Llantwit Major - A History and Guide


Edited by L.V. Kelly

Published by Llantwit Major Local History Society 1971

Indexed by John Ottery

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Abraham, William aka Mabon 39Andrews family postmasters 37
Andrews, Hugh postmaster 20th C 37ap Elidir, Owain built Ty Mawr, 1378 47
ap Gwrgan, Iestyn pre-Norman holder of Llantwit Major 5ap Rees, Hopkin 16th C 24
Aurelian, Paul pupil of St. Illtyd 13Avan, Miss Dorothy of Plymouth House (later Vann family) 27
Avan, William of Marcross 24Baker, John of The Old Rectory, 1465 51
Bassett family local gentry 17thC 18, 26Bassett, Elias of Ivy House 37, 43
Bath, William householder, 1720 26Bean, C.T. cooperative farm manager, 20th C 35
Berkroles, Sir Laurence 15th C 25Cadoc Christian Monk 450 AD 13, 14
Carne family local gentry 17thC 18, 19, 24, 26Carne, Elizabeth married Rev, Robert Nicholl, 1800 27
Carne, Elizabeth of Dimlands, 1851 28Chatterton, John builder of Ebenezer Chapel, 1905 45
Constantius II coins of, 337-361 AD 12Crawshay, Tudor of Dimlands 1900 36, 38
Croke 25Daniel, Prof. Glyn 20th C Cambridge Uni. 38
David, John crow boy of Hill Head yard 1851 28Davies, Edwin built West End terrace 36
Davies, Willie Professor of Classics, Aberystwyth Uni. 38de Clare, Gilbert built Town Hall 27
de Rally, William Lord of Manor 23Dembrey, Humphrey 18th C lime kiln owner 10, 12
Dere family gentry 24, 25Donne, Mr of Llanmihangel 19th C 32
Driscoll, Fr T. RC Priest 41Dyfrig Christian monk 450 AD 13
Edward VI King of England 17Ellen Wilkins of West House 19th c 35
Evans, Anne John Evans' wife 32Evans, Christmas baptist preacher 1830 45
Evans, James servant 19th C 32Evans, Thomas farmer 19th C 32
Evans, William farmer at Sigginston Green 1840 32Ffleming, Thomas of Llanmaes, 1547 24
Fitzhamon, Robert Norman Lord 1090 15, 20, 22, 49Fox, Sir Cyril archaeologist 8
Furse, S.G. cooperative farm manager, 20th C 35Gallienus coins of, 252-268 AD 12
Gamage, Barbara heiress of Coity, Elizabethan 25Garsed family of Moorlands 29
Garsed, John farmer at Moorsland Ground 19th C 33Gaskell, Col. Parish Council 20th c 36, 38
Gaskell, Frank Hill son of Col. G. 36Gildas the Wise pupil of St. Illtyd, 13, 14
Halliday, G.E. Diocesan Architect 19Harry, John of St. Donat's 1682-1792 55
Henry VIII King of England 20Hopkin, Daniel b. 1886 38
Hywell Dda 17Illtyd St. Illtyd 13
James, Wm. householder 27Jones, C.B. of the Ham 1945 48
Jones, Daniel gentleman 19th C 31Jones, David 1834-90 of Llanbleddian 53
Jones, Robert of Fonmon Castle, 18th C 26, 51Kemp, Sarah servant, 19th C 32
Lawrence, Jabez Baptist Preacher, 1823 44Le Despenser, Lord Hugh Lord of Manor 22
Leland, John topographer 5Lewis family of the Van 51
Lewis, Morgan inhabitant, 1720 26Lhuyd, Edward 1660 53
Lloyd, Bill worker at Boverton, 20th C (photo) 34Lloyd, E.T. of Frampton 36
Lords of Glamorgan displaced ap Gwrgan 5, 20Madocks, Edward of The Old Sawn 17th C 52
Magner, Fr. John RC Priest 20th C 40Mansel, Sir Rice 25
Marquis of Bute Lord of manor 19th C 32Mathew, David tenant 27
Mathew, Jonathon 25Morganwg, Iolo invented town Charter 18thC 23, 53
Morris Fr. RC Priest 41Morris, Rev. Rees 1926 19
Murphy, Fr. Francis 1968, RC Priest 41Nash-Williams, Dr. V.E. Curator of Archaeology, Nat. Mus. of Wales 10, 15, 50
Neolithic inhabitants 4th millenium BC 6Nerber, Lyson built The Ham, 15th C 49
Nichol, Digby Seys brother of Iltyd Bond 35, 38Nichol, George of the Ham, 20th C 35
Nichol, Iltyd George's brother 20th c 35Nichol, Iltyd Bond of the Ham, 20th C 35, 38
Nicholl family of the Ham, local gentry 17thC 18, 19, 27, 29, 31Nicholl, George Whitlock of the Ham, 1872 48
Nicholl, Henry Ty Mawr (Great House) 1465 47Nicholl, Illtyd of Ty Mawr, 16th C 47, 49
Nicholl, John of Ty Mawr, 15th C 47Nicholl, Rev. Illtyd of The Ham 1860 49
Nicholl, Rev. Robert of Dimlands, 1800 27, 31Nicholl, Sir John of Merthyr Mawr, 1813 48
Nicholl, Thomas 1874 4Nicholl, William of Ty Mawr, 1813 48
Nicholl-Carne family of Dimlands and St Donats castle 19th C 29Nycoll, Iltyd 24
O'Neale, John leader of Irish raiders 30Panter, Roger Surveyor 23
Partrey family gentry 24Pearce, Mrs. Mary the Currier's, 1923 39
Phillips, Joanna Tanfield's widow 26Philpott 25
Philpott, John Vicar of Llantwit 25Porte 25
Portrey family gentry 18th C 27Portrey, Christopher High Constable 24
Price family of Flanders and the Hayes 31, 37Price, Andrew of Spitzkop 36
Price, Frederick of the Hayes 36Price, Richard of the Hayes 20th C 36
Price, T.G. Architect, Newport 41Punter, Orange roadman, 1851 28
Raglan family gentry of The Old Rectory, 1465 24, 51Raglan, Sir Hugh 25
Raglan, Thomas 25Redwood, Charles of Orchard House, Boverton 19th C 29
Redwood, Charles author 37, 53Redwood, Isaac of Orchard house, Boverton 19th C 37
Redwood, Theophilus Orchard House, 19th C 37Redwood, Thomas preacher 1807 45
Rees, Morgan of Plymouth House 36Rhygfarch historian 4
Roll, Will labourer on West End Terrace 36Samson of Dol pupil of St. Illtyd 13
Seys family of Boverton, local gentry 17thC 18, 27, 31Seys, Alexander of Caerleon 26
Seys, Elizabeth 1705 19Seys, Elizabeth mother of Richard 24
Seys, Evan mercer of Cowbridge, 1530 25Seys, Evan grandson of Roger 25
Seys, Jane of Boverton, married Robert Jones 26, 51Seys, Mrs. Margaret 26
Seys, Richard 16th C 24Seys, Roger Attorney General for Wales, Elizabethan 25
Seys, Roger of Boverton Place, 1580 52Sidney, Sir Robert 25
Slugge, Alexander son of Stephen 19Slugge, Stephen Vicar 1620 19, 26
Smith, Percy signalman 1923, Deputy Lieutenant of Glam 3639Spenser, Anne D. bakery owner 27
Storrie, John curator of Cardiff Museum, 1880 8, 10Stradling family of St. Donats 24, 26, 27
Stradling, Henry farmer 15thC 24Stradling, Sir Edward 16th C of Plymouth House 24, 51
Stradling, Sir John 16th C occupant St. Donat's Castle 18Stradling, Sir Thomas owner of Abbot's Llantwit 24
Stradling, Thomas Elizabethan 25Taylor, John Chantry Priest 16thC 18
Thomas, David inhabitant 1870 10Thomas, Dr. Peter 37
Thomas, Edmund husband of Elizabeth Yorath 55Thomas, Emma Marie Ivy House, aka Marie Trevelyan 20th C 37
Thomas, Hopkins inhabitant 1870 10Thomas, Illtyd Ivy House, antiquarian 37
Thomas, Rees of Boverton Place farm 33Thomas, William of Ivy House 1887 37
Trevelyan, Marie aka Madame Paslieu, author 20th C 29, 35, 37Tudor, Jasper Duke of Bedford 25
Turberville, Cecil wife of Iltyd Nicholl 1597 47Turberville, Edmond of The Ham, 16th C 49
Turnbull, Father Priest, 20th C 40Turnbull, Gerald of Home farm 20th C 41, 49
Turnbull, Harold of Lower House farm 33Turnbull, Harold of Colhugh Villa, 20th C 40
Turnbull, Lewis R. of the Ham, 20th C 40, 49Vachell, Frederick gentry 19th c 35
Vachell, Tanfield Frederick de Winfield of West House late 19th C 36Vann family of Plymouth House 24
Vann, Edmund 16th C 24Vann, Edward of the Old Place 16th C 24, 51
Vaughan, Rev E.C. Vicar 19th C 30Vechan, Ieuan of Siginston 24
Voss family local gentry 17thC 18Voss, Elizabeth wife of Roger Seys 25, 51
Voss, Evan 1720 26Voss, Griffydd father of Elizabeth 25
Voss, Matthew 1405-1534 55Wathan family 31
Wesley, John Methodist preacher, 1743 28, 42Wiliams, Mrs of Court House 36
Wilkins family of West House 29, 31Wilkins, Christopher of West house 19th c 35
Williams, C. Builder, Newport 41Williams, Edward 1747 53
Williams, Griffith from Candleston 1596 51Williams, Griffith John Prof. 1892-1963 53
Williams, Thomas Congregationalist Minister 1807 45Wyatt, Sir Matthew Digby rebuilt the Ham 1863 48 49
Yorath, Elizabeth 1491-1668 55Yorath, Ivan 1441-1621 55



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