Contents of Help and Guidance


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There are many pages of guidance, ranging from general to highly detailed. As web based guidance it is cross linked and you can easily move between related topics. However there is an underlying structure that is a little more like a conventional book. This contents page is designed to make it easier to reach the correct section for what you need. There will be a parallel conventional index

There is some repetition between pages. This reflects the three main points at which they are likely to be accessed and are described below. In parts 1, 2 and 3 the first document is the starting point. The other pages listed are the most significant more detailed pages. 

Part 1: Overall Summary

This is the best starting point for those how are completely new to GENUKI and want to get a flavour of what it is about and how it works. 

  • GENUKI Help and Guidance

    • Overview and introduction
    • Help for all users
    • GENUKI Organisation
    • GENUKI's History and Development
    • GENUKI in the Future
    • GENUKI Reference Documents
    • GENUKI Help and Guidance Archive
  • Background on GENUKI's approach

    • Coverage
    • Geographical areas and boundaries
    • Topics
    • GENUKI: Organising the Virtual Library
    • Supporting Information: Churches and Gazetteer
    • Churches
    • Gazetteer
    • Using Maps
    • Volunteers providing a non-commercial service

Main supporting pages

Explaining how places have been in different administrative areas  

Brief descriptions of what should be included in each of the topic headings


Part 2: Help for Visitors

This is the starting point for those who visit the site seeking genealogical information. Background in the Overall Summary may also be useful.

Part 3: Guidance for Maintainers and Volunteers

This is the key set of information for those involved with sourcing and maintaining information.



Part 4: Reference

These are background documents. They are generally linked where relevant from other parts of the guidance.