayce (Monmouth) Slight injury to feet
  • P.C. Harman (Monmouth) Slight injury to left knee
  • P.C. Jones (Glamorgan) Cut above the right eye
  • P.C. Onions (Glamorgan) Injury to right eye
  • P.C. Watkins (Glamorgan) Contused wound right eye
  • P.C. Woozeley (Merthyr) Injured knee cap
  • P.C. Stubbs (Merthyr) Injured ankle



At Blaenclydach and Tonypandy, May 4th 1911


Total = 17

  • Supt. John Williams (Glamorgan) Injury to right arm and left leg
  • P.C. Thomas Edwards (Glamorgan) Injury to right leg
  • P.C. John Landey (Glamorgan) Injury to right arm and right leg
  • P.C. Gomer John (Glamorgan) Injury to right leg
  • P.C. Reg. Squires (Glamorgan) Injury to hand and both legs
  • A.S. David Lewis (Glamorgan) Injury to face and neck
  • Insp. Ben Evans (Glamorgan) Injury to back
  • P.C. A.H. Jeffrey (Devon) Wound right leg
  • P.S. Gwilym Davies (Merthyr) Wound right forehead and left leg
  • P.C. Daniel Duggan (Merthyr) Injury to mouth and cheek, and right wrist
  • P.C. Fredk. Edgerley (Lancs) Injury to left knee
  • P.C. John Rawcliffe (Lancs) Injury right wrist
  • P.C. John Nuttall (Lancs) Injury right wrist
  • P.C. Arthur Prescott (Lancs) Injury left shin
  • P.C. John Dunlea (Lancs) Injury left shin
  • P.C. Mark Twentyman (Lancs) Injury left breast
  • P.C. John Walker (Lancs) Injury left knee




At Penygraig, on July 25th 1911


Total= 37

  • Insp. J. Salter (Glamorgan) Struck on chest, bruise right shoulder, right ankle, and right big toe
  • P.S. Rees Davies (Glamorgan) Injury to knee cap
  • P.S. Thos. Harris (Glamorgan) Bruise left arm
  • P.C. Robert Henry (Glamorgan) Bruise left ankle and centre of back
  • P.C. William Davies (Glamorgan) Bruise left thigh and left foot
  • P.C. W.J. Lloyd (Glamorgan) Cut right thumb, scar side of neck, bruise left shoulder and right ankle
  • P.C. William Crowden (Glamorgan) Struck in stomach
  • P.C. Reginald Squires (Glamorgan) Bruise left ankle
  • P.C. Fredk. Bradshaw (Glamorgan) Cut left shin
  • P.C. Dan Davies (Glamorgan) Bruise left shoulder
  • P.C. David W. Rees (Glamorgan) Abrasion left cheek
  • P.C. Arthur Skinner (Glamorgan) Injury to stomach and back of neck
  • P.C. James Russell (Glamorgan) Wound on left cheek
  • P.C. J.S. Williams (Glamorgan) Punctured wound left knee
  • P.C. J. Stockford (Glamorgan) Injury to right ankle and blow on head
  • P.C. George Osborne (Glamorgan) Blow on right shoulder
  • P.C. Arthur Simkins (Glamorgan) Bruise on right big toe
  • P.C. Richard Thomas (Glamorgan) Cut on face and bruise left shoulder
  • P.C. Silas Morris (Glamorgan) Injury to stomach
  • P.C. Arthur Buens (Glamorgan) Injury to foot
  • P.C. John Laherty (Glamorgan) Injury to shoulder
  • P.C. Joseph Watkins (Glamorgan) Injury to left leg
  • P.C. William Turner (Glamorgan) Injury to right leg
  • P.C. Ralph Ballard (Worcester) Injury to chest and neck
  • P.C. Hammond (Worcester) Injury to right arm
  • P.C. George James (Worcester) Wound on face and head and struck with mandril shaft
  • P.C. David Thomas (Cardigan) Bruise left cheek and left shin
  • P.C. John Charman (Cardigan) Injury to arm and knee cap
  • P.C. Moses Lloyd (Cardigan) Injury to left arm
  • P.C. Samuel Davies (Cardigan) Injury to finger
  • P.C. Fredk. Selwood (Cardigan) Injury to leg
  • Insp. Chas. Walker (Derby) Wound left shin
  • P.C. Ernest Snowball (Derby) Wound left leg
  • P.C. John Webster (Derby) Bruise left ankle
  • P.C. William Clews (Derby) Bruise right hip
  • P.C. Walter Hudson (Derby) Bruise right ankle
  • P.C. Charles Bottom (Derby) Bruises on head and back





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