Llanblethian Buildings and People


By Cowbridge Record Society 2001 - ISBN 0 9537029 2 8

Indexed by Phil Mustoe, September 2002

This index contains the name of each person mentioned in the book, along with the pages numbers on which they are referenced. Further information given in the book is various, but often includes their occupations, place of birth, other addresses lived at, and may state relationships with other people. There is a separate list of images from the book.

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SURNAMEForenamePage (Building)
ABRAHAM-72-77 (Great House)
ADAMRees20-22 (Stallcourt) , 22-26 (The Cross) , 87-88 (Broadway Farm)
ALEXANDERW. D.62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
ARMSTRONGAndrew47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
ARMSTRONGAndrew (Major)72-77 (Great House) , 49 (Brook Cottage and Ger-y-Nant)
BALLARDEdward35-37 (Factory House) , 49-51 (Llanblethian House)
BARBERMr.39-41 (Leys Cottage)
BASSETTMrs.47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
BASSETTRalph Thurstan101-105 (Crossways)
BASSETTRichard101-105 (Crossways)
BASSETTThomas101-105 (Crossways) , 33 (Duffryn) , 37 (Curland (Old Post Office))
BASSETTThurstan20-22 (Stallcourt)
BASSETTWilliam101-105 (Crossways)
BEEVERW. H. (Revd.)101-105 (Crossways)
BEVANJohn72-77 (Great House)
BIRDHarold44-45 (Brynhyfryd) , 79-83 (St. Quentins House)
BIRDJames89-90 (Cusop) , 90 (Broadway House) , 91 (Ar y Bryn and Lake Hill Cottag)
BIRDNathaniel44-45 (Brynhyfryd) , 89-90 (Cusop)
BLETHYNJohn62 (Rose Cottage)
BLOSSERobert (Sir.)72-77 (Great House)
BOOBYERAaron39-41 (Leys Cottage) , 55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
BOOBYERHarriet39-41 (Leys Cottage) , 55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd) , 62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
BOORDERFrances72-77 (Great House)
BOORDERJames (Captain)72-77 (Great House)
BOTELERCaptain68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
BOTELERLieutenant72-77 (Great House)
BOWENOwen (Revd.)20-22 (Stallcourt)
BOWENRobert91 (Ar y Bryn and Lake Hill Cottag)
BOWENWilliam39-41 (Leys Cottage)
BOYLEEdward Henry20-22 (Stallcourt)
BRADDICKEliza78-79 (The Firs)
BRADDICKJames39-41 (Leys Cottage) , 78-79 (The Firs)
BRADLEYJames31 (Bute Cottage)
BRERETONFrances51-54 (Old Vicarage)
BREWERT.71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
BRUCEJames (Captain)72-77 (Great House)
BRUCEJohn Bruce72-77 (Great House)
BRUCEMargaret72-77 (Great House)
BRUCEThomas (Revd.)72-77 (Great House)
BRUCEWilliam45-46 (New House Farm) , 64-66 (Llanblethian Mill) , 72-77 (Great House) , 87-88 (Broadway Farm) , 85 (Castle Cottage)
BRYANTFred39-41 (Leys Cottage)
BUTLERCatherine39-41 (Leys Cottage)
BUTLERJenkin39-41 (Leys Cottage)
BUTLERThomas78-79 (The Firs) , 91 (Bridge House)
BYASSLady22-26 (The Cross)
BYASSSidney (Sir.)57-58 (Hillside)
CANNAnne72-77 (Great House)
CARELESSMrs.72-77 (Great House)
CARNEHowell66-68 (Old Bakehouse)
CARNEHugh35-37 (Factory House)
CARNEJohn72-77 (Great House)
CARNEJohn (Revd.)66-68 (Old Bakehouse) , 71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
CARNEThomas72-77 (Great House)
CASBERD-72-77 (Great House)
CHARDJames89-90 (Cusop)
CHEDZOYBrenda14-18 (Picton House)
CHEDZOYEdgar14-18 (Picton House) , 31-32 (Vine Cottage) , 32 (Tadwick)
CHEDZOYErnest32 (Tadwick)
CHEDZOYLilian14-18 (Picton House)
CHISSELLFred55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
CHRISTIEAgatha72-77 (Great House)
CHRISTIERosemary72-77 (Great House)
CLARKWilliam18-20 (The Church)
CLAYJ. C.79-83 (St. Quentins House)
COXDavid87-88 (Broadway Farm)
COXGeorge87-88 (Broadway Farm)
CRAWSHAYFrancis William26-30 (Hill House)
DAVIDAnn37-38 (Greystones)
DAVIDEdward31-32 (Vine Cottage) , 37-38 (Greystones)
DAVIDElizabeth45-46 (New House Farm)
DAVIDEvan37-38 (Greystones)
DAVIDJohn22-26 (The Cross) , 61 (Brooklyn)
DAVIDMary59-60 (Hilldrop)
DAVIDRebecca45-46 (New House Farm)
DAVIDRichard55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
DAVIDThomas45-46 (New House Farm)
DAVIDTimothy66-68 (Old Bakehouse)
DAVIDWilliam42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages)
DAVIESAnn42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages)
DAVIESAnne71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
DAVIESDavid35-37 (Factory House) , 42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages) , 71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
DAVIESEbenezer71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
DAVIESEdwin42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages)
DAVIESEliza85-87 (Porth y Green)
DAVIESEllen85-87 (Porth y Green)
DAVIESJoseph85-87 (Porth y Green) , 49 (Brook Cottage and Ger-y-Nant)
DAVIESMargaret14-18 (Picton House)
DAVIESMary85-87 (Porth y Green)
DAVIESThomas Cynon (Revd.)20-22 (Stallcourt)
DAVIESWilliam85-87 (Porth y Green)
DAWSONCaptain72-77 (Great House)
DE CLAREGilbert35-37 (Factory House) , 83-85 (St. Quentin's Castle)
DEAKINAnn57-58 (Hillside)
DEEREEdward101-105 (Crossways)
DEEREEvan72-77 (Great House)
DEEREMargery101-105 (Crossways)
DEEREMary Ann90 (Mere Cottage)
DEEREThomas90 (Mere Cottage)
DENBURYWilliam62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
DIXONViolet68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
DONNEAnn72-77 (Great House)
DONNEJohn44-45 (Brynhyfryd)
DONNEMatthew72-77 (Great House)
DONNEThomas49-51 (Llanblethian House) , 72-77 (Great House)
DONNEWilliam72-77 (Great House)
DOWELLElizabeth51-54 (Old Vicarage)
DUNNFrederick22-26 (The Cross)
DUNNFrederick E. P.22-26 (The Cross)
DUNNHarriet22-26 (The Cross)
DUNNWilliam72-77 (Great House)
DURELDaniel96-98 (Breach Farm)
ECCLESHenry79-83 (St. Quentins House)
ECCLESHugh (Captain)79-83 (St. Quentins House)
ECCLESWilliam79-83 (St. Quentins House)
EDDOLLSJames89-90 (Cusop)
EDDOLLSJohn89-90 (Cusop) , 85 (Castle Cottage)
EDMONDESCharles79-83 (St. Quentins House)
EDMONDESF. W. (Revd.)44-45 (Brynhyfryd) , 51-54 (Old Vicarage)
EDMONDESFrancis79-83 (St. Quentins House)
EDMONDESFrederic79-83 (St. Quentins House)
EDMONDESThomas (Major)79-83 (St. Quentins House)
EDMONDESThomas (Revd.)14-18 (Picton House) , 51-54 (Old Vicarage) , 72-77 (Great House) , 79-83 (St. Quentins House)
EDMONDESWilliam26-30 (Hill House)
EDMUNDEdmund64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
EDMUNDElizabeth64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
EDMUNDGwenllian64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
EDMUNDHenry64-66 (Llanblethian Mill) , 87-88 (Broadway Farm)
EDMUNDMary64-66 (Llanblethian Mill) , 87-88 (Broadway Farm)
EDMUNDWilliam64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
EDMUNDSWilliam37-38 (Greystones)
EDWARDSBennett85-87 (Porth y Green) , 37 (Curland (Old Post Office))
EDWARDSBenuel32-33 (Glebe)
EDWARDSDaniel (Dr.)68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
EDWARDSEvan85-87 (Porth y Green)
EDWARDSJane57-58 (Hillside)
ELKINGTONJohn68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
ENTWISLEHugh51-54 (Old Vicarage) , 101-105 (Crossways)
ENTWISLEHugh (Captain)96-98 (Breach Farm) , 98-101 (Marlborough Grange)
ENTWISLEJohn51-54 (Old Vicarage)
ENTWISLEMargaret22-26 (The Cross) , 51-54 (Old Vicarage) , 98-101 (Marlborough Grange) , 101-105 (Crossways)
ENTWISLEMary Anne49-51 (Llanblethian House)
ENTWISLEPhilip49-51 (Llanblethian House)
ENTWISLERobert22-26 (The Cross) , 51-54 (Old Vicarage) , 98-101 (Marlborough Grange) , 101-105 (Crossways)
EVANAnn57-58 (Hillside)
EVANJenkin32-33 (Glebe)
EVANSChristopher14-18 (Picton House)
EVANSDavid96-98 (Breach Farm)
EVANSEdward62-63 (Half Moon Cottage) , 91 (Ar y Bryn and Lake Hill Cottag)
EVANSGwenllian62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
EVANSJohn (Revd.)79-83 (St. Quentins House)
EVANSMary87-88 (Broadway Farm)
EVANSMolly22-26 (The Cross)
EVANSNancy85-87 (Porth y Green)
EVANSSamuel62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
EVANSThomas35-37 (Factory House)
EVANSWilliam85-87 (Porth y Green)
EVANSWilliam Franklen (Revd.)79-83 (St. Quentins House)
FARRARMichael (Revd.)49-51 (Llanblethian House)
FOWLERC. B.18-20 (The Church)
GASKELLJoseph72-77 (Great House)
GEORGE-39-41 (Leys Cottage)
GEORGEGwenllian49 (Brook Cottage and Ger-y-Nant)
GEORGEMary Ann90 (Mere Cottage)
GEORGEThomas42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages)
GIBBONCissil61 (Brooklyn)
GIFFORDJoe42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages)
GIFFORDNathaniel42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages)
GIROJames42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages) , 44-45 (Brynhyfryd)
GIROLita44-45 (Brynhyfryd)
GIROSarah44-45 (Brynhyfryd)
GRIFFITHSEdward90 (Broadway House)
GRIFFITHSMary20-22 (Stallcourt) , 87-88 (Broadway Farm)
GRIFFITHSMorgan96-98 (Breach Farm)
GRIFFITHSRebecca87-88 (Broadway Farm)
GRIFFITHSRichard20-22 (Stallcourt)
GRITTINGeorge62 (Rose Cottage)
GROOMMr.91-93 (Almshouses)
HAIGMrs.91-93 (Almshouses)
HALLJoseph William26-30 (Hill House)
HALLOWESWilliam Brabazon (J.P.)22-26 (The Cross)
HANCOCKWilliam72-77 (Great House)
HANCORNEChristopher (Captain)31-32 (Vine Cottage)
HANCORNEMary31-32 (Vine Cottage)
HARBEENMary Ann72-77 (Great House)
HARBENFrances72-77 (Great House)
HARBENThomas Henry72-77 (Great House)
HARDEECatherine39-41 (Leys Cottage)
HARDEEThomas39-41 (Leys Cottage)
HARDEEWilliam39-41 (Leys Cottage)
HARDINGAnn55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
HARDINGAnthony45-46 (New House Farm)
HARDINGJohn39-41 (Leys Cottage)
HARRISHowell96-98 (Breach Farm)
HARRISJack55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
HARRYMatthew20-22 (Stallcourt)
HIBBERTWalter62 (Rose Cottage)
HISCOCKSJames14-18 (Picton House) , 33-34 (Causeway Cottages)
HITCHCOCKStephen22-26 (The Cross)
HODGESEdward22-26 (The Cross)
HODGESElizabeth22-26 (The Cross)
HODGESJohn22-26 (The Cross)
HOMFRAYBlanche79-83 (St. Quentins House)
HOMFRAYJohn20-22 (Stallcourt) , 22-26 (The Cross)
HOPKINEvan87-88 (Broadway Farm)
HOPKINEveline91-93 (Almshouses) , 90 (Broadway House)
HOPKINMary87-88 (Broadway Farm)
HOPKINWilliam96-98 (Breach Farm)
HOPKINSDavid95-96 (Pentwyn)
HOPKINSE. T.95-96 (Pentwyn)
HOPKINSJane95-96 (Pentwyn)
HOPKINSJohn42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages) , 59-60 (Hilldrop) , 64-66 (Llanblethian Mill) , 95-96 (Pentwyn)
HOPKINSMargaret95-96 (Pentwyn)
HOPKINSMary Jane95-96 (Pentwyn)
HOWJoseph96-98 (Breach Farm)
HOWEAnne96-98 (Breach Farm)
HOWEJohn62 (Rose Cottage)
HOWELL(Dean)71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
HOWELLDavid71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
HOWELLHarriet Anne79-83 (St. Quentins House)
HOWELLMary71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
HOWELLRees96-98 (Breach Farm)
HOWELLRees (Revd.)79-83 (St. Quentins House)
HOWELLRichard96-98 (Breach Farm)
HOWELLWilliam66-68 (Old Bakehouse) , 98-101 (Marlborough Grange)
HOWELLSCharles35-37 (Factory House)
HOWELLSTudor35-37 (Factory House)
HUMPHREYSEmily64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
JAMESBilly57-58 (Hillside)
JAMESBradford35-37 (Factory House)
JAMESEliza78-79 (The Firs)
JAMESFrank57-58 (Hillside) , 98-101 (Marlborough Grange)
JAMESHerbert57-58 (Hillside)
JAMESHopkin14-18 (Picton House)
JAMESIdris57-58 (Hillside)
JAMESKate94-95 (Cross Inn)
JAMESLemuel Hopkin (Revd.)51-54 (Old Vicarage)
JAMESMartha94-95 (Cross Inn)
JAMESOssie57-58 (Hillside)
JAMESPauline57-58 (Hillside)
JAMESRalph57-58 (Hillside)
JAMESTed57-58 (Hillside)
JAMESThomas20-22 (Stallcourt)
JAMESTom57-58 (Hillside)
JAMESW. A.20-22 (Stallcourt) , 79 (St. Quentins Terrace)
JAMESWilliam33-34 (Causeway Cottages) , 94-95 (Cross Inn)
JAMESWyndham94-95 (Cross Inn)
JENKINAnn59-60 (Hilldrop)
JENKINIsaac59-60 (Hilldrop)
JENKINJohn35-37 (Factory House)
JENKINLewis66-68 (Old Bakehouse)
JENKINThomas59-60 (Hilldrop)
JENKINSAnn37-38 (Greystones) , 39 (Maltsters Cottage)
JENKINSBecky34-35 (Woollen Factory) , 47-49 (Kingscombe Farm) , 68-70 (Greenfield Terrace) , 91-93 (Almshouses)
JENKINSCatherine37-38 (Greystones)
JENKINSDavid13-14 (Rose Cottage) , 47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
JENKINSDick55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
JENKINSEvan18-20 (The Church)
JENKINSGwenllian37-38 (Greystones) , 64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
JENKINSIsaac59-60 (Hilldrop)
JENKINSJacob62-63 (Half Moon Cottage) , 62 (Rose Cottage)
JENKINSJohn37-38 (Greystones) , 64-66 (Llanblethian Mill) , 85-87 (Porth y Green) , 32 (Tadwick) , 39 (Maltsters Cottage)
JENKINSJohn Truman72-77 (Great House)
JENKINSLeoline (Sir.)18-20 (The Church) , 64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
JENKINSLewis20-22 (Stallcourt) , 94-95 (Cross Inn)
JENKINSMargaret14-18 (Picton House)
JENKINSMartha47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
JENKINSMary20-22 (Stallcourt) , 96-98 (Breach Farm)
JENKINSRichard47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
JENKINSThomas37-38 (Greystones) , 39-41 (Leys Cottage) , 61 (Brooklyn)
JENKINSWilliam35-37 (Factory House) , 39-41 (Leys Cottage) , 96-98 (Breach Farm)
JENNERBirt51-54 (Old Vicarage)
JENNERRobert51-54 (Old Vicarage)
JOHNAlice62 (Rose Cottage)
JOHNAnn62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
JOHNAnne14-18 (Picton House)
JOHNDavid33-34 (Causeway Cottages)
JOHNEvan35-37 (Factory House)
JOHNJohn Williams41-42 (Belgrave House)
JOHNJohnny68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
JOHNMary98-101 (Marlborough Grange)
JOHNThomas62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
JOHNWilliam98-101 (Marlborough Grange)
JONESAnn32-33 (Glebe) , 68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
JONESAnne90 (Broadway House)
JONESCatherine101-105 (Crossways)
JONESDaniel31-32 (Vine Cottage) , 35-37 (Factory House)
JONESDavid14-18 (Picton House) , 20-22 (Stallcourt) , 26-30 (Hill House) , 35-37 (Factory House) , 41-42 (Belgrave House) , 44-45 (Brynhyfryd) , 49-51 (Llanblethian House) , 71-72 (Llanblethian Farm) , 72-77 (Great House) , 72-77 (Great House) , 85-87 (Porth y Green) , 91-93 (Almshouses) , 72 (Mardy and Ashley Cottages)
JONESElizabeth14-18 (Picton House) , 20-22 (Stallcourt) , 62-63 (Half Moon Cottage) , 96-98 (Breach Farm) , 101-105 (Crossways)
JONESEvan (Revd.)95-96 (Pentwyn)
JONESGruffydd96-98 (Breach Farm)
JONESHenry20-22 (Stallcourt) , 96-98 (Breach Farm) , 33 (Duffryn)
JONESHenry (Revd.)101-105 (Crossways)
JONESJohn71-72 (Llanblethian Farm) , 62 (Rose Cottage) , 90 (Broadway House)
JONESMargaret90 (Broadway House)
JONESMartha90 (Broadway House)
JONESMary37-38 (Greystones) , 62 (Rose Cottage) , 63 (Brook House)
JONESMr.85 (Castle Cottage)
JONESMrs.26-30 (Hill House)
JONESPeggy90 (Broadway House)
JONESRees63 (Brook House)
JONESSimon Lloyd14-18 (Picton House)
JONESThomas41-42 (Belgrave House) , 55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd) , 72-77 (Great House) , 62 (Rose Cottage) , 72 (Mardy and Ashley Cottages)
JONESW. E.95-96 (Pentwyn)
JONESWilliam71-72 (Llanblethian Farm) , 63 (Brook House) , 90 (Broadway House)
JOSEPHMorgan51-54 (Old Vicarage) , 94-95 (Cross Inn)
KENNEDYHester22-26 (The Cross)
KITTJames41-42 (Belgrave House)
KNIGHTBernard (Dr.)14-18 (Picton House)
KNIGHTJohn72-77 (Great House)
KNIGHTJohn Bruce72-77 (Great House)
LEONARDRobert20-22 (Stallcourt)
LEWISAnne22-26 (The Cross) , 47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
LEWISBopa91-93 (Almshouses)
LEWISCatherine47-49 (Kingscombe Farm) , 79-83 (St. Quentins House)
LEWISDavid47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
LEWISEdward96-98 (Breach Farm)
LEWISGwilym47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
LEWISJane72-77 (Great House) , 91-93 (Almshouses)
LEWISJennet62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
LEWISJohn47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
LEWISMargaret42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages)
LEWISMary47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
LEWISThomas26-30 (Hill House)
LEWISTitus79-83 (St. Quentins House)
LEWISWilliam42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages) , 47-49 (Kingscombe Farm) , 90 (Mere Cottage)
LLEWELLYNDavid13-14 (Rose Cottage)
LLEWELLYNDavid (Sir.)79-83 (St. Quentins House)
LLEWELLYNEdith14-18 (Picton House)
LLEWELLYNEdward13-14 (Rose Cottage) , 39-41 (Leys Cottage) , 41-42 (Belgrave House) , 39 (Windsor House)
LLEWELLYNElizabeth13-14 (Rose Cottage) , 33 (Duffryn) , 62 (Rose Cottage)
LLEWELLYNEmily14-18 (Picton House)
LLEWELLYNJames Edward14-18 (Picton House)
LLEWELLYNJane13-14 (Rose Cottage)
LLEWELLYNJoan (Lady)79-83 (St. Quentins House)
LLEWELLYNJohn66-68 (Old Bakehouse)
LLEWELLYNMabel66-68 (Old Bakehouse)
LLEWELLYNMary66-68 (Old Bakehouse)
LLEWELLYNMary Shaftesbury62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
LLEWELLYNNeddy13-14 (Rose Cottage)
LLEWELLYNSidney14-18 (Picton House)
LLOYDEliza85-87 (Porth y Green)
LLOYDElizabeth68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
LLOYDJohn61 (Brooklyn)
LLOYDMary14-18 (Picton House)
LLOYDThomas101-105 (Crossways)
LLOYDWilliam Aubrey68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
LOADERJohn62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
LYNCHRobert (Sir.)72-77 (Great House)
MALKINArthur61 (Brooklyn)
MALKINB. H.72-77 (Great House)
MALKINBenjamin Heath61 (Brooklyn)
MALKINThomas61 (Brooklyn)
MARCHANTJohn94-95 (Cross Inn)
MATHIASRichard79-83 (St. Quentins House)
MATHIASWilliam Henry72-77 (Great House)
MCGREGORCaptain49-51 (Llanblethian House)
MCLAUGHLANJames (Revd.)78-79 (The Firs)
MEAZEYJennet44-45 (Brynhyfryd)
MEYRICKHowell64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
MIERSAnthony101-105 (Crossways)
MILESE. W.22-26 (The Cross) , 39-41 (Leys Cottage)
MILESEbenezer William47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
MILLWARDEvan33 (Duffryn)
MOONElizabeth26-30 (Hill House)
MORDECAIJoan31-32 (Vine Cottage)
MORDECAIThomas31-32 (Vine Cottage)
MORGANCyril89-90 (Cusop)
MORGANEdward (Revd.)85 (Castle Cottage)
MORGANElizabeth L. A.14-18 (Picton House)
MORGANEvan71-72 (Llanblethian Farm) , 94-95 (Cross Inn) , 33 (Duffryn)
MORGANFrederick (Hon.)101-105 (Crossways)
MORGANJane71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
MORGANJohn14-18 (Picton House) , 66-68 (Old Bakehouse) , 72-77 (Great House)
MORGANJohn (Revd.)26-30 (Hill House) , 101-105 (Crossways)
MORGANJonathan98-101 (Marlborough Grange)
MORGANMary14-18 (Picton House) , 26-30 (Hill House) , 62-63 (Half Moon Cottage) , 66-68 (Old Bakehouse) , 71-72 (Llanblethian Farm) , 72-77 (Great House) , 101-105 (Crossways)
MORGANMary Annie26-30 (Hill House)
MORGANMorgan55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
MORGANPhilip55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd) , 62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
MORGANRebecca71-72 (Llanblethian Farm) , 72-77 (Great House) , 85-87 (Porth y Green)
MORGANRichard85-87 (Porth y Green) , 39 (Maltsters Cottage)
MORGANRobert33-34 (Causeway Cottages) , 72-77 (Great House)
MORGANSarah22-26 (The Cross)
MORGANThomas14-18 (Picton House) , 42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages) , 71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
MORGANThomas (Captain)68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
MORGANWilliam33-34 (Causeway Cottages) , 72-77 (Great House) , 85-87 (Porth y Green) , 98-101 (Marlborough Grange)
MORGANSDavid32 (Tadwick)
MORGANSThomas32 (Tadwick)
MORRISGeorge26-30 (Hill House) , 72-77 (Great House)
MORRISThomas68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
MORSONJ. C. F. (Revd.)39-41 (Leys Cottage)
MUSTOEEdward59-60 (Hilldrop)
MUSTOEGeorge59-60 (Hilldrop)
NEVILLEAnne (Lady)18-20 (The Church)
NICHOLRees61 (Brooklyn)
NICHOLASJohn71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
NICHOLL-42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages)
NICHOLLDavid (Revd.)64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
NICHOLLEdward49-51 (Llanblethian House)
NICHOLLG. W.41-42 (Belgrave House)
NICHOLLGeorge Whitlock49-51 (Llanblethian House)
NICHOLLRobert22-26 (The Cross)
NICHOLLRobert (Revd.)26-30 (Hill House) , 72-77 (Great House)
NICHOLLS. (Mrs.)78-79 (The Firs)
NICHOLLWilliam45-46 (New House Farm)
NICHOLL-CARNERobert26-30 (Hill House)
NICHOLSHenry (Revd.)64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
NORTON-68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
NORTONAnn91 (Ar y Bryn and Lake Hill Cottag)
NORTONSusannah91 (Ar y Bryn and Lake Hill Cottag)
NORTONWilliam90 (Broadway House) , 91 (Ar y Bryn and Lake Hill Cottag)
O'BRIENJames72-77 (Great House)
OLDHAMWilliam47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
ORDChristiana49-51 (Llanblethian House)
ORDRalph49-51 (Llanblethian House)
ORIELAnn57-58 (Hillside)
PAULLRevd.72-77 (Great House)
PEELGeorgiana79-83 (St. Quentins House)
PEELRobert (Sir.)47-49 (Kingscombe Farm) , 79-83 (St. Quentins House)
PERCH-THOMAS-39-41 (Leys Cottage)
PERKINSHenrietta57-58 (Hillside)
PHELPSRobert (Revd.)31-32 (Vine Cottage)
PHILLIPSArthur22-26 (The Cross)
PHILLIPSJohn Watkin22-26 (The Cross)
PHILLIPSMary22-26 (The Cross)
PHILPOTAnnie79-83 (St. Quentins House)
PHILPOTStanley79-83 (St. Quentins House)
PLIMERNathaniel22-26 (The Cross)
POWELLBill94-95 (Cross Inn)
POWELLDavid49-51 (Llanblethian House)
POWELLElizabeth49-51 (Llanblethian House)
POWELLJohn (Revd.)49-51 (Llanblethian House)
POWELLThomas (Revd.)49-51 (Llanblethian House)
PRICEBenjamin62 (Rose Cottage)
PRICEMargaret35-37 (Factory House)
PRICEThomas62 (Rose Cottage)
PRICEWilliam35-37 (Factory House)
PRICHARDMatthew72-77 (Great House)
PRICHARDRichard Knight98-101 (Marlborough Grange)
PRICHARDThomas78-79 (The Firs)
PROTHEROEJ. A.51-54 (Old Vicarage)
PRYCEJohn Bruce72-77 (Great House)
RALLSJohn63 (Brook House)
RANDALLJohn62 (Rose Cottage)
REESAnne47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
REESCatherine91-93 (Almshouses)
REESDavid68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
REESGeorge96-98 (Breach Farm)
REESHopkin64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
REESJane55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
REESMary71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
REESMorgan66-68 (Old Bakehouse)
REESRichard55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd) , 57-58 (Hillside) , 59-60 (Hilldrop) , 62-63 (Half Moon Cottage) , 62 (Rose Cottage)
REESWilliam47-49 (Kingscombe Farm) , 89-90 (Cusop)
REYNOLDSJames31 (Bute Cottage)
RHYSC. T.62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
RHYSCharles T.44-45 (Brynhyfryd)
RHYSJennet62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
RHYSThomas44-45 (Brynhyfryd)
RICEJohn55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd) , 90 (Mere Cottage)
RICHARDSCatherine62 (Rose Cottage)
RICHARDSDavid37 (Curland (Old Post Office))
RICHARDSElizabeth13-14 (Rose Cottage) , 20-22 (Stallcourt)
RICHARDSJane32-33 (Glebe) , 62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
RICHARDSJohn42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages)
RICHARDSLlewellyn32-33 (Glebe)
RICHARDSThomas13-14 (Rose Cottage) , 20-22 (Stallcourt) , 32-33 (Glebe)
RICHARDSWatkin71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
ROACHEliza44-45 (Brynhyfryd)
ROBERTWilliam62-63 (Half Moon Cottage) , 85 (Castle Cottage)
ROBERTSDavid20-22 (Stallcourt) , 91-93 (Almshouses) , 61 (Brooklyn)
ROBERTSEdward20-22 (Stallcourt)
ROBERTSElizabeth59-60 (Hilldrop)
ROBERTSGwenllian39-41 (Leys Cottage)
ROBERTSIsaiah (Revd.)51-54 (Old Vicarage)
ROBERTSJohn62 (Rose Cottage)
ROBERTSWilliam62 (Rose Cottage)
ROBITANSKICharlotte51-54 (Old Vicarage)
ROGERSElizabeth26-30 (Hill House)
ROWLANDEdward61 (Brooklyn)
ROWLANDElizabeth59-60 (Hilldrop)
ROWLANDJohn22-26 (The Cross)
ROYALLEmily91-93 (Almshouses)
ROYDSAlicia Vittoria47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
ROYDSEllen22-26 (The Cross)
ROYDSFrances79-83 (St. Quentins House) , 98-101 (Marlborough Grange)
ROYDSFrederick47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
ROYDSFrederick Charles Alton79-83 (St. Quentins House)
ROYDSGeorgiana47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
ROYDSMary Anne51-54 (Old Vicarage) , 98-101 (Marlborough Grange)
ROYDSWilliam22-26 (The Cross) , 79 (St. Quentins Terrace)
ROYDSWilliam (Captain)79-83 (St. Quentins House)
ROYDSWilliam (Colonel)47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
SAMUELJohn79-83 (St. Quentins House)
SANDLANDAnn57-58 (Hillside) , 89-90 (Cusop)
SANDLANDCharles57-58 (Hillside)
SANDLANDGeorge57-58 (Hillside) , 89-90 (Cusop)
SAVOURSD. W.49-51 (Llanblethian House)
SAVOURSMary96-98 (Breach Farm)
SAVOURSRobert96-98 (Breach Farm)
SEDGEBEERHarry14-18 (Picton House)
SIMKINSElizabeth55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd) , 57-58 (Hillside) , 62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
SMYTHAnn26-30 (Hill House)
SMYTHWalter26-30 (Hill House)
SMYTHWilliam26-30 (Hill House)
SPENCERDavid64-66 (Llanblethian Mill) , 63 (Brook House)
SPENCERGilead64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
SPENCERLlewellyn64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
STONEHarry64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
STONEWalter57-58 (Hillside) , 59-60 (Hilldrop) , 64-66 (Llanblethian Mill)
STRANGEJane47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
STRANGEJoseph47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
SURNAMEForenamePage (Address)
SURREYMary Jane91-93 (Almshouses)
SURREYMay91-93 (Almshouses)
SURREYTed91-93 (Almshouses)
SYSYLLTDorothy101-105 (Crossways)
SYSYLLTOlive101-105 (Crossways)
TALBOTRichard32-33 (Glebe)
TAYLORJames91 (Bridge House)
TAYNTONRobert96-98 (Breach Farm)
TAYNTONW. H. (Colonel)59-60 (Hilldrop)
THOMASAnn26-30 (Hill House) , 41-42 (Belgrave House) , 101-105 (Crossways)
THOMASAnna20-22 (Stallcourt)
THOMASBarry45-46 (New House Farm)
THOMASCatherine41-42 (Belgrave House) , 59-60 (Hilldrop)
THOMASDaniel96-98 (Breach Farm)
THOMASDavid20-22 (Stallcourt) , 26-30 (Hill House) , 66-68 (Old Bakehouse) , 61 (Brooklyn)
THOMASEdward101-105 (Crossways)
THOMASEdwin14-18 (Picton House)
THOMASElizabeth55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
THOMASEvan59-60 (Hilldrop)
THOMASHopkin45-46 (New House Farm)
THOMASHubert71-72 (Llanblethian Farm)
THOMASIsaac39-41 (Leys Cottage) , 85 (Castle Cottage)
THOMASJane20-22 (Stallcourt) , 26-30 (Hill House)
THOMASJohn41-42 (Belgrave House) , 45-46 (New House Farm) , 91 (Ar y Bryn and Lake Hill Cottag)
THOMASJoseph22-26 (The Cross)
THOMASMargaret41-42 (Belgrave House) , 45-46 (New House Farm) , 101-105 (Crossways)
THOMASMartha49 (Brook Cottage and Ger-y-Nant)
THOMASMary45-46 (New House Farm) , 59-60 (Hilldrop) , 68-70 (Greenfield Terrace) , 78-79 (The Firs)
THOMASMary Elizabeth20-22 (Stallcourt)
THOMASNorman45-46 (New House Farm)
THOMASPercy (Sir.)45-46 (New House Farm)
THOMASRobert32-33 (Glebe) , 34-35 (Woollen Factory) , 39-41 (Leys Cottage) , 45-46 (New House Farm) , 55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd) , 57-58 (Hillside) , 59-60 (Hilldrop) , 66-68 (Old Bakehouse)
THOMASSarah41-42 (Belgrave House) , 62 (Rose Cottage)
THOMASThomas20-22 (Stallcourt) , 26-30 (Hill House) , 45-46 (New House Farm) , 47-49 (Kingscombe Farm) , 71-72 (Llanblethian Farm) , 72-77 (Great House) , 101-105 (Crossways)
THOMASTwm20-22 (Stallcourt)
THOMASWilliam26-30 (Hill House) , 37-38 (Greystones) , 41-42 (Belgrave House) , 59-60 (Hilldrop) , 68-70 (Greenfield Terrace) , 94-95 (Cross Inn) , 39 (Maltsters Cottage)
THOMASWilliam John101-105 (Crossways)
THOMASWilliam Richard26-30 (Hill House)
TODDRichard59-60 (Hilldrop)
TODDRichard Rees61 (Brooklyn)
TONKINMrs.91-93 (Almshouses)
TOUTJames42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages) , 55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
TOUTMary55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
TRAHERNEEllen22-26 (The Cross)
TRAHERNEFrances22-26 (The Cross)
TRAHERNEGeorge (Revd.)22-26 (The Cross)
TRAHERNEGeorge Montgomery (Revd.)22-26 (The Cross)
TRAHERNEJ. M. (Revd.)22-26 (The Cross)
TREHARNEArthur47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
TREHARNEHarriet47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
TURBERVILLEGervase51-54 (Old Vicarage) , 31 (Bute Cottage)
TURBERVILLEMary72-77 (Great House)
USHEREdwin89-90 (Cusop) , 91 (Bridge House)
VALLANCEJane85 (Castle Cottage)
VAUGHANDavid22-26 (The Cross)
VAUGHANHilda68-70 (Greenfield Terrace)
VAUGHANM. (Revd.)44-45 (Brynhyfryd)
WALKERRoland Forestier101-105 (Crossways)
WALTERSBronwen47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
WALTERSFrancis79-83 (St. Quentins House)
WALTERSRonald79-83 (St. Quentins House)
WEBBJohn31-32 (Vine Cottage) , 55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd)
WHITNEYJames87-88 (Broadway Farm)
WHITNEYMary Ann87-88 (Broadway Farm)
WHITNEYThomas87-88 (Broadway Farm) , 91 (Bridge House)
WHYTHEViv39-41 (Leys Cottage)
WILKINSCann26-30 (Hill House) , 72-77 (Great House)
WILKINSElizabeth85 (Castle Cottage)
WILKINSHester72-77 (Great House)
WILKINSThomas26-30 (Hill House) , 72-77 (Great House)
WILLIAMAlexander59-60 (Hilldrop)
WILLIAMDavid32-33 (Glebe) , 37-38 (Greystones) , 47-49 (Kingscombe Farm)
WILLIAMEvan91 (Ar y Bryn and Lake Hill Cottag)
WILLIAMJankin35-37 (Factory House)
WILLIAMJenkin31-32 (Vine Cottage)
WILLIAMJoan59-60 (Hilldrop)
WILLIAMLewis66-68 (Old Bakehouse)
WILLIAMMary66-68 (Old Bakehouse)
WILLIAMWilliam59-60 (Hilldrop)
WILLIAMSAlexander61 (Brooklyn)
WILLIAMSAlice90 (Mere Cottage)
WILLIAMSBen Oriel57-58 (Hillside)
WILLIAMSBenjamin59-60 (Hilldrop)
WILLIAMSBrowne (Revd.)22-26 (The Cross)
WILLIAMSD. Watkin (Revd.)87-88 (Broadway Farm)
WILLIAMSDavid32-33 (Glebe) , 41-42 (Belgrave House) , 42-43 (Kingscombe Cottages) , 47-49 (Kingscombe Farm) , 37 (Westbury) , 85 (Castle Cottage)
WILLIAMSElizabeth32-33 (Glebe) , 41-42 (Belgrave House) , 96-98 (Breach Farm)
WILLIAMSFrances14-18 (Picton House)
WILLIAMSFred20-22 (Stallcourt)
WILLIAMSGeorge59-60 (Hilldrop) , 78-79 (The Firs) , 61 (Brooklyn)
WILLIAMSGilbert51-54 (Old Vicarage)
WILLIAMSGomer20-22 (Stallcourt)
WILLIAMSGwilym20-22 (Stallcourt)
WILLIAMSHarriet61 (Brooklyn)
WILLIAMSHenry96-98 (Breach Farm) , 37 (Curland (Old Post Office))
WILLIAMSIsaac62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
WILLIAMSJohn13-14 (Rose Cottage) , 14-18 (Picton House) , 31-32 (Vine Cottage) , 32-33 (Glebe) , 47-49 (Kingscombe Farm) , 68-70 (Greenfield Terrace) , 68-70 (Greenfield Terrace) , 96-98 (Breach Farm) , 32 (Tadwick) , 33 (Duffryn) , 61 (Brooklyn) , 91 (Bridge House)
WILLIAMSJohn (Revd.)59-60 (Hilldrop)
WILLIAMSMargaret72-77 (Great House)
WILLIAMSMary13-14 (Rose Cottage) , 87-88 (Broadway Farm) , 61 (Brooklyn) , 62 (Rose Cottage)
WILLIAMSMary Ann61 (Brooklyn)
WILLIAMSNancy72-77 (Great House)
WILLIAMSOwen71-72 (Llanblethian Farm) , 72-77 (Great House) , 96-98 (Breach Farm) , 101-105 (Crossways) , 91 (Ar y Bryn and Lake Hill Cottag) , 91 (Bridge House)
WILLIAMSPolly37 (Westbury)
WILLIAMSRobert72-77 (Great House) , 101-105 (Crossways)
WILLIAMSRose Ellen57-58 (Hillside)
WILLIAMSThomas32-33 (Glebe) , 33-34 (Causeway Cottages) , 55-56 (Ar-y-Mynydd) , 57-58 (Hillside) , 59-60 (Hilldrop) , 64-66 (Llanblethian Mill) , 96-98 (Breach Farm) , 37 (Westbury) , 62 (Rose Cottage)
WILLIAMSThomas Oriel57-58 (Hillside)
WILLIAMSWilliam79-83 (St. Quentins House)
WYATTJeffry98-101 (Marlborough Grange)
WYATTMary62-63 (Half Moon Cottage)
WYNDHAMJohn91 (Ar y Bryn and Lake Hill Cottag)
WYNDHAMThomas35-37 (Factory House)
YORATHG. (Mrs.)14-18 (Picton House)



Images in the book

Front CoverThe Mill, with Harry, Connie & Walter Stone, 1927
13Rose Cottage and the Church
17Picton House
19The Church
21Stallcourt House
23The Cross
27Hill House
28Llanblethian in about 1895
34Causeway Cottages and the Woollen Factory, about 1950
36Factory House
38Greystones and Westbury
40Leys Cottage
43Kingscombe Cottages and Belgrave House
45Haymaking at New House Farm, 1930's
46Sheep shearing at New House Farm, 1960's
47Kingscombe Farm, 1991
50Llanblethian House
52The Old Vicarage
55Ar-y-Mynydd and Hillside, 1936
57Sheep shearing outside Hillside, 1958: Herbert James with Billy & Pauline
59Piccadilly in 1905
65The Mill and The Furs, about 1927
67The Mill and The Old Bakehouse, about 1910
69Greenfield and The Almshouses, about 1905
73View over Eastern Llanblethian, 1990's
76Great House
78The Firs
80St. Quentin's House
84St. Quentin's Castle, 2001
87Broadway Farm
92'Bopa' Lewis outside the Almshouses, 1899
94Cross Inn, late 1930's, with Wyndham James
97Breach Farm
99Marlborough Grange
101The Bassett's in the Drawing Room of Crossways, 1900
Back CoverTed Surrey outside the Almshouses about 1900