Pembrokeshire parish churches with type of incumbent in 1891


A list and comments compiled by Gerry Lewis based on the 1891 census data and giving the name of the parish and church, population and the status of the incumbent. The church names are from The Buildings of Wales - Pembrokeshire by Lloyd, Orbach and Scourfield.

26 of the 85 parishes listed do not appear to have an incumbent.
19 of these 26 had fewer than 300 parishioners, perhaps they were served by an incumbent of an adjacent parish ?

Ambleston; St.Mary; 443; vicar
Bletherston; St.Mary; 236; see Llawhaden
Boulston; not known; 111, none found
Brawdy; St.David; 477; vicar, also of Hayscastle
Burton; St.Mary; 1023; rector
Camrose; St.Ismael; 833; vicar
Castlebythe; not known; 163; rector; living Llanllawer
Clarbeston; St.Martin; 147; none found
Coedcanlas; St.Mary, 100, none found
Dale; St.James the Great; 327; none found
Fishguard; St.Mary; 1,878; vicar
Freystrop; St.Justinian; 314; rector
Granston; St.Catherine; 147; none found
Gumfreston, St.Lawrence; not known; rector; visiting Roch
Haroldston St Issels; St.Issel; 235; none found
Haroldston West; St.Madoc of Ferns; 135; rector
Hasguard; St.Peter; 114; none found
Haverfordwest St Martin (incl. Hamlet); 1,676; vicar
Haverfordwest St Mary; 1,283; vicar, living in Furzey Park & Portfield
Haverfordwest St Thomas (incl. Hamlet); 1,792; rector; was also archdeacon of St.David's
Hayscastle; St.David; 275; see Brawdy
Henry's Moat; St.Brynach; 272; rector
Herbrandston; St.Mary; 303; rector
Hubberston; St.David; 574; rector
Johnston; St.Peter; 223; rector also vicar of Steynton; living in Steynton
Jordanston; St.Cwrda; 153: clerk in holy orders, probably rector
Lambston; St.Ismael; 181; none found
Lampeter Velfrey; St.Peter; 960; ; rector plus a curate
Letterston; St.Giles; 394; ; rector plus a curate
Little Newcastle; St.Peter; 241; none found
Llanddewi Velfrey; St.David; 506; curate in charge
Llandeilo; not known; 81; none found
Llandeloy; St.Teilo/Eloi; 201; none found
Llanfair Nant-y-gof; St.Mary; 172; none found
Llanfallteg; not found; 377, rector, living in Haverfordwest St.Thomas
Llangolman; St.Colman; 302; none found
Llangwm; St.Jerome; 944; clerk in holy orders, probably rector
Llanhowell; St.Hywel; 147; vicar
Llanllawer; St.David; 77; served by rector of Castlebythe?
Llanreithan; St.Reithan/Rhidian; 138; none found
Llanrhian; St.Rhian; 814; vicar
Llanstadwell; St.Tudwall; 1,047; vicar
Llanstinan; St.Justinian; 165; rector
Llanwnda; St.Gwyndaf; 918; none found
Llan-y-cefn; St.Non; 342; vicar
Llanychaer; St.David; 164; rector, living in Fishguard
Llawhaden; St.Aidan; 547; vicar, also of Bletherston
Llys-y-fran; St.Meilyr; 147; none found
Maenchlochog; St.Mary; 398; rector
Manorowen; 150; St.Mary; clerk in holy orders
Marloes; St.Peter; 408; curate; living in Dale
Martletwy; St.Marcellus; 375; none found
Mathry; Holy Martyrs; 704; clerk in holy orders, probably vicar plus a curate
Milford; St.Katherine's; 3,497; clerk in holy orders
Minwear; St.Womar; 52; none found
Morfil; not known; 132; none found
Narberth; St.Andrew; 2,096; rector plus a curate
New Moat; St.Nicholas, 316; rector; living in Maenchlochog
Neyland, St.Clement; 2,583 ; none found
Nolton; St.Madoc; 129; rector
Pontfaen; St.Brynach; 44; rector/vicar
Prendergast; St.David; 1,325; rector
Puncheston; St.Mary; 215; none found
Robeston Wathen; none given; 252; none found
Robeston West; St.Andrew; 174; none found
Roch; St.David; 530; none found
Rosemarket; St.Ismael; 381; clerk in holy orders, probably vicar
Rudbaxton; St.Michael; 457; rector
St. Brides; St.Bridget; 179; rector
St. David's; St.David; 1,843; dean, vicar, vicar choral and lay vicar
St. Dogwells; St.Dogfael; 346; vicar
St. Edrins; St.Edrens; 80; none found
St. Elvis; St.Elvis; 14; none found (hardly surprising)
St. Ishmaels; St.Ishmael;  457; vicar
St. Lawrence; St.Lawrence; 189; rector
St. Nicholas; St.Nicholas; 243; clerk in holy orders, probably rector
Slebech; St.John the Baptist; 339; none found
Spittal; St.Mary; 369; none found
Steynton; SS Peter & Cewydd; 881; see Johnston
Treffgarne; St.Michael; 86; clerk in holy orders, probably rector
Uzmaston; St.Ismael; 549; rector
Walton East; St.Mary Magdalene; 196; clerk in holy orders, probably vicar
Walton West; All Saints; 391; none found
Walwyn's Castle; St.James the Great; 369; rector
Whitchurch; St.David; 777; clerk in holy orders, probably vicar; PC now St.Aidan, Solva, built 1888.
Wiston; St.Mary; 673; clerk in holy orders, probably vicar

[Gareth Hicks: 15 Jan 2005]